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  1. Resolved "Unable to initialize Steam API" EPIC store. (singleplayer)

    Ok guess I've solved the issue! At least, found a temporary solution until they will fix it.
    What I did - I've found pirate torrent for 1.5.6, downloaded only steam_api64.dll file (there's no need to download all 40gb torrents, only this 600kb file) - renamed the original file to another name (just in case), copied the pirate steam_api64.dll file to the game folder (for example, C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Chickadee\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client ) and the game started! :grin:

    I'm not sure if it's eligible to share the pirate .dll files here (I'm pretty sure that it's not) but I've placed it here for 7 days:
    İşte cesaret, işte feraset,işte fazilet, işte fedakarlık, işte mertlik, işte adam gibi adamlık. Thank you.
  2. unable to initialize steam api

    Güncellemeden sonra bu hatayı aldım, Epic Games üzerinden oynuyorum. çözümü var mı?
  3. Resolved "Unable to initialize Steam API" EPIC store. (singleplayer)

    I got this error after update, i play on epic games. How can i fix tihs?
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