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    Resolved Help 'Not all players are running the game with anti cheat"

    game mode? which server? at what time? (they might be able to look around in the logs if u give them some pointers where to look in the huuuge haystack :wink: )
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    Abuse of the votekicking system needs serious attention

    People using cav rear glitch?
    i think its sufficiently slow to do so and they can be taken down while doing so I have no problem with it :wink:
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    Please fix your server !!!!

    how is crashing related to spam?
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    In Progress EU siege is down again

    a few minutes after ive posted this ^^ the server was online. It turned out it crashed while it was full and didnt come up for a good while hence a good amount of ppl left and came back latter.
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    In Progress EU siege is down again

    2021.10.06. 18:10 London time - EU siege is down again.. I don't know when exactly it went down just wanted to join and its not available. Its telling that the TDM map has ~90 ish participants as after this time 60ish ppl at the very least tend to play on the EU siege most days :smile:

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    Bow vs Crossbow Balance (Poll)

    xbows reload time is enough of a nerf at this point i think compared to bows.
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    In Progress EU siege is down again

    As of 2021.10.04 21:33 London time (GMT) EU siege is unavailable. viva la DUCKtania! Live long and camel...
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    Camel market on Duel server

    A fond enough person can turn the duel spawn location to a camel/cav market. I guess these objects do take up resources to maintain so this might be a potential problem /of course only in much larger numbers/. possible fix could be to destroy them (only on duel) if the agent they've spawned...
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    In Progress Siege cant transition to next map

    Summary: Voting title shows up, vote doesnt happen, instead no response from server or sg like that shows the transition didnt happen. looking for the next game works around the issue, but its annoying to see chat freeze.. How to Reproduce: Play a siege game on EU server Scene Name (if...
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    Need More Info Can't play multiplayer - BattleEye blocked loading of file

    1. Cool off, drink some water
    2. Bannerlord is a game. the developer studio is called TaleWorlds
    3. Understand: BattlEye is an anticheat product which TW cannot change or modify, they only use it as it is. Look at the forum a bit there are a bunch of posts regarding it.
    4. I havent managed to nail down what triggers BattlEye to block files at random, mostly I just need to shut everything down and then it works:
    5. Stop the "BattlEye service" in the services window (Winkey+R > services.msc )
    6. stop every bannerlord related process ( Task manager / Process explorer detailed view -> right click, kill process tree )
    7. Stop steam and every steam related process.
    8. start the battleye service again
    9. log into steam and try to play..
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    Ban reason

    as per

    Hey, the mute penalties usually issued in the same 24 hour of the offence, so it should be easy for muted players to know what got them muted. I think everyone here has enough experience on online games and internet to know what will get you muted. If you think there has been a mistake with issuing a penalty, you can always reach out to me via DM.
    try contacting @uçanbiblo directly.
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    Resolved EU siege stuck on next game starts in...

    EU siege stuck on next game starts in...
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    Muted: abusive chat-inquiry

    Everyone will get the penalty for their own actions.
    Well from what I've seen in the last few weeks (almost exclusively on siege) there is still a lot of room for improvement till chat becomes kind of civil. I also understand the notion of: "everyone is going to get what they deserve sooner or later". But I dont really see the preventative sense in that: hence my opening suggestion: if ppl know what specifically they should refrain from than there migth be a chance (a small one at that I don't dispute :smile: ) they change their behaviour.
    Anyways my original question has been answered: the text causing the penalty wont be included into the message: for my part I consider the discussion to be closed.
    Also: camels seem to be winning =).
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