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    Does Fief Treasury Affect Fief Trading?

    Ahh crud. I was afraid of that.

    I wish there was a dialogue option to compensate with a cash payment or even add additional fiefs to the exchange.
    I might just be confused but I am sure I played a module years ago that had this very feature. It possible, it would be an appropriate addition to Perisno, with amount you have to pay being dependent on your persuasion skill and relationship with the lord you want to swap with.
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    Do you CHEAT?

    Do you guys count playing on 1/2 or 1/4 damage cheating? I try to avoid it, but I find PoP better balanced for reduced damage due to how flimsy armour is in this mod. Top tier troops, which take so long to train, die almost as quickly as middling tier troops otherwise.
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    No bodyguards in 1.0?

    The companion bodyguard plug-in can be pretty annoying as their pathfinding is bad and they get in the way- having to manuver your way through four companions when trying to talk to the guild master like ordering drinks in a crowded pub is not immersive and not fun at all. On the other hand, spawning in Assassins and Manhunters as night bandits is just sadistic on the part of the devs :razz:

    I am currently play the Age of Arthur mod (light fantasy, Dark Ages, CK-inspired mod in the VC engine, its amazing) and it only spawns in companion bodyguards during the night bandit ambushes, which is the most balanced way of doing it imo- they don't get in your way, the assassins in taverns are still a threat, but you likely won't randomly get taken out by some twat trying to mug you for your spare change (the mod also has permadeath lol)
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    What weapons are you using?

    Never really gotten into using blunts myself, its not even 100% chance to knock out with a blunt in this mod and the slowness and short reach make them a pain to use on horseback. Currently I am galloping around on a fast horse using a top tier spear with a shield and I am finding it as effective as a similar build in Brytenwalda/ VC. I can even take on heavily armored troops easily enough when used with something ranged.
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    Moving too fast

    Small parties that consist mainly of cavalry and/or have members with a high pathfinding skill are fast on the map by design. I'm guessing you're bumping into small parties of mounted deserters?
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    Perisno 1.1x - Main Thread | V1.3.6 | 8-27-2021

    Perisno Version 1.3.5 released. Full Version should be up soon.

    v1.3.5 Changelog: RELEASED July 5 2021

    [Adjusted] Siege ladders take a minimum of 1 hour
    [Adjusted] Some quest rewards scale with player level
    [Adjusted] Festivals now give a huge morale boost per night
    [Adjusted] Town Universities have reduced their renown gains from 20 to 10
    [Adjusted] When a lord is your prisoner, you can ask them to join your kingdom
    [Adjusted] You can now accompany any party, as long as you are friendly with them
    [Adjusted] Ingvar troops no longer become naked if they exceed the quality threshold
    [Adjusted] You can now pull prisoners from your mercenary group’s party, and the Perisno Army
    [Adjusted] Caravan price is now dynamic, instead of 3 fixed prices. Speed has been readjusted
    [Adjusted] Ingvar no longer has bears, to be consistent with Aroulo’s gear being unavailable
    [Adjusted] As the Monarch, you can now release fiefs from your ownership without giving it to a lord [Adjusted] Axe of the Forbidden Sea and Weeping Moon refreshes quicker. Hyk can also use the Axe of the Forbidden Sea
    [Adjusted] When withdrawing from your treasury, you must now hold Right Control. This is to compensate for players who use the arrow keys for movement
    [Adjusted] Villagers lose relations with you when they get raided. In return, weekly income increases depending on how high your relations are with them
    [Fixed] Zolona’s backstory typos [Fixed] Enlisting relations exploit
    [Fixed] Siege equipment builds properly now
    [Fixed] Training Grounds removed from Hard Mode
    [Fixed] Guard Post appears properly in village upgrades
    [Fixed] Freelancer caravan quest should work properly now
    [Fixed] You can read the religious information on Fountain Goddess now
    [Fixed] Lords that you indict should no longer automatically join your faction
    [Fixed] No longer stuck in a dialogue loop when completing the Weeping Moon quest
    [Fixed] You can now leave a mercenary captain’s dialogue without going through the entire dialogue
    Thanks for this, some really needed changes here!

