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  1. 2 suggestions

    They should have the rifle bayonets be a plug bayonet. Slightly anachronistic, but balanced.
  2. Seriously? Ending the story ends the game? [Developer answered!]

    Idibil said:
    Your suggestions are listen, guys  :grin:.

    Adding sandbox mode after of storyline...
    Awesome! Glad the Brytenwalda team has our backs!!!
  3. 32nd (Cornwall) Regiment of Foot

    freedomna said:
    Drazykiller said:
    32nd (Cornwall) Regiment of Foot
    What about them?
    They are a Regiment of Foot.
  4. Why does brytenwalda have more content than this?

    NordMasterRace said:
    Kiwwhi said:
    Because money ?
    well thats obvious but I want a real answer from taleworlds why they released this in such a unfinished fashon, not just "oh we're sorry please buy our next game". Also what happened towarlord mode?
    You got your answer. They wanted to cash in on a holiday release, but they screwed up and admitted it. What else do you want?
  5. I'd like a refund.

    Docm30 said:
    Is that something the devs have said or are you just completely guessing Taleworlds is at fault?
    Well besides simple logic (Coders code, They do not set release dates), Taleworlds appologised to Brytenwalda. You don't get ticked at the till worker that Mcdonalds doesn't have a McRib, you get ticked at corporate for not re-releasing it.
  6. I'd like a refund.

    Levity99x said:
    Brytenwalda team, I think anyone with common sense expected more out of you. Except that guy up there without any expectations for his 12 dollars. He'll take 7 more copies.
    Brytenwalda isn't at fault, it is Taleworlds.

    Brytenwalda coded the game. Taleworlds however: set the deadline, set the working hours, and set the budget. If taleworlds wanted the DLC released before it was finished Brytenwalda couldn't do anything. Fuss at TW, do not however blame the innocent.
  7. I'd like a refund.

    KidKoala said:
    DefenderoftheCrown said:
    That's not my problem.  I didn't pay to keep them "solvent enough" while they develop a game.  That's what initial operating capital is for.  I gave money in exchange for a finished product.

    Well most small development teams run on very narrow profit margins, initial capital will only go so far. The game has bugs and the Dev team has both acknowledged this, apologised and is working to fix the issues. If it's not working properly for you just have some patience and if you still are having issues then point them out so that they can be addressed. If everyone who was dissatisfied with the initial release version of a game they pre-ordered demanded we wouldn't have half the classic games we have now. It's not the 1990's and having bugs, even game breaking ones can be dealt with in a short period of time. Just leave it a while, cool down a bit and i'm sure you'll find the game well worth the money you paid for it.

    They haven't even released the module system for it yet and i'm more than certain people will (as they have with NW) fix and add new features that the dev team don't get around to doing themselves.
    I do not know how many times I have to say it, and to be honest I am getting more upset at the freaking apologists than I am at Taleworlds. So I am going to make sure this is clear:

    We did not buy an Alpha/Beta/Early Access. We bough a FULL game.

    Now if they advertised Viking Conquest as an Alpha/Beta/Early Access, we wouldn't be upset. They advertised a full game, IE: The game as it will be in two or so months.

    Do you understand the difference?
  8. I'd like a refund.

    Jazzeren said:
    Grimes said:
    freedomna said:
    Grimes said:
    yet here we are, it isn't fixed, i'm out money and i'm being patronized by the devs and fanboys like you who think it's acceptable that i should have to wait who knows how long to actually play the game i've paid for
    It does take time to get fixed (As a CS major, I can tell you coding takes forever), and it isn't the Brytenwalda team who is at fault. It is TW for rushing the game's release.

    it doesn't really matter to me who is at fault. as i said earlier in the thread, even if refunds were available i wouldn't ask for one until at least a couple weeks from now when it would be more clear how effective their attempts at patching the game would be. but it's the principle of the thing...they messed up the release, they've admitted this, and for me personally the game is completely unplayable. i should at least have the OPTION of getting a refund. if they're going to admit to their mistakes, they should take the steps to make those things right, which means not only fixing the bugs but giving people who don't want to wait and feel their money could be better spent elsewhere the ability to do that. to come in here and tell me that i don't deserve that is just lol.

