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    1.7.0 next Friday?

    Chinese Friday may not be Turkish Friday
    You made my day :ROFLMAO:
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    Need More Info [e1.0.7] Slaughter and Reset bug is still here (video)

    I realy don't know if this is a bug it states clearly on the slaugther button: "You will not be able to undo this action"! So maybe it is not a design choice you like agree but i would not call it a bug in this case.
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    Can't control troops after enemy flees

    I could live with some of my troops not following my orders. Like mentioned above: cheering and or looting corpses. But yeah, please let some troops still be controlled by the player. And what kills the emersion too is that the retreating troops don`t fight back of course you run for your life but come on if you are like 10+ an one lone rider is walking at your side in walking speed slaughtering your buddies of course you would rally up and strike back...
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    Mercenaries (minor factions) - only a nuissance

    [...] perhaps have their own VERY SPECIALIZED home cities. Take a bigger role in the world.

    Yeah thats a nice Idea, i think there is much unused potential wiht minor factions in many ways.
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    Mercenaries (minor factions) - only a nuissance

    In order to hire them you have to chase/find the leader on the map and pray it doesn't leave in 2 sec after joining .
    I really can't imagine that the current system is the system they intended. Like you say it makes no sense atm. I have two Clans under Contract right now but it was a complete pain to find them for requitement. For preventing them from leaving I leave them always in my army so - If I realize the notification that they left - I can pause and imminently talk to them to recruit again. But please, it can’t be the system they want it to be. There will come changes (or?).
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    Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    It shouldn't become "M&B: Crusader Kings".
    I don't think that would many players expect this from the series.

    Strongly agree on the emphasie that the player should be able to choose on what scale he/she wants to interact with deeper and more meaningful mechanics.
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    how to make companions real

    Having you tried using:
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    Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    Also, I thought of a way to make traveling less boring. We should be able to engage in talking/menus/etc while traveling, and then if someone starts chasing us, the game will pause. What do you think? Might be hard to implement.
    The travelling time was so far not a problem - for my experience. Could imagine it is hard to let the system decide what could be for the players interesting enough to pause while they browse the encyclopedia. But interesting thought.
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    Q4 2021? more like Q2 2022.

    Not bad at all.
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    Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    But lowering the amount of them happening is not the right way, I think.
    It should never be the intention to take somebodys fun away. Of course, it is impossible to please everyone so i would see a manageable way that most Playstyles get their fun would be a system where a canceler (or similar) makes most Diplomatic decisions for a more arcade playstyle and if you into micromanaging there is an option for players that like to engage with this kind of content.

    And for the battles why not make an optional HC difficulty with a recruitment that takes up to month or a year to refill the ranks of villages and towns and as mentiontiond by @mujadaddy longer healing times.

    And yeah, i absolutely see why people would not want it so that’s why only optional like the ironman mode (that is for me the only way to stopping myself from cheasing the save mechanic). So, the more battle affine players could play the game with the current battels (and quantity) and others could enjoy less but meaningful Battels that may impact the game years or decades after the battle happened.

    In the end i believe as well that the discussion is obsolete for this Bannerlord release - they state already their decision but (and that it’s my hope) as long it it’s such a hot topic we should discuss the system so thy may implementations such mechanics in the future post lunch or chance for a DLC?
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    Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    It is not about the length of the war. The war should be long but it is about the impact of Battels. Atm it is the same as custom Battels but with an individual leader. It is not the quantity of battels it’s the quality of battels and atm it has like no impact if you destroy a huge army. I'm playing right know a campaign and the war is Sisyphus work. It feels empty to have the 40th Battle and achieved nothing. I don’t want to expand atm and so they throw wave after wave at me. I don’t have time to do anything else than defending. And so, battel after battle becomes repetitive and more meaningless. Losing a man means nothing over and over again. Losing 100 means nothing. Yeah, maybe losing 1000 means for the player something but not for the AI. Don’t get me wrong I love the battels but with all the dynasty mechanics and all around it feels so shallow. Give it please some depth. They only don’t want to because of the F-ing consoles (only an educated guess 😉).
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    Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    That covers half of what I said. Without the other half, using diplomacy to form alliances against stronger adversaries, snowballing is inevitable. Wars lasting 15-20 days are ridiculous; it should take most of that time just to bring the armies up to full strength and gather for a campaign. Assaults on castles and towns should be devastating, and require time for the besieger to recover afterwards. Running home and conjuring up another 50-100 men from willing volunteers should only be possible once or twice; after that, you're either taking away your own castle garrisons or stripping the villages of peasants to work the farms, and recovery of that lost manpower should take a significant amount of time, not a couple of days. Once a faction has used up its "excess" manpower and starts dipping into productive workers, it should attempt to end its current wars, not start another.