    I have a question, I have made a few minor changes to troops and items with Morgh's (changed the stats and names of a few items, renamed and changed the equipment of a few troops) in the last version, will this hotfix still be compatible/ savegame compatible? Edit: My modfiied .txt files work fine, but I started a new game anyway bc Elintor and Drahara were out of control

    [Fixed] Training Grounds removed from Hard Mode
    Will this make the Strange Rapier unobtainable?
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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    When I fought Zeladeck I didn't get his unique sword- is that bc I have high relation with the Falki? (around 45 due to doing some of Nodah's quests and helping them in battle)

    I know its a spoiler, but what happens if you don't deliver the wolf to Kaiser Otto? I would really like to use it in my Household Guards, my character is married to Gereon in my current playthrough, would I be better off just stealing his wolf?
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    Discussion + Suggestions

    I agree. I remember a few years ago in MelsPerisno there were giant rocks as a throwing weapon for giants which was pretty cool.
    that would be cool, esp with the bonus against armor and the chance to knock unconscious that blunt weapons have
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    Discussion + Suggestions

    I always like the idea of Venetor and that there was a hidden city you could unlock with a quest chain, but it felt like Hakkon 2. That its getting retconned is understandable imo and I'm excited for whats in store. Anydangways, I have a few suggestions after many hours of playing:

    1. Gonnacondense this into 1 suggestion... cut the 'High Dragon Priestess' from Khivachis' name. It's kinda long and akward looking when you mouse over yourself and all your companions have 1 word name's but miss gets-her-own-giant-title Khivachis. I also think the idea of quest lock companions was brilliant, especially for high level super powerful companions like her. Tamaris and Aracanus (companions over lv 50) should probably be more difficult to acquire and not just loafing about in some dingy tavern. Additionally, some explanation for why she has a bear and not a dragon might be in order as it is odd for the dragon priestess to join you and she rides a bear. Maybe some passing explanation like, "My dragon was stolen from me and the thief is out there some where, can I accompany you while I look for them?"

    2. Weapon speeds. All a bit of a let down. Having played PoP with a sapphire weapon (~140spd), everything in Perisno just so much slower. Even in Pop you could get weapons with 120spd that weren't legendary. This is a larger issue with itemization in a lot of Warband mods. Most people gravitate towards 1h-sword/shield+bow or 2h+bow+2 quivers because its far and beyond the best choice 100% of the time. Weapon speed is the first most important weapon stat before damage and length. The fastest weapons in Perisno are 2h-swords and the hybrid 2h/1h-sword and the best of those only go as high as 108-110 with a few (very few) that can reach 115 or 118 with the Balanced mod. Axes are inferior to a failing degree. The fastest axes don't even crest 100 speed. The 'bonus to shields" is meaningless if you can't even get in a hit. I assume the reason for the low axe speed is because of the shield bonus?
    With maces the slower speed makes sense because 'can crush through blocks' is a powerful mod on those weapons. Even with the axe shield bonus, units with good shields and shield stat still need many many many hits to break the shield diminishing the axe's shield bonus. What is even more strange is how a giant 2h-axe is faster than a tiny lil-iddy-biddy 1-hand axe. Seems illogical why something lighter and smaller is also slower. I noticed this with swords and the few daggers in Perisno. A mammoth sized 2h-sword is faster than the assassin dagger or the ancient dagger and the tiny 1h-short swords. Why? There can't be fast paced exciting combat with such slow weapons. You can't combo/string hits with such slow weapons. You're choice of weapons is limited to the 2h-swords because everything else is 20 speed slower and thus much worse. There's about 3 decent options for 1h-swords. It also looks very odd the slow swinging animation for slow weapon attacks.
    Lastly, Legendary Weapons can't be legendary if they're slow. I never use them and never seek them out. Too unwieldy, long, and slow. Why use one of those and die when you can get a Balanced Golden Gladius and live? That gladius shows up often in Venetor merchant and is easily acquired. So are Naphali short/long swords. The Legendary weapons are harder to get and worse to use. If I prefer to use normal weapons over Legendary ones, then which weapons are truly the 'legendary' ones.

    3. Buff ammo amount for throwing weapons. This is another Warband issue that mods don't address. Everyone again goes with what works best. The path of least resistance. In Warband and most Warband mods, that means a bow and fast sword. A large bag of Falconian Arrows is 50 arrows. 2 large bags is 100 arrrows. A large bag of Assassin Knifes is 13 and a Large Bag of Kunai is 14.100 arrows > 36 knives. Its even worse for the other throwing weapons like the javalins, axes, and spears. To the great detriment of the player should they choose to use those. And throwing axes travel in slow motion when you throw them making them unreliable and a liability to use over the drastically better bow option. Landing a headshot with a thrown axe is a magical moment in Warband. Remeber that Desperado movie where Danny Trejo was the knife throwy guy and had knives for days? Gosh that must be nice. Carrying more than 10 knives. With 100 arrows, you can afford to miss a few shorts. Not a big deal. With throwing weapons, may as well toss them in the bin and get yourself a reliable ranged weapon. This is something individuals can fix with an item editor, but with the massive amount of weapons in Perisno to edit and the resulting issues from trash/mediocre troops suddenly becoming too formidable from their new speed increase should be left to the professionals. Its your mod to balance and you probably have a greater understanding of that as a whole for Perisno than I do. As it is though, there are not options. Sword+Bow is the way to go. Same for PoP. Same for nearly all mods and native. Unless you purposely force yourself to use something else far weaker.