    You can't really argue with hardcore fanboys. They have hyped themselves so much that everything the developer does seems okay to them. I don't want a refund but I sure as hell can understand why some people want to.
    Are you calling me a fanboy? Are you blind, or are you just ignoring every post I made?
  9. Modding section?

    MackCW said:
    They'll get to it. Probably priority #2234322 right now for them lol.
    Taleworlds runs these forums, I am sure they could open the section.
  10. I'd like a refund.

    Grimes said:
    yet here we are, it isn't fixed, i'm out money and i'm being patronized by the devs and fanboys like you who think it's acceptable that i should have to wait who knows how long to actually play the game i've paid for
    It does take time to get fixed (As a CS major, I can tell you coding takes forever), and it isn't the Brytenwalda team who is at fault. It is TW for rushing the game's release. If you are going to be upset, take it out on the people resposible.

    Getting mad at Brytenwalda's team would be like getting mad at the till worker at McDonalds for not having a McRib when not in season. Nothing they can do about that.

    This isn't coming from an apologist of the game mind you. As you can see in my post history here, I am quite bothered at the state of the game.
  11. I'd like a refund.

    BrustwarzenLenny said:
    Ralepozozaxe said:
    Will the developers respond to this thread? I would like an answer on this. I see them responding to the threads saying how people like this game straight away, but ignoring this one.
    I for me self didn't reply to this thread because of several reasons.

    ==First of all - I'm busy to hell with fixing whatever goes wrong for the people who payed for this game.
    And because I can only look a few time into this forum and I'm completelly leached out, because of half a year without any kind of freetime, I prefer to read and react to constructive criticism.

    ==Second - why all people think games are the only product where you get immediately your money back and don't have to give the developer a chance to fix your issues? I don't know how it is in your countries, but in germany there are even laws for this.
    And for example, as people here love to compare games with other products (like cars  :roll:), I would like to compare them with movies!
    I was damn often in cinema, payed arround 10 bucks for a single, short movie and then it was a complete waste of time'n'money... I've never got any kind of refund there.
    Or music - how often have people bought an album for twice the money we demand for our game, because of the awesome single the album was advertised with. And then all other songs were completelly different and ****. Try to get a refund here. Try to get any fix here!

    ==Third - I really understand people are upset if they have problems and they have all rights to do so. But it is no help for us if they are just complaining about their game's condition without giving us detailed information about their hardware, game's config and kind of issue.
    We can't fix what we don't know. I can't reproduce 95% of the bugs complained about, so my only chance are detailed informations by the people who have them - and it is still a blindfolded flight!
    And if we can't fix the issues, you're not helped, too - as then your spent money will never pay off.

    ==Sorry if anyone feels attacked by these words - not intended to attack - but I just want to be honest, as this is something I, as a gamer, allways missed by developers.
    ==People fastly think, if a game has bugs, the devs or the publisher have intended to cheat their customers and rob their money, or even think they were lazy!
    ==Truth is far, far away of these. With only a limited amount of testers, it is impossible to test the never ending possibilities of hardware-combinations all the future gamer's will try to play your game on. So it is impossible to avoid there occure far more bugs after release, than you have ever seen during the whole development.
    ==People like to say - they better should have released it later... Would end up the same! The big majority of issues reported here, didn't even occure in alpha-stage. So they have appeared the first time, when the game was released to the mass.
    Other issues seemed to be fixed, but then - bad surprise - machines of other people like to reopen these bugs.

    ==And about "lazy developers" - how many of you would work 100h/week in a project you don't even know it will pay off at the end? I still don't know if I end up with a 1€/h payment for my spent worktime on this game, or with 10€/h or higher.
    This is a damn russian roulette and has by far nothing to do with any kind of lazynes.

