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  1. FPS issue part II ... plus music

    For those experiencing this issue:

    I resolved the sound issue.

    I don't know what caused it, but in my audio settings there was an option for 'enviornmental' with a slider.

    Though the Environmental Effects were listed as 'no effect', the slider was at 100%. All I did was reduce that slider to 0%, and the problem was solved
  2. What causes this?

    Okay I found the solution.

    When checking my audigy settings, I found the access to 'environmental effects'.

    Now, checking the list, they were set to 'no effects' but the environmental slider was set to 100%.

    Somehow an effect snuck in, even though the setting didn't show it, and the 100% effect slider caused it to get really annoying.

    I just tuned the slider down to 0%, and the problem went away.

    Thanks for the help.
  3. What causes this?

    No help on the hardware acceleration.

    This has happened to me before in beta tests, a while back. I don't know what caused it then either, but it did go away in time.

    Now, rebooting doesn't seem to help.
  4. What causes this?

    I have a similar thread there, but this goes beyond really.

    I just got into Hearts of Iron 2, and DAoC, and everything sounds like it's echoing. EVERYTHING.

    No I didn't change any settings.

    Last night, I rebooted the computer and it went away. Then when I left the game again, it came back.

    Dunno what's up.
  5. What causes this?

    While playing the game the first day, I seemed to have no problems. Now, when doing anything at all on my computer, the sound effects have a reverberated quality to them. Even in other games. It's like I have the speakers in a toilet bowl. Who knows how to fix this?
  6. FPS issue part II ... plus music

    Okay, I was unable to resolve the slideshowing.

    Neither could I eliminate the audio problem, it just got worse.

    What is happening is that I now get a reverberation on the sounds, which then carries over to everything I do outside the game.

    Initially, I rebooted the system, and it cleared. I then went into the game and it sounded fine, the sound problem was fixed. However, when I then exited the game, it reset something that is creating the studio sound, that reverb, on every sound effect from the desktop, to popup blockers, to other games.

    I don't know if this info leads to a solution, hope it does.

    I disabled music throughout this entire test, it didn't seem to help.
  7. FPS issue part II ... plus music

    Hmm, I'm going to have to get back to you on this later, I just got busy.

    I'll try it using different settings, and the alt-enter command, and respond with the results.

    Right now I need to run. Duty calls.
  8. FPS issue part II ... plus music

    After reading this thread - http://taleworlds.com/v-web/bulletin/bb/viewtopic.php?t=1404 I thought I should add some observations that I am seeing with the FPS issue in a separate thread, as my issues seem to be from a different angle from the original poster's. I too am getting heavy...
  9. Website Criticism

    Well, it's not really a criticism per-se, as much of a hats off to the designer. I'm making this post in hopes that the future development of the website design itself will follow some of the very basic points I'm about to make... 1 - It's simple. 2 - It's clean. What more is there? There...
  10. wow really good

    Kniggit said:
    You guys, please read the sticky topics. There is a thread for the thank you/great game/awesome job threads


    The forums usuallt gets anywhere from about 1 -12 new membrs a day and about 5 of these topics a day. So the moderator pavlov made a thread for this. URL is above. :wink:


    Too late!

    He already got a free one in.
  11. Serious error occurred at free level limit

    To update:

    The game didn't save at the level limit. It restored to a point just previous of the level 6 mark.
  12. Day 1 observations

    I think there is a difference between the learning curve, and difficulty.

    They are two different things.

    Difficulty of play is fine.

    Learning HOW to play should not be difficult. This is the learning curve.
  13. Serious error occurred at free level limit

    Upon reaching level 6, the game saved and exited, and the computer hard-rebooted. The following message popped-up: Your system has recovered from a serious error. Error Signature: BCCode : 1000007e BCP1 : C0000005 BCP2 : 86870336 BCP3 : F7C4E744 BCP4 : F7C4E444 OSVer ...
  14. Menu Semantics

    When restoring a saved game the following is what shows, a couple changes would add a professional finish... Instead of: 'Restore a Game' Maybe: 'Restore Saved Game' or 'Load Saved Game' After this window, you click the character, and choose 'Done'. Maybe: 'Load' is better. Just some minor...
  15. Day 1 observations

    Dvd you should know better. These people are making a product to sell to the public.

    Assuming that the people that purchase the game are experienced RPG players is an error in judgment. In fact, who you would rather attract is all the OTHER players, who haven't been disgruntled by poor performances of other companies.

    The market is potentially unlimited, if you choose to pursue it balls to the wall, and provide a game experience for as many potential players as possible.

    Word spreads, and the game sells like hotcakes. It's word of mouth that sells games. And word spreads rapidly on some of these websites when the product is THAT GOOD.

    I happen to think arma is onto something here. I'm enjoying the experience.
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