    4. Remove the item refining lock out from Gordga Hammerhead in Dwallor. I genuinely believe that money should be the only limiting factor for this service. I'm guessing the 30hr limit was for a sense of realism but all it gives me is a sense of frustration. That and you can change the lore for realism by assuming a master dwarven blacksmith has a team of apprentices and assistants working for him and he performs the final finishing touches. Given the size of the map, how long it takes to traverse it, all the others things you could be busy doing, and the incredible amount of money you need for some item upgrades (some over half a million aurum), the 30 hour lock out really doesn't fit well. It would also be kinda nice if raising your town rep in Dwallor provided a discount. Realism has its place, but some times it isn't worth forcing realism at the expense of gameplay.

    5. Allow more 'unique' items to appear in the Mystic Merchant's stock. The Black Bear, Dark Wyvern, Dread Wolf, weapons (grenades), and armors flagged to not appear in shops. Just make them as rare as the game will permit. Like "holy smoke was that a unicorn?!" rare. The Royal Enchantment helmet is unobtainable without freelancing with Geldarin officers and those guys are idiots that rush into battles they can't win making raising high enough in rank to get that helmet an enormous pain in the butt if not impossible. You can join Rhino's party and just stare at the screen for a few months as nothing happens and get one that way maybe. The Assassin's Ghost Helm is unobtainable and unrefinable. The issue with the Dread Wolf is the 90 rep you need in a game that makes it very difficult to raise rep to begin with. I'd wager I have 8k hours in Warband and not once have I ever reached 100 rep with any officer or ruler. Perisno seems to reward double the rep which is lovely, sure. But, when you constantly get told 'No, not at this time' when you ask to help, you have zero ways to reliably raise someone rep without constantly following them and fighting in battles with them over and over and over. I'd guess I'm probably around 1k hours in just Perisno and have never been able to get the Dread Wolf. Not too big an issue, there are better mounts that are faster and come with pathfinding+foraging perks. I think the bar is too high for the Dread Wolf. The quest to change the Geldarin officer's personality that also requires 90 rep is another one. A massive investment of time and effort and for what? A good-natured officer? One side of the scale is very far down. Anyways, when your character background can be from a mysterious land outside of Perisno, the door is open to your character backstory and having more items to use to play that role increases your options. Always a good thing. I noticed a couple armors in the cheatmenu that look like they are for female lords but no one uses them and you can't get them. Given how limited female armor is, why these armors in particular are off limits is quite odd. They look like different variants of Trisna's Armor.

    6. More unique spawns. It seems like the same 5 guys all the time and I rarely even see them because they get taken out by the faction they spawn in pretty quickly. I've gotten some freebie legendaries just joining a slaughter of an unique spawn. I'm not sure how PoP did it but their unique spawns are formidable and often a persistent nuisance everyone tends to avoid. The lords in Perisno however ain't got time for these unique spawns are gang up on them or rush to help each other if they get attacked. Better AI? I'd guess the PoP devs do something with how auto calc works and give enough of a certain troop unit that it weighs unfavorabley to npc lords and they run away instead of engage? Not sure honestly.

    7. Along with my rep gripes, I think some tweaking to release prisoners for faction rep would be a nice addition. Sometimes you release prisoners and get a +1 to their faction. The problem is you have to release 20-80+ for a single +1 and they start at -50. Joining them in battle makes everyone hate you and its hard to repair that damage. Having outlaws and other hostile factions stop attacking you has always held a lot of appeal for me and the idea that your patrols and caravans are safe from those attacks is definitely cool. But its too hard to do and takes too long. It would be nice if there were better options for this. Like a few select npcs you can release prisoners to that raises faction rep based on number given. Unlocks outlaw base with outlaw merchant. Ankar merchant access. Stuff like that. Quests. Seems like there should be other ways to show you aren't a threat or against a hostile faction without slaughtering caravans, making enemies with faction lords, are killing farmers. You can stop 2 of those if you raise them above 0. It's just always been such a tedious grind to achieve and its better to just fight them for free troops and money.