    Okay, that was enough whining from my side for today, after a further, ****ty night :wink:
    A dev :O

    Before I respond let me just say that I believe Taleworld shoulders 99% of the blame. The coders rarely ever set a release date.

    ==Fair enough, hence why I do not expect (and even hope) that their isn't a response to this post. Time spent responding to me, well I would rather have it give us the DLC that I spent since October fantasying about. This post is just so I can convey to the apologists, who say nothing is wrong with the game  (even though you are working tirelessly to fix something that has "Nothing wrong") my point of view.

    ==Grimes already responded to that above.

    ==As much as I would love to help, I did not give my tenner to be a beta tester. That doesn't mean I will report bugs and what not when they occur in normal play. The thing is, the game's bugs is like Airplane with Jokes. You miss one, another one comes 30 seconds later. To write out a detail report on each, that would take a full time job. This is Taleworlds problem I believe since they set the budget, and thus you may not have been able to higher enough testers. This is not a coding problem since as you said, with so many lines of code, something -will- go wrong. You just needed more testers to test.

    ==No attacks felt here.  :cool:

    ==I am probably looking too hard into this, but I realise you didn't write anything about a Beta Test.  :???: I am going to hope you had one, but my gut tells me we are the Beta test. Or maybe the Gamma Test (if anyone is a Mechquest fan)???

    ==As I said, most of the blame resides with Taleworlds. It is obvious they wanted a holiday release to cash in big, and just like the people behind "ET: The Video Game" expected you to have the DLC ready long before it was. The only thing I can fault you for (and to be honest, I can barely fault you with that) is lack of a warning. Just a post on the forums saying "I do not feel this game reflects the highest quality of our work, if you buy it just be aware of that" or something. Then again your contracts may have prohibited that in which case I can't fault you much of anything at all. You don't get mad at the employees for something the company sets.

    I am going to close off by saying: I love Brytenwalda. You guys did an amazing Job. In a few months, I can see Viking Conquest top that. It is because of that I pre-ordered VC the moment it hit stores. It is because of that I am not going to ask for a refund, and I encourage others not to do the same. This goes double if you are just going to rebuy the DLC once it reaches a finished state.

    The Hotfixed hotfixed most of the majors bugs, so the game is playable (although I am going to wait to play in case you release a hotfix that would break saves).
  12. I'd like a refund.

    Michadr said:
    -I think everyone should just calm down. You all know that with each game release there is a good chance that their are going to be bugs. Even with a lot of testing a lot of them can slip through.

    -I know that firsthand and let me tell you that is not a good feeling, having tested a release and thinking that it's okay and pretty stable. But things can go south really quickly. Whoever bought the game,  just relax for a little bit. It's not like it's the end of the world.

    -I have the highest respect for the devs. who made this DLC, as it isn't easy.

    - I am sure there will be a patch to fix these issues. From what I have seen it has looked great so far!

    -Yes their are those random crashes and other bugs but once again, just relax.

    -The world doesn't end because a DLC isn't quite finished.
    -There is a difference between a game with some bugs and a game -> UNPLAYABLE <-  due to the bugs. Your logic is completely unsound. By your reasoning there is no difference between Forza 4 and Big Rigs Over the Road Racing!!!

    -It is common in the industry to release a game unready, and use the customers as a testers (hence day one patches, and the Rome 2 video about the Devs talking about "Waves of patches to fix things" before the game was even released). This seems like the same case.

    -I am not saying it is easy to make a DLC, no one is. We are saying though that if you are going to make a DLC, have it work when you start selling it or give us a warning. This is mostly TW fault since they hold the reins, but still a warning would have been nice.

    -We are not beta testers... we paid for a -full- game and instead we got a beta.
    freedomna said:
    Now I am happy they apologised as it is something most devs dont do (even though they bloody well should *cough* Rome 2 *cough*), but I already explained earlier why we shouldn't get all hyped over an apology and that they are working hard to fix everything. It is like getting excited that the guy who drunk drove through your home's front door is going to pay for the damages. I mean I am a cynical person, but even I wouldn't think the devs would just give us a broken game and not look back.

