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    Stop Suggesting New Features.

    I think that the main reason for that feeling is that there is something in Bannerlord that is fundamentally flawed: combat. As you rightly say Warband is, at the end of the day, an extension of the arena free for all fighting. You just do that outside, in open field battles or sieges, wearing armor and using different weapons, but it's the exact same game mechanic. And it works because the combat itself is really fun, I honestly can spend hours just fighting in the arena or at the training camp (in fact I spent an hour this evening raising Nord Warriors in native :lol: ). And that was in my opinion the genius of the first Mount and Blade, it built incrementally upon a combat mechanic that was incredibly satisfying.

    Bannerlord... Not as much fun, I would argue. Blocking is wonky, hit boxes are unreliable, some animations are awkward. Combat is OK at the end of the day, but it's really not as good as it was in Warband. I honestly can't quite put my finger into what the problem is, but combat in Bannerlord when compared to Warband just feels clunky. I think many of the people who spent countless hours playing Warband and also tried Bannerlord will be able to relate to that.

    At first I thought I just needed to get used to it, but after putting 150 something hours in Bannerlord I think I can say with confidence that it's not just that. Sure, now I can reliably (kind of) hit units running away from horseback, instead of flailing at them like a T Rex, and I can duel just fine in tournaments, but it's not as fun as doing the same exact actions in Warband. And if combat itself is not as fun as in the first game... Well maybe there's a need to step back and reevaluate the fundamentals.

    I definitely agree. Just a few hours ago I was fighting Monchug's army, but nearly every swing with my two-handed axe was missing while aiming directly at my targets from horseback. It almost feels like I'm trying to swing a 3-foot weapon to hit something 4 feet away. Incredibly frustrating. In Warband, if you missed it was because your aim was off or something was in your way. I haven't put nearly that much time into the game yet, just over 40 hours (life gets in the way of raiding) and I already have felt that way for a while now. Warbands combat animations may have been a little dry, but at least the collision detection was spot on. I remember riding ahead of my army in Warband, laying waste to the enemy army with my trusty War Cleaver before my troops even made contact. In Bannerlord, I'm lucky to get more than 5 or so kills before my infantry catches up.

    I hope that they do reevaluate, because right now the most entertaining aspect of BL is combat. And the combat certainly isn't as satisfying as I was expecting. There is quite a bit of polishing to do since the Early Access was a bit, well, early. Having said that, I think there's hope for a better experience in the future. And by future I mean around 6 months from now when they get a majority of the bugs worked out and start implementing the bigger features that some of us thought would come out of the box.
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    Stop Suggesting New Features.

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    Stop Suggesting New Features.

    I've been since the beggining of the first mount and blade, I've been in the presence of the creation of the first alpha and the first thing I said to Armagan after he showed me the gameplay was:
    P E N I S I N F E C T I O N
    And he looked at me confused saying no no no. That first time he proved me wrong as the game worked perfectly without the necessary penis infection feature, but I told him: Okey Armagan, you're doing well but you know that to make your game a masterpiece you will have to put some clams in those medieval penises. He refused obviously, and instead he added sarranids and multiplayer. The game did great again, gained millions of fans and 8/10 in all those reviews, but I repeated him: Armagan, this is beautiful, but man, those penises are too clean to reach the 10/10. Years passed Bannerlord was announced and with all the new engine my dream was supposedly about to come true... years passed and I chugged every piece of information, hoping as the page loaded that this blog was finally about the so wanted feature but no... better castle management, clans, more diplomacy, where is it? WHERE IS IT? I cried to myself but I still had hope, maybe they were saving it for the end, as you know, as the Chinese proverb says the best comes last, but here we are, 150k people playing the first weeks and now we are at 40k, and why? AND WHY?
    I warned them, I warned them what was going to happen, sure now people are still hoping that its finally added after the final release and the reviews are positive, but I know the sour truth, its not coming. Taleworlds will have it upon themselves, I can see already all the negative reviews in Steam


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    Aging, death, and children

    There are plenty of new things and features that set this a part from Warband. The new engine, graphics, and physics alone are a big change. They also added gangs, smithing, caravans, board games, directional blocking and a lot of new things. The aging isn't the only difference or main focus of Bannerlord.

    That is true, but I was staying on point with the discussion. Aging might not be the only difference or main focus, but you have to admit it is a fairly large part of the game. I do enjoy the new graphics and caravans, but I haven't done much with the smithing or been able to play any board games, but I have tried. The aging and death features just happen to be my favorites. I enjoy the thought of actually risking something more than a few days as a prisoner and losing all of my cash on hand. Once it's working that is.

