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  1. BL Coding Making a party follow players party

    Do you have a stack trace? Also, the "skip dialogues" mod added menu options, you can decompile that to see how he did it.
  2. BL Coding Income

    If you're using net reflector, you can follow the reference tree so you can see what it's being used by. I'm sure there's something similar for whatever decompiler you use.
  3. BL Coding Is hardcoded dialogue the expectation?

    Nice, thanks for replying back with your find!
  4. BL Coding Income

    Take a look at ClanFinanceModel, it has some overrideable methods like CalculateClanIncome() that will be at least a part of a mod that wants to change this.
  5. BL Coding Is hardcoded dialogue the expectation? that's a straightforward and uncomplicated tutorial on how to invoke methods in your own code. Invoking that method is only part of it though. As mentioned earlier, you'll need to patch other parts of the game, depending on where/what...
  6. BL Coding Is hardcoded dialogue the expectation?

    You could invoke that method from your own code, and point it to your own .xml file.
  7. BL Coding Making a party follow players party

    On my phone right now, but the AI behavior is decided on every hourly tick, so you may need to look into that. Using a debugger is helpful for situations like this.
  8. BL Coding Trying to show messages for debugging, not sure my patched routine is being called

    Setting a breakpoint and use the VS debugger would be my suggestion. The game will completely pause until you click "Continue" in the IDE. See my post here if you're not sure how to set VS to debug the game...
  9. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    This is not a problem with the language of C#, it's a problem with there being no devtools for bannerlord at the moment. Because guess what? Even if we were using Perl,Python,Ruby,Javascript, etc. right now, we'd still need to hook into the game's internal code, and compile it to a .dll somehow...
  10. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    You would do well to go through free CS101 classes online, or even something from udemy on C#. All of the things that confuse you would be answered with a mere week of study. People here have been pretty patient with you imo, you should either put in a week of learning to mod this game, or wait...
  11. BL Coding Prisoner Recruitment Rate

    Yes... What exactly is the argument here? I was agreeing with you lol. Edit: I understand. I was missing a comma, which makes a world of difference in this case. Anyway, I was crediting you for having already mentioned that, so no worries! Edited my post above.
  12. BL Coding Prisoner Recruitment Rate

    It can be done, just not in .xml, as Capalin already mentioned. You can find my explanation of the recruitment system workings here:
  13. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    You can decompile them Yeah the fastest way for me to get up to speed was just decompiling popular mods. Most mods out now are very simple.