    -You didn't even get this game did you? From the sheer patronizing you have written, it is obvious you either:
    *A. Got a copy without 99% of the issues... in which case where can I get this?
    *B. Never played the game, and thus never encountered 99% of the issues.
    I am not talking about a game like Skyrim which had some bugs and what not. This game is a painfully obvious -BETA- test and it is insulting that you treat it as anything but.

    -The world doesn't end just because you got your wallet stolen, but it doesn't mean you can't be bleeding upset now can ya?
  13. The REAL reason why this DLC is performing bad and crashing - Including Tips-

    XeleonPrime said:
    #FireBrytenwaldaTeamOrRiot  :twisted:
    To be honest, Taleworlds is more to blame.

    Now this is speculation, but it seems TW wanted VC out for a Christmas Release. The playable parts of VC are enjoyable, it is safe to assume that if given more time Brytenwalda Devs would have finished the DLC.

    At the same time though Brytenwalda devs could have given us a warning...
  14. I'd like a refund.

    Digirati said:
    This happens all the time with software. You have a deadline, you deliver for a client, you discover something is wrong.

    They could say they aren't going to pay for /any/ of it, but there's still this little nagging thing: The client actually /wanted/ the thing you made for them.

    So you fix the problems within a week or two, tops, and everyone is happy again.

    Software development is hard, there's a lot of stuff to orchestrate, and smaller teams with a smaller QA staff are going to slip up.

    It's not cool, but I don't think you guys are punishing them any worse than they are mentally and physically punishing themselves right now, going into full on firefighting mode to get this fixed and create new builds.  Give it a few days.  You're not buying a car.  You're buying a virtual asset.  Virtual assets can be updated at relatively little cost or inconvenience to you (versus, say, recalling a car).  Set expectations accordingly.

    If we're still here in this general state of things in a couple weeks time, we can have a different conversation.
    As much as I love Brytenwalda Devs/ Tale worlds. I am not going to cut them a break just because software development is hard (CS major here!), the opposite in fact. The reason I am so upset is because I love them so much and I expected more of them. You just don't release an alpha/beta unless you mention beforehand you are releasing an alpha/beta. Taleworlds made amazing games, and with the Brytenwalda team on board, it was a match made in heaven. Viking Conquest was the first game I preordered in a year, heck I preordered it the hour it was on the steam store.

    I was treated right by TW, so I put my faith in them like I am sure others did. We had faith they would release us a game worth our money. Yet when it came up to bat, we had a game so buggy that Bethesda would blush. Now I know the problems will be fixed, hence why I am not asking for a refund... what will not be fixed though is my trust. The next TW game that comes out, I am going to worry. I am going to wonder "Will the game be playable?". Trust is important in a business environment. If your customers trust you, they will buy from you. Right now I don't know if I would buy from them again... my trust is wounded.

    Now I am happy they apologised as it is something most devs dont do (even though they bloody well should *cough* Rome 2 *cough*), but I already explained earlier why we shouldn't get all hyped over an apology and that they are working hard to fix everything. It is like getting excited that the guy who drunk drove through your home's front door is going to pay for the damages. I mean I am a cynical person, but even I wouldn't think the devs would just give us a broken game and not look back.
  15. I'd like a refund.

    Cyberh said:
    freedomna said:
    Leifr Eiríksson said:
    freedomna said:
    Napoleonic Wars was revolutionary for MB:WB.

    I am willing to go one step further. It was a revolutionary game for first person shooters, period.

    NW showed that you do not need to have semi automatic/full automatic fire guns (any gun post 1930) to have a fun and enjoyable FPS. A revolutionary concept successfully implemented.

    Revolutionary concept? I could count half a dozen games/mods that have done it before NW, Battlegrounds 2 being a good example.
    At the risk of being off topic Battlegrounds 2 is a -mod-. NW showed you can have a BG2 game be commercially viable.
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