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    Native OSP 3D Art Fred's bunch 'o armours (now with more stuff)

    If you wanna get into 3d then I'd recommend blender since it is free and has pretty much all the tools one would need.
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    Native OSP 3D Art Fred's bunch 'o armours (now with more stuff)

    "Ah, yes, here we go again" indeed  :lol:

    Updated the google drive and nexus with the new lamellar variations

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    Native OSP 3D Art Fred's bunch 'o armours (now with more stuff)

    Nemas problemas

    Also added a google drive mirror for those that don't like nexus (I know I don't after going through all of those steps just to upload something, I miss mbrep)
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    Native OSP 3D Art Fred's bunch 'o armours (now with more stuff)

    Really happy that what basically amounted to me abandoning a project during a low point in my life managed to help so many people.

    Since that old stuff still seems to be helpful I combined some more stuff, enjoy!

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    Native OSP 3D Art Fred's bunch 'o armours (now with more stuff)

    Well, firstly I would recommend you read these (hopefully) useful tutorials about modding to get you started,240255.0.html
    Secondly you would need to download and set up the module system,326973.0.html
    And thirdly grab the code from that kind FireDemon fella who's post is just above yours and add it to module_items

    But if you are feeling really impatient you could also get morgh's editor thingy,105928.0.html
    I've heard that it is supposedly quite user-friendly

    Either way, good luck!

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    Balance of Power: Vikings Sign-Up Thread

    Hullo there!
    Long time lurker, first time signer-upper.
    Hoping to have a grand 'ol time without starting any eternal grudges involving Duckmen burning down settlements.

    Feel free to call me Fred
    1: Powys
    2: Custom Viking Adventurer
    3: Byzantine Empire

    Previous BoP Experience: Gardon, Karackis, Aedin, Lords and Land and Isaria*
    *Strange BoPs held on other equally strange forums by the gentlemen Leoven and Kazzan
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    For those who are still wondering, itp_covers_hair_partially apparently causes the hair mesh to switch to its alternate frame if it has one, like this:

    Meaning the solution is vertex animation (which I guess makes sense but by golly I really would've preferred having separate meshes)
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    TaleWorlds Forum Modding Contest[May 2018][3D Art]

    Hullo, I thought I'd just pop in for a quick second to caution against making any unique arrows, bolts or throwing weapons that uses new textures.
    Because as it stands, warband can still not handle weapons embedded into shields having more than one material, meaning if multiple missiles with different materials are shot into a shield, the first material will be assigned to all of them.

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    Native OSP 3D Art Fred's bunch 'o armours (now with more stuff)

    Arrite took some in-game pics, atleast a couple of the armours oughta be there

    Edit: As for that iffyness in OpenBrf it's that some of them show up completely black with bumpmap ticked for some reason, but anyway they work semi-decently enough in-game so I'm not really worried, was more of a heads-up so that people don't yell bloody murder when they open it
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    Native OSP 3D Art Fred's bunch 'o armours (now with more stuff)

    Open source pack containing some armours and a few helmets, played around with multi-meshing a bit here and there. BumpMap view in OpenBrf is a bit wonky with some of 'em for some reason but other than that there should hopefully be no problems. mbrep...
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    [CoR] Corporation of Radicalization

    The Arming cap wills it !

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    Warband Question: Changing Races

    troop_set_type is what you're looking for, like for instance in the start game menu:

            (troop_set_type,"trp_player", 0), #male

    which basically makes him a man, with 1 being female while 2 and onwards are your new race types

    added a camp menu option and from there went male to female and back again several times without any apparent complications

            (troop_get_type, ":troop_type", "trp_player"),
            (eq, ":troop_type", 1), #female

    if case ya later need to check if your fella's a woman, for example

    gonna check how it works with using triggers and dialogs as well just in case


    did a simple trigger that changed the player's troop type every 4 hours and it worked without a hitch

    however when I told my companions to get their genders switched it didn't take effect until after the conversation had ended, which I guess isn't too bad, would be greedy to want them to switch right in front of ya :lol:
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    [CoR] Corporation of Radicalization

    Stop saying that! xD
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    [CoR] Corporation of Radicalization

    Aurora_Alexi said:
    Men and their beards....

    Well I don't really care for the beardless look I'm currently sporting, 'sides it's frigging cold up here in the frozen north without one :lol:
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    [CoR] Corporation of Radicalization


    Yes I'm that bored

    ... Grow faster dammit! :lol:
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