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  1. Is this dead?

    No win 7 just has a crap search system. It should be at C:\Users\user\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband\Characters . I recomend Everything (link) as search system, it searchs well everything
  2. Unable to locate my Brytenwalda folder in my Modules folder

    Try SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\48700 and SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\Brytenwalda If you have a good filename search engine then Brytenwalda is an easy term to find, Try Everything
  3. Your relatives who went to war

    Bench pressed a tank, Ok he was run over in to the sand an crawled out afterwards. The other joined the navy an had a dull war.
  4. Was the mod where you could recruit dena raiders ever made?

    You can recruit prisoners.
  5. Question regarding Laminar Armor, Southeast Asian Armor

    There's a few cases of some of the Celts fighting naked to unnerve an disrespect the enemy while showing there tatoos, war paint an scars. Every one knows that your brave/crazy comeing to battle nude and they can see your warpiant and all your scars to scare them. i will note that it was only a...
  6. Question about balance

    Find East Engla's fraction claimant and start a civil war with them to split them up. Failing that try lord stomping an imprisoning, look for weaken lords with a few men, read the journal for X was beaten by Y but escaped, an there castle. A small fast party of cavalry can run them down and...
  7. History Dark Ages: know who they were and how they lived

    It not the style so much as the length and exact shape, there are Tibetan steel belts that do cover the waist. But there short (the first one is 5 3/4 in. (14.6 cm) high) and there curved so that you can bend in the middle. Of course such armor as shown in the reconstruction of the Chatalka...
  8. History Dark Ages: know who they were and how they lived

    That corset like thing is based on a older flawed interpretation of the Valsgärde boat finds Flawed as you'ld be unable to bend over while wearing it.
  9. How many Brytenwalda players? Informal Poll!

    Im still slowy working my way to king of Brytenwalda.
  10. The Last Kingdom's Depiction of Anglo-Saxons

    Such small armies where solely made up of professional warriors with mail armour, good helmet and swords, you know all the things that no one has in the battle scenes. That not to say the king couldn't raise more people they could under the fyrd system a kind of general levy of everyone in a set...
  11. What if Axis won WW2?

    First we have to set out how the axis win. Now the best hope for them is to sign a peace treaty with Britain shortly after Dunkirk and the fall of Europe. Britain has lost most of it arms and is in no state to invade Europe but the axis are like wise unable to overcome the royal navy and air...
  12. Council Chambers: Ideas & Suggestions

    Remodel them as genetic leather clad SS women?
  13. General History Questions thread

    It will probably some early great sword user copying how axes can be strapped to your back. Really strapping  a sword to your back is fine, it the idea that you can speed draw it that's wrong.
  14. The hoplite, and how they fought.

    Most hoplites worked by stabbing at there foes with spears from a distance and keeping there foes back. Then your missile troops can be mostly safe behind the hoplites, the cavalry can guard the flanks. Now what you want to happen is for part of enemy line to falter then you can charge in with...