    Actually, I'd love to see a faction strength mechanism used for bandits as well. Initially, the bandit parties would be small and weak, but fast and hard to catch for a sizable army. If not kept in check, they have the potential to gain strength over time, and you'll see larger bandit parties capable of taking on patrols and often winning. Eventually they'll reach a size where they're not fast enough to outrun some of the faction armies, and the bandit faction strength will then get cut back quickly, once again leading to small parties that are hard to catch.
    I strongly agree, make Wars and Battels really meaningful. I had so many Battels where i was on the brink of losing and turn the tides. Lost family members in Battle. After Winning it was a totally great feeling. Time to celebrate and mourn the dead... yeah maybe the first time till you realize 3 days later the next 1 Kilo Army is on its way and it won’t stop no matter what you do... It would mean so much to me when this would be in game. Like Battels feel significant (loosing kind of is already when you at the start but winning never feels significant atm)
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    Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    I will say this:
    If they manage to implement a good diplomatic and political system that somehow does not significantly lower the chance for battles, then I am all for it. What I fear with an involved and advanced system is that if you do not engage in it, you will fall behind and inevitably lose to the AI. That is my fear. But, read my above post, like MostBlunted said, this will likely never happen. So all is well.
    I see. Honestly, I’m kind of sad that there will be no in-depth system. And I’m really hoping it is not because of the limits that console players brought on this franchise. And the reason is that people prefer the action-oriented playstyle.

    In the end for my part, I will have then wait for mods that give the player more possibilities. You see, you worry less, now I do more 😉 but yeah mods gona do it.
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    Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    It is if it's the opinion of the majority, which steam reviews seem to indicate.
    I don't see how you may come to such conclusion? I revied the game on Steam positive that does not mean in the slightest, that I would not love to see a way deeper layer of kingdom / politics management. I don’t even see the problem between the yes or no to diplomacy groups. Just let the AI do what she is doing anyway and so the player may focus on the battle and if you want to micro mange you can because the implemented the possibilities. Why it always has to be 100 or 0? It is like the Battels you want action F1 + F3 here you go. You want a little bit of immersion feeling F6 here you go. You want to tweak out the last 25% of optimal battle outcome 1-0 + F1 - F8. And everybody has something he/she likes. Diplomacy would not destroy your Action oriented playstyle. Why creating problems?
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    How exactly are you supposed to get vassals?

    I appreciate your tips, but if you honestly think anyone will find this fun or a good suggestion, to farm millions just by fighting so you can get a single vassal, then we have different definitions of what fun gameplay is.

    I like battles, but fighting (alone btw) for 10s, if not 100s of hours to get millions of gold to get A SINGLE lord? No thanks.
    Exactly! Everyone plays like different. I stopped to be in a rush for a Kingdom. I play with death/birth on and spend the first generation only for building a solid ground for a Kingdom. Relations and millions of Denars. With the first Char I do everything what the Game offer Questing, Arena, Mercenary, Bandit hunting and the rest so it does not feel as a grind at all. It is the game that I enjoy and not only at the point I have a Kingdom. Then with the second Generation I have a very strong Base and for me it is absolute okay... kind of like playing two Games and it reminds me that most ambitions fail because we humans tend to want achieve all in one short single life :wink:

    And of course if it is absolut nothig for you -> Mods gona help you.
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