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    A (semi) complete list of all cut content I could find in the files

    Exactly, they've done EA to help them complete the game, not help the players play a finished game.

    *facepalm* There's always one.
    “It’s not that we have a release date but we are not announcing it,” Yavuz says. “Our philosophy is more like ‘we will release the game when it is ready.’ We don’t want to set a release date now and then miss it or delay it or postpone it. " This is how it was marketed for years
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    A (semi) complete list of all cut content I could find in the files

    Yeah, they just ported warband into new engine and the real development starts now. Problem is how much they want to do and change in one year. I really understand why people are skeptical
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    A (semi) complete list of all cut content I could find in the files

    The more I find out , the more I play, the more dissapointed I become.
    It would be funny if it wasnt so sad
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    To many whining kids

    I see defenders are still stallwart and in full on denial mode
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    To many whining kids

    Weapon crafting in video games is a filler. Its like sawdust in your soup
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    Some thoughts and critiques from a professional game developer and ex-modder of M&B/Warband.

    lol Highelfwarrior, I remember your modding tutorials and your fantasy mod some ...15 years ago?
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    Problem with Quest in story mode

    Hey! I have to chase some guy who hid letter in north, somewhere in cave near Hordaland ...but where? There is Odins cave visible from start of my game, is it that one? I tried to circle around town to find another hidden cave without luck, so I tried Odins cave and there is like 15 soldiers 4-5...
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    Comments: 3.0 Released

    What about some shinobi outfits and hireable assasins, that can be fun, agile/fast/good skills but non or light armor and throwing weapons
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    And is there something like composite bow? I found only hunting and short ones
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    Sling Rocks -
    Cost: 5
    weapon_length(3) - size
    thrust_damage(1,pierce) - damage

    "Sling Lead"-
    Cost: 350


    Cost: 30,
    thrust_damage(19 ,blunt)
    accuracy(70) - distance

    "Military Sling",

    Cost: 90,
    thrust_damage(23 ,blunt)


    Cost: 110,
    thrust_damage(23 ,blunt)
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    I said iron and it means iron, it was something i found on ground, plate from some old box little rusty, it was not some carbon steel alloy and yes lead bullet made by me penetrated plate and ended deformated  :smile: -just for explanation for people that imaginated steel plate armor in front of my sling  :grin:
    And want to add that long slings are good at long ranges but its only wasting of time and energy to sling with them at short distance, slingers always carry short more robust version of sling which can hurl 100-150g stone at short distance, if this hit you than you have more problems than bruises
    but I agree, sling damage is good as it is, it can be little more accurate and have more ammo - I have added 10 bullets to lead and +5damage and set higher cost, +30 bullets to sling stones and damage unchanged and i must still hit unarmored targets 3-4x , also added +7 accuracy for slings
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    hmmm thats hard to say.... that needs serious research!  :grin:

    Yes, sling si cheap weapon and easily done but slinger need lot more training to use it properly instead bow needs few hours of training to aim somewhere before you and release arrow at enemy mass, but you need years of practice to became accurate and skilled with bows
    sling need weeks maybe months of training to just shoot somewhere before you and change ranges by releasing stone in right moment
    arrow have more penetration damage so it can kill enemy with armor but slingshot just bounce from helmet, padded or leather armors absorb slingshot damage etc.., so slingers are better on unarmored/lightly armored targets, more mobile and can cover themselves with shields ( because they can arm sling with one hand) so they can be good anti-archer unit ingame (higher athletics and shield) and also cheap ranged weapon for poor as it is now in mod (farmers and other plebs)

    I can take rock from pouch insert it in sling aim and hurl in 8 sec, ingame it is 3 or 4 sec? soooo maybe it can be slower a little
    but slings needs to be more accurate rather than with more damage -military sling have 63 accuracy so maybe 73?? -where can i change this values so i can test it without using python?

    and power skill add damage to sling?

    and can projectile in M&B also increase accuracy and not only damage of shot? this can be good compromise for reality and game limits
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    BUG Reports v 1.39 (Read first page before post)

    Geroj said:
    Hello firstly i must say that this mod is the best and its very stable and i love it
    only problem i have is that i joined Cantware and they are doing absolutely nothing.... king and 3 lords, 2 lords are all time in castle another one in town, they never marched with their armies out, one of them is marshall and he call for campaign every one or two months but nobody joins him and he cancel quest after few days
    Only one fighting with enemies is me alone  :grin: and i cant fight with another faction only with 150 franks  :smile:

    oh i forgot about king -he is patroling arojund city but thats all, never responding on raiding parties pillaging his castles or villages
    can this be fixed? can i somehow fix this or i must join new better faction  :lol:

    I found problem and quoting myself  :grin:

    Lords of Cantware dont have enought soldiers in their armies thas why they never leave their castles, villages around them never produce enought recruits -it is bug?
    when i tried force recruitment in their villages "there are only children and old people" message for 10 months
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    Can help with that also dont want sling overpowered
    here is good site to start
    so 100-150g stones like this can make far more damage than arrows at close distance (15-20m)

    here is image -I hit red one into head (that was probably 40-60% chance)
    Yellow one in common tunic, took 3 hits, 2 in belly and one in arm (50% chance to hit him somewhere at 15m)

    here is red one with rock in head , he was almost near me some 10m, thats pretty weak compared to real life sling (even my crappy skills) and not to someone who practiced with sling from childhood like shepherds or profi skirmishers

    and my character have around 205 sling skill

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    Freelancer - Losing money during Travel by Ship

    Nope I tested it right now mine captain is not throwing money around but still lose morale
    maybe they are seasick? or Hydrophobia?  :grin: i dont know what this simulate maybe its bug
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