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    Voice chat

    The amount of trash talking if there's going to be a proximity voice chat 😂
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    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 3,5 - Sign Ups Open (55/56)

    Name: DaddyGabe
    Nationality: Belgian
    Main Class: Any
    Steam Link: later
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    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 3 - Sign Ups Open (3/56)

    Name : 22nd_Gabe aka DaddyGabe
    Nationality :BELGIAN
    Main Class :FLEX
    Steam Link :
    TW ID : SOON
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    When will the broken servers get fixed?

    It's been over a week now. Any ETA on when tournaments and public skirmish can continue without getting constantly disconnected?
    Play Bannerlord online instead and you still owe me that trading license
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    Betting on Bannerlord Matches

    You can go through me, DM for payment details.
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    Exaggeration my fellow scottish boomer. But there are quite a few individuals who have shady pasts in the bannerlord competitive community at this point.
    Like you and your trading licenses
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    Bannerlord Online mod

    A lot of potential, can't wait to see the progress on this one.
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    Nations Cup on Bannerlord - discussion

    Would be nice, but i agree with the rest, too early.
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    Most important feature of new duel mode

    You can't have any fun as infantry as long as the class system doesn't offer you the option to run around naked with a club and a straw hat
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