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  1. Player non-stop trolling and being racist.

    and i thoughts thats how the mount and blade community works
  2. Player Opinion Polls Concerning Multiplayer Balance

    the faction votes in this forum are always weird
  3. Wildling

    one of my favorites units. but i would increas the armor value like you did it by the oathsworn and maybe increas the shield size a bit
  4. MP dying real fast

    lol when somebody talks about the multiplayer but hates the skirmish mode. god damm these casuals
  5. My *opinion* on the MP units tier list (skirmish) e1.2.0

    I still think varyag is a little better but in a duel scenario I would give the sergeant the win 100%
    The varyag feel just better to me in the skirmish scenario
    i do not speak about feelings i speak about stats and perks
  6. My *opinion* on the MP units tier list (skirmish) e1.2.0

    Have you ever hit once with the legionary sword and looked at the damage it does. God I had to sometimes hit 8 to even 12 time a Heavy infantry to get him down... at that time the whole match is already finished and you lost.
    i pick the mace against heavy inf and not the sword. you can pick improved armor against factions like aserai and khuzait.
  7. My *opinion* on the MP units tier list (skirmish) e1.2.0

    It's just my opinion... I think your forgetting that armour is king right now and the Aserai and Battania both completely lack any armour options on most of their classes, so I can't put them above Khuzait.

    Varyag axe is more damaging and longer, the Legionary axe is faster only but they have to give up spear or pila for that which is just not worth when you have a 1h weapon anyways. The Sergeant is on par but it's sword is horrible so you have to take less armour for the mace which just opens you up to be one shot on the head by the Varyag axe. The mace is solid but again you open yourself up to be outreached by the axe. The spears all have neglible differences so it's all about who has access to the best 1 hander and right now to me it's the Varyag. Nothing else comes close to the ridiculous damage it deals.
    you can deal something between 30 and 60 blunt damage with the mace. the heavy nothern axe will do something between 20-30 maybe 40 if you swing it right. so its possible to two shot a improved armor varyag with the mace. the varyag spear is nice but still worse then two pilas who can deal 294 to a heavy horse and over 100 damage do a cataphract if he charges you and its still possible to stack up lance cav with the pila spear in melee mode. why the hell is the varyag better then the legionary? and the legionary have still the secound fastest 1h weapon ingame after the highland axe of battania. you just do not pick the axe because of the pilas.
  8. My *opinion* on the MP units tier list (skirmish) e1.2.0

    Most people here don't agree with your perception of the varyag and everybody can tell how stupid this heavy infantry is. It might be close to the Sergeant yes but in a real skirmish environment they exceel way more.
    i only played skirmish in my whole bannerlord time. the varyag have also the smallest shield and archers can easly hit his foot. he is objectively the weakest heavy inf. just look at the stats and the perks. same stats as legionary and sergeant but these both have the better perks. all 3 units can take improved armor and get a armor value of 50 but the varyag can not pick something against heavy armor. he only have the decision between long sword, better shield, improved armor and on the other side he can pick spear, javelins and throwing axes. in which univers is the varyag better as the legionary and the sergeant?
  9. My *opinion* on the MP units tier list (skirmish) e1.2.0

    Putting the units in a tier list is a bit **** because essentially it boils down to one question: Is the class playable or not?

    More useful is putting the faction in a tier list.

    Right now I would put Sturgia at the top, their Varyags are literally unbeatable with their axes most often one shotting those with no armour and doing 50 dmg regularly to those with good armour. Couple that with the Druzhinik which is one of the top cav units and the basic archer having access to a shield then you have a pretty good all round faction. Dark horse is the Raider with the Kontos just for being able to dispatch of other cav easily.
    i do not understand why you high rate a inf focused faction with the weakest heavy inf ingame. the hunter is a ok mid archer unit but no more. they varyag is of all elite inf the weakest one. he do not have anything against other heavy inf. he will get countered by the seargent and the legionary.
    the states are all the same. you only have a armor difference by 1 but you can not pick up a mace and the legionary have the strongest throwing weapon in game and one of the fastest 1h axe and the seargent have the fastest mace.
  10. Menavlion Spears need a huge nerf!!! It was 6 months already.

    Who's talking haha, Skimisch and deathmatch/siege shouldn't even be compared and be talked about balanced dude, Both modes have different metas, in skimisch it's mostly made for good players with good plan which turns around camping with elite archers, tanking with heavy infantry and kill anything that positions wrong with cav. And the rest of the rosters and units are totally ditched because they are useless in pew pew meta of skimisch. Meanwhile in deathmatch and sieges light berserkers and pure melee are the most fun part of the game, at least for me. So how come you talk about balance when you totally disregard more than half of the units in skimisch purely because they can be shot to death by any decent archer. Come on dude, think a little aswell. Diffrent modes different metas, different approaches of balance are needed.
    try to explain something serious but talk about a "pew pew meta" in skrimish lol and show us a clip how he spam against a no block brigad on a teamdeathmatch server
  11. My *opinion* on the MP units tier list (skirmish) e1.2.0

    you realise that crush through goes throug your block?
    i do not block lance cav. i stack them up with my spear. its possible to stack cav up with a eastern short spear befor they reach me so it is also possible with longer spears
  12. My *opinion* on the MP units tier list (skirmish) e1.2.0

    it has the longest reach, biggest horse, crush through on kontos, which makes it the best anti cav if there are no archers involved.
    yeah but i do not care about lances or couched lances as spear inf. my job is to protect my archers and stack up the cav if he engage my archers. and this together with the cost of 200. he only can oneshot me if i do not look around
  13. My *opinion* on the MP units tier list (skirmish) e1.2.0

    The more I play the cataphract the more I find this class absolutely useless compared to it's cost.
    i agree i do not see why you should pick cataphract above courser
  14. My *opinion* on the MP units tier list (skirmish) e1.2.0

    i also like how you put the cataphract above the courser lol
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