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  1. Anyone else feels like the progress of the game has stalled?

    I remember in the early months of release where we had actual big patches with meaningful changes, once a weak. Now we get a patch every few months that , to my opinion, does not add a lot of things to the game and is centered around bug fixes caused by the previous patch. I don't know what to...
  2. Resolved Security is broken in 1.4.3

    Unfortunately I cannot test if is is the same on 1.5.0 because I had to put my pc in service. I did take a screenshot of it and uploaded on steam however I am unable to send it here. Here is the link for it or you could tell me how to send it to you
  3. My observations from 1.4.3

    After playing yet again a single player campaign until i got bored I have noticed some issues with the game First of all, passive income is kinda useless atm. My problems are not with how workshops are currently generating money, as i believe they should had been nerfed, but with caravans...
  4. Resolved Security is broken in 1.4.3

    I reuploaded it and put in the description"Security is broken"
  5. Resolved Security is broken in 1.4.3

    thank you for the fast reply! No, i do not have any modifications installed. I uploaded the save and this the url coming out. If u have trouble finding it tell me to change its name so that its easier for u
  6. Resolved Security is broken in 1.4.3

    I started playing single on the new patch and when i did get assigned a city the security of the city went down to -20000000000.
  7. Is it worth coming back to the game after two months?(SP)

    I just wanted to asked if the game at its current state is worth investing time on. I have been reading the patch notes and still I notice A huge amount of perks have not been implemented. Additionally, only a tiny amount of content has been added and that just doesn't make any sense since...
  8. Need More Info Can't create kingdom main quests

    first of all you need to be clan tier 4. Once you get 4, not 3 you can create a faction via the clan panel and then talk to the person who gave you the quest about supporting your own kingdom
  9. In Progress Voting for fiefs in your own kingdom is broken

    In my 1.4.2 save after creating a kingdom and getting a clan to join it, every fief i capture is given to me without voting so i cant give anything to my vassals. Anyone else is having the same issue or is it just me?
  10. Need More Info Can't give fiefs to my vassals.

    i convinced a clan to join it*
  11. Need More Info Can't give fiefs to my vassals.

    In my 1.4.2 campaign i recently created a kingdom and convinced a faction to join it. However, whenever i capture a castle or a city the game automatically declares me as its lord without voting or the option to give it to my vassal and since i am the ruling faction I can't vote to disown it...
  12. Resolved Can't create kingdom bug

    it should be on the top right of your screen
  13. Resolved Can't create kingdom bug

    You can but you first need to access the clan panel and create a kingdom through that. After that you can complete the quest
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