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  1. Eternal's Team Dueling Tournament [TDT] - Bracket! [NA]

    BlackTide said:
    Remove me from Juve's team please

    Team Name: The League of Extraordinary Swordsmen
    Team Captain: Commissar_K
    Team Co-Captain: KING BlackTide
    Members (Including Captain & Co-Captain):
    1) Commissar_K
    2) KING BlackTide
    3) LordHasek
    4) MrX
    5) GuidedRelaxation
    6) Kelquethas
    7) Marnid (I'll take his post as a sign up)
    :cool: Edahar
    9) Kitten

    Alas, that I didn't follow this thread more closely.  Welcome back gentlemen. 
  2. The Rebels (NA)

    Snoop said:
    You never know.

    nevi no
  3. Battle Innovation Tournament [BIT] - SURVEY RESULTS. PAGE 53

    Outlawed said:
    We did draw the match when he had unplayable ping.
    Who knows, if Chewie shows up we could very well beat you even without dman :wink:


    To account for this, I would like perspective on the map from Phoenix_Gold, Chewbacca, dman248, and Derpy_Hooves.

    Ra, I hope you win.  :razz: 

  4. Battle Innovation Tournament [BIT] - SURVEY RESULTS. PAGE 53

    But Clockwise, dman is their captain...

    Ahh, very clever Clockwise.    :razz:

  5. Battle Innovation Tournament [BIT] - SURVEY RESULTS. PAGE 53

    My opinion is well noted so far.  :wink:

    I like the idea of fixed maps for the finals.  I believe another benefit of that strategy is people may start playing a wider variety of maps during a round robin if it is known that they could play on any map.  Force people to get experience on lesser played maps. 

    No evidence or real logical argument to support, but it is what I believe would happen. 
  6. Battle Innovation Tournament [BIT] - SURVEY RESULTS. PAGE 53

    I can see both points, but I do side with RoBo.  If you happen to get to a map that is a known weakness then you must improve.  Throw the maps and factions into a simple randomizer; then it is up to each team to make themselves competitive for each map. 

    I would like to see it tried as an evaluation.  It does seem to work for the NC tournament. 

    I do apologize for your troubles, the only thing I can see it warning a team for repeated tardiness.  However, that can only be tracked through team's reporting any issues.  I wouldn't want to enforce I hard and fast rule as sometimes computer's can crash or as in my case a winter storm severs your power lines 45 minutes before a match. 

    Thank you for continually being prompt RAFF, punctionality is important. 

  7. Battle Innovation Tournament [BIT] - SURVEY RESULTS. PAGE 53

    RoBo_CoP said:
    Very informative post, Mad.

    I like them too. I was going to consider putting them in BIT, but I've changed up quite a bit (haha, get it?) already.

    Do not see much reason why not to do it; The only reason not to do it is to avoid change. There are many advantages to that system, including this entire debate above me is thrown out the window, and replaced by something much more fair and competitive than the current one. I'd like to see a debate going for this, rather than the non-sense that currently plagues this thread.

    The preselection for the final was actually in the original rules discussed, but we removed as there were several changes already and people were already complaining excessively about those changes. 

    Just trying to make people happy Robo.  :smile:
  8. [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    Wormattack said:
    Ok I just downloaded the bundle and Installed the light version in E:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\Native  but when I play in multiplayed, there are some sounds missing. Is that normal?

    Thank you

    Go through the ReadMe.  I believe it states that you must download and install the full version and then the light version. 
  9. [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    findecanno said:
    When being tked, stand there and block for 10 minutes. The tker will get bored and move on.

    I dream of being as awesome as Beer one day.  :3

    GK has a great server, please continue keeping it spectacular.  Haven't broken rules on Siege and then have never been banned.....  WAT?

  10. **** POM!

    bajatmerc said:
    LES should have just been named Trolls IMO jk

    You think so?  :oops:

    I don't have Marnid skills though.
  11. Question about the fighting style "Floor stab"

    I switched to inverted when I was playing Single Player before I tried Multiplayer.  Normal seems backwards  :sad:
  12. "RED_sweet_siege_servers" is Tercios, back from the dead

    Shemaforash said:
    I think you're making too big of a deal though, just allow them to publically present your maps, allow MORE people to have fun on them and let the "drama" be over with.

    Takes a fair amount of time and effort to make a map.  I am sure that if you created something which takes days, something actually original, you would gladly let all of use it.  Please develop something of quality and just give it away.  I would take you seriously then. 
  13. Why haven’t the western proletariat overthrown capitalism?

    Dodes said:
    I'm not advocating direct democracy, at least not at first and I'm not saying we shouldn't have elites, the proletariat should just elect one of their own, preferably one that best represents their class interest and has been properly educated. To make the chances of having an intelligent proletariat as leader, we should focus on giving as much education to the masses without sacrificing productivity of the economy. This is an easier task than it sounds as education usually feeds directly into innovation that leads to increased productivity. That combined with the idea of employing everyone and instead of using technology to replace workers, using technology to assist workers is one of the reasons why a proper communist economy can work.

    How will these people be educated?  I assume that you intend for them to be educated via a state run school.  Is the "proper" education of the "intelligent" proletariat leader going to be a broad education focusing on general craftskills or a political education?  There would almost have to be a distinguishing criteria to elect this leader.  Popularity?

    Any technology that assists workers to a useful degree eliminates the need for a worker in the process.  My job is to identify areas which can be made more efficient and to implement changes to make them so.  Essentially my job is not very pleasant for people who are replaced.  Machines simply make few mistakes than humans during the mass production of identical products. 

    What happens in this economy when the need for that worker disappears?

    Overall to answer the title of the thread ->  The majority to feel that upset about it.  I grew up on a farm without public education, managed to get into college and fund myself through it and now have a nice job.  I dislike taxes and infringements on privacy, but really until someone can put forth a comprehensively more efficient solution to government and life style I find myself unconcerned. 

  14. Tercios_GST_Server stealing work without permission

    Deaf Blind Dave said:
    It's not really an ad hominem if its true :razz:  You really don't play a big part in the NA community as far as I know.

    Peaceful interjection -> You two are most likely in different circles.  Fehnor has contributed a substantial amount to the competitive aspect of the game.  Whereas I only know of you by proxy through this forum and the maps which have your name.  You are likely well known as a player and contributor, but I haven't felt the effects of those contributions as I only get on GK Siege once a month or so. 

    Just service as independant confirmation of Fehnor's contribution. 

    I am looking forward to seeing the catapults.  :grin: 

    Is the Biology part a joke? Or some reference beyond me?
  15. Tercios_GST_Server stealing work without permission

    I like that idea, then they would not be able to get new maps from those servers. 

    I am impressed with our good server hosts are handling things, very calm and well balanced.  It is low and quite pathetic what Tercios is doing, people that are deliberately destructive and thieving from a public service should be banned in general. 

    I have played on both GK and Wolfpacks servers.  They are both quite good, hopefully this won't cause them to go offline. 
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