    I am sure they will also launch the option "not die permanently" or the modders will take care of it.

    Also, as @Lord Badfox pointed out, you will most likely get an option that fits your play style. Which there is one already (not functional yet, same as death) in Campaign Options.
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    Extended Troop Training Model

    Giving credit where credit is due, I was inspired by @Niomedes in his thread More ways to actively and passively train soldiers. I believe the game would benefit from a more detailed and immersive method of training troops to extend the current in-game training system. This would be mostly...
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    Aging, death, and children

    I understand that the game developed again after 4 years of work. Something went wrong and they had to redo it. It is a matter of time and patience.

    Yes, I do agree about having patience, and am certainly not saying that they should hurry up and get what I want done. I realize that there are probably quite a few things that need to be done in order to move forward to some of the meatier parts of the game mechanics.

    Having said that (even with the 4 years since redevelopment), I still stand by my opinion that TW should have planned the release with more of the features they announced would be in-game at the time of release, even an EA release. The video I was talking about was late last year, so if they knew at that point the game would be bare (or to be more kind and possibly more accurate, lacking in structure and/or function) of features that M&B fans know and love, it seems to be more of a PR stunt to sell copies rather than be transparent.

    I suppose when I said "That doesn't mean I don't like the game," I should have said "I like the idea or potential of the game, rather than the game itself." At least in terms of features. I don't mind the bugs, or even the every-now-and-then ctd's, because with each new update I get to see that they are putting work into the game on a regular basis.
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    Marriageable Freedom, Romancing, Courtship, and Family: a complete love-life and progeny overhaul suggestion

    In a perfect world the complaining would stop. But seen as some seem to think that others ideas should cater to what does or doesn't offend them, I don't think its going to.

    I'm all for putting new options into the game, regardless of whether or not I will personally use them because I'm not the only one who plays the game.
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    Marriageable Freedom, Romancing, Courtship, and Family: a complete love-life and progeny overhaul suggestion

    Bannerlord is set in a fantasy world.

    I'm not sure why the semantics of this are being argued, but Bannerlord is fantasy.

    Thank you for clearing that up.

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    Marriageable Freedom, Romancing, Courtship, and Family: a complete love-life and progeny overhaul suggestion

    Warband's courtship was simple, but gave me a feeling of romance. And I liked it a lot.
    It also let you think about how to approach a certain spouse, for example a woman that loves to ride and hunt liked the poems about strong females and disliked those about women that live to serve her husbands. That way the spouses had a personality and you had to consider it in your decisions. Also having to wait for a letter from her to make another attempt to win her heart was way better than what Bannerlord offers right now.
    I remember a courtship with a wealth and power greedy woman who refused to elope with my character because she expected to live in a castle, and I realized she's obviously not the right one and cancelled the relationship. That was a very simple but immersive concept, letting you make choices based on the spouses personality.

    Completely agree, although (I believe I've stated it before) the spouse should have a bigger role especially when it comes to kingdoms and factions. Other than being a governor or the like, even in Warband they felt more like a placeholder or a figure head. Personality is paramount. I'm not saying they should have a super complicated AI system, just something...more.

    TaleWorlds should consider it, just implement it at some point with no big announcement and everything is fine.

    In agreement again. It doesn't need to be hyped up in the way that it is in rl. Just smoothly adding it in, and if you choose that route, more power to you. It's only a game, so I'm pretty sure we don't need fireworks and parades as an announcement.

    Bannerlord isn't even alternate history, it's too far away from real history to be considered that. It is clearly fictional, and therefore not bound to historical restrictions. The question if it is really fantasy or not is a way more difficult definition than you try to put it. To communicate we need common definitions, otherwise a discussion is pointless.

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    Aging, death, and children

    No need to pass me the video! I also followed the development. It will be a matter of giving them time to implement those characteristics.

    I agree with you, I just think that after 8 years in development at least the majority of the core game should have been seen to. I'm not talking quests so much as what was advertised long before EA. That doesn't mean I don't like the game. I just think there should have been more to it after all this time.
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    Stop Suggesting New Features.

    You wont tell me what to do dickhead I will keep suggesting penis infection features until its true or someone mods it in and there's nothing you can do about it

    Wow dude, is that really necessary?
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    Stop Suggesting New Features.

