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    [Sub-mod]1866: Western Mod - For a few years more

    That looks AWESOME!

    Any idea when we can expect it? I don't mean to pressure you or anything, just excited to play it.
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    [Sub-mod]1866: Western Mod - For a few years more

    Hi! Maybe it's a bit early to announce this, but together with a friend, tocan (author of Tocan's Calradia, a mod that has become the base for many others) we started re-making the mod for Warband. It will be published as a sub-mod, eventually, to avoid any trouble, because we view it as a passion project, we don't mean to steal anyone's work, but expand on a great mod, in a superior game engine, like Warband is to vanilla M&B.
    All depend on how the mod's scenes are ported to Warband. If we manage to port them, we have big plans. Making the mod essentially from the beginning, we will expand on the great concept.

    So, as for your question, friend, working with text files, in the original mod, it is not possible. The module system is required for that and more, and that's why we are trying. :grin:

    OMG! I just bought Warband. The Native game is much better than M&B, but I don't care for the 1860s Old America mod at all. The 1866 with your sub-mod is superior in almost all aspects. So being able to play it with the WB engine would be great!
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    [Sub-mod]1866: Western Mod - For a few years more

    Tbh, I never played it. Still, I can't see in ModDB mention of new settlements and I have to say, without a module system, I can't see how this would be possible.

    No matter. Your mod is still the best!
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    [Sub-mod]1866: Western Mod - For a few years more

    Happy New Year! I am very glad you like the mod and my sub-mod. As a matter of fact, there's new version semi-ready. Semi-ready, because while a lot of things were done, some still remain. The lags and many crashes have been resolved. They were due to a faulty shader I used. That's taken care of. The troops have been overhauled, resulting in lower-level troops, with higher overall stats, to decrease their maintenance (which is based on level). The sword models have been replaced by historically accurate ones (I had 1796 light cavalry sabre, for example, just because I liked the model, which is really not cool). Some new scene props were done and implemented, new death, melee, rifle and pistol animations, compliments of DarthMongolTheUnwise (some REALLY good ones, lemme tell you), new UI elements, new music, etc.

    Great! Can't wait to see the new features!

    IIRC, the 1866 Resurrected mod had a few more settlements. Any chance of incorporating that into your version?
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    [Sub-mod]1866: Western Mod - For a few years more

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Dear Antonis,

    I'm new to M&B, started playing a few weeks ago, when I got it on GOG with a huge discount. When I discovered 1866, I was very happy, as I'm a huge fan of Westerns. Then I discovered the 1866 Resurrected mod, which is even better than the original, but when I tried your sub-mod, I was really amazed! The new look of the guns, the new clothes, guns, etc... Amazing! Thank you! It was like a Christmas gift for me. I hope you will continue to develop this truly wonderful mod.
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