    8. This last one may sound weird. I like to kit out my companions based on their background and getting them stuff from their respective faction. I find it makes them easier to identify on the battlefield. Kara with Tolarian gear. Marcus with Maccavia gear. I noticed some factions are represented more than once though and some factions not at all. As far as I can tell, and maybe I didn't read well enough, there are no companions that have a Falconian background. There are 2 Maccavia companions, 2 Drahara, 3 Drachen if you count Khivachis, 2 Viking guys. Having more diversity might be kinda nice? A Falki companion because they're have some well done armor and horses. An ex Ghazir companion maybe. An Ukundu with a tiger mount. A Lymbardian. I don't think there are any from Hakkon or Third Legion which is a shame since Immortal Armor can appear at the Mystic Merchant. I know this is a personal preference thing but I thought I'd share anyways.

    That's it! Love the mod and I think you guys have done some incredible work. In all honesty, Perisno has taken top spot for favorite Warband mod and I never thought anyone would take it from you know who. Truly fantastic. I played it a lot maybe 1-2 years ago and I'm delighted to see it still being worked on. Thanks for all the hours of fun.

    #1. It is strongly suggested by the Reich's lore that dragons are legendary or semi-legendary- having their lords and troops ride in to battle on actual dragons doesn't fit the lore. It would be nice having some dialogue from her that references her bear- the Aroulo nobles ride tamed bears so its not unprecedented in this world.

    #2. The high speed of POP weapons is because armor appears to be crafted from cardboard in Pendor, so weapons work better with high DPS rather than high base damage. Other than bows (the best bows in POP being both high base damage and high DPS) the best weapons in Perisno have higher average base damage.

    #3. Other than the grenade types, throwing weapons work as supporting weapons- allowing light troops to harass the enemy, and allowing heavy infantry a way to negate the impact of enemy charges. Yes its fantasy, yada, yada, but it's silly for a knife-thrower to be as deadly as an archer armed with a warbow.

    #5. I kind of like that there are powerful items reserved for specific lords and troops- it makes them more unique and interesting characters. Graf Ludger (ie the creepy monk guy) actually has the strongest armor in the game- and the only legit way that the player can acquire it is to marry him. Enchantments should be definitely be in the mystic merchant's stock as they are just a way to not have to wear a helmet to avoid getting headshotted. As you can just exit the town to re-roll the mystic merchant, it would be better to just have items such as the Dark Drake be very rare loot drops.
    The Ghost Helm could be acquired by befriending Grahsullah- maybe he could gift you a lordly set when you reach high relations with him and he inducts you into his mysterious order. Since Liana, Krysanna, Gereon and Grahsullah can be married by the player- maybe a way to increase relation with your spouse, as either a vassal of their faction or with them a vassal of your kingdom, that would allow you access to their unique items quicker?
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    Perisno 1.1x - Main Thread | V1.3.6 | 8-27-2021

    I would say the newer versions are definitely an upgrade overall, however the map changes are questionable at best. The strips of land connecting the Valahir & Aroulo with the rest of Perisno are abysmal.
    Yeah, they look terrible. If disabling the boat map icons is essential for performance, I would do that, but keep the water crossings. It is easier to suspend disbelief with the army icons staying the same over water, than with those silly land ribbons.
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    Discussion + Suggestions

    Like Kysanna's troops, it would be cool if you could recruit Wolf Constables from Baron Gereon if you are married to him and/or he is your vassal. It would be balanced as you would have to have >90 relations with him and they would cost a lot of aurums to recruit. I also think that his personality should be fixed as cunning or possibly self-righteous, as that seems the most "wolfy"

    Maybe you could recruit Emir Grasullah's assassins in the same way, although you can already take the foot archer version out of Tabranpadan Castle if you are married to him.
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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Gonna play this finally. Been poking around the wiki and it seems like there's three notable ladies eligible for marriage - the two princesses and some lady with a legendary weapon and horse. Is that it? Are there any lords' daughters who are interesting options in terms of utility and combat ability?

    What about single lords for female characters - any fun options?
    You can marry Baron Gereon and steal his wolf. You can't recruit Wolf Constables from him though
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    Discussion + Suggestions

    Ref Venetor retcon ; the hidden stronghold could be changed to Some old Perisno town/ castle/ motte from where to start the crusade?
    Considering the location, maybe an independent city state related to Ingvar's mercenaries?
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    Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    Some visual inconsistencies:

    -The mercenary captain in Azure Keep is human for some reason.
    -The female relatives of the Naphali Falcon vassals (Deindarion and Fliotabien) are also human.
    -The village elders in Aroulo villages don't have the Aroulo skin colour.
    -The mercenary captain in Aolas Castle looks like a frog.
    -The Zann fort veterans look retarded and don't have Asian skin colour.

    -The glowing effect on the magic crystals in the Dwarven cities mostly doesn't work. Those scenes would look amazing with the lighting fixed.
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