    So i'm not the one saying whats best. The devs said and are currently focusing on fixing bugs and crashes and balance changes for the next week or so. I'm not making it up. And i have not helped them fix bugs but i made a thread suggesting balance changes for Sturgian spearmen. And it got on the " SP Top Feedback & Suggestions" thread. And sure enough they got buffed shortly after. So yes i am helping the game get better. Also i know that they are watching the forums because of that thread i talked about and how i got on there.

    That is all well and good, and I'm glad they are checking the forums. I think it's great TW recognized your post as important to development. But some of those things will have to be changed I the future to accommodate core game mechanics.

    I responded to everyone but i stopped responding to a few after there was no point. I respond to see if they are worth my time. And you miss my point on suggestions. I am specifically saying to stop suggesting NEW FEATURES while suggestion balance changes and such should be done more. I am not suggesting any new features.

    I get your point. Honestly, I really do. But when it comes down to it, the devs are going to focus on what they want to put in the game next. Whether that's bug fixes, balancing, optimization, or core game mechanics, they're going to do what they're going to do. If new suggestions are keeping them from fixing the game, then they have some serious priority issues and there is little hope for the game becoming whole. To be successful, they need to vary what they fix issue by issue. This week could be bugs, next week could be balancing, the week after that could be a combo of several issues. All I'm saying is it sounds like you're implying that they can't get any work done because people are providing suggestions of what they think would be good to add to the game. Whether or not that aligns with what TW has in mind atm, that is for the devs to decide.

    It's called "Feedback & Suggestions" not feedback and feedback. Neither does it say feedback to the devs or anything specific like that. I am giving feedback and a suggestion to the community. No, i won't tell you to piss off because unlike a couple others you are being respectful and civil. Thats why i stopped responding to them. This is a constrictive thread because it's got a bunch of people talking about an issue of the game right now. Namely the entire game. This thread exploded and brought some attention to priorities and the future of the game. And the devs will see it cuz it's at the top of the sub-forum.
    I know it's not up to me on how they function but i'm trying to change what kind of suggestions they get and have a much needed big discussion.

    I understand what "Feedback & Suggestions" means. And yes, I also understand that title is not directed in a specific direction, although it is implied. TW being the creators of the forum and the Suggestion Guidelines sticky post. I appreciate you for not telling me to piss off as I try to be respectful and civil in general. I did see that you have stopped responding as frequently, and I can respect that especially when it comes to the more hostile members. I generally do the same. The reason I said "...this isn't actually a constructive post.", is because of the massive pissing match it was turning into. "Yes", "no", "yes", "no" becomes wholly unconstructive when people stop looking at other's opinion as valid. You could be right and TW could be letting themselves become swamped by player suggestions. But as I said above, the game has little hope of ever being a finished product if that is the case.
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    Aging, death, and children

    The important thing is that the base is already there. Then the modders will make sure the game is entertaining. Let's be honest Warband survived thanks to the modifications. I hope TW won't take long to apply death.

    Agreed. But it sure would be nice if TW would have implemented more core game mechanics so modders didn't have to. It's something that is expected of any company. If it was advertised as "Here's your base game, now you can add the core features that you want," then that would be an honest fact. But that's not the case. One dev in particular said the game would be "full of features" upon release. But that's also not the case. I can find the link to the video if necessary.
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    Stop Suggesting New Features.

    The fact that this game actually feels like it offers less in the way of features is a little stunning (even though it's in EA - meaning it's in an unfinished state).

    I totally agree. After all the hype about the various things you could do in the game (including death and children), the only real thing you can do is fight. I get that it's in EA, but its a little disheartening to be told things and come to find out after 8 years (about 2 years ago was when they really started talking about features I believe, correct me it I'm wrong) of waiting we have to wait some more.

    At around 1:40 in the video Armagan Yavuz himself says (justifying the early access price) that the game is a "very, very featured game where you have so many different features."

    I just watched part of the interview, up to about 3 minutes, and what he said about " many features" makes me question what he considers features. Participate in battles? Check. Own fiefs? Check. Trade? Check. Start a faction? Sort of. Engage in diplomacy? Not quite. The game is ok in it's current state, but personally to get more out of it I have to go to a third party, meaning mods.

    If they had waited even 6 months to release (even in EA), what he said might have had more credibility. But as it stands, it almost sounds like TW has a different version than we do or at least sees it that way. I do enjoy the game as well, but as I said above, it's just more fun with mods.

    That being said, I'm not complaining because I chose to fork out the cash as well. Although to be honest, if I had done more research I probably would have waited to buy for at least a few months. I'm certainly still hopeful for an exciting future in BL. It just probably won't get exciting in the way most of us were hoping for another 6 months, and that's a generous estimate with the state the game is in now.
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