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    Bans for in-game chat

    Alright, that's enough, this isn't the place to discuss politics, I've already given my answer. Locking the thread.
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    Bans for in-game chat

    People have been banned inside the game (I believe) for hate speech, and I'm sure for official servers it'll stay that way. How it's managed now? I'm unsure, but people have indeed been punished for their actions. They may not have a definitive process right now (it seems), but it will come.
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    Bans for in-game chat

    Hate speech is never tolerated here.
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    Is there an MMR system?

    Yeah I can see that, good point.
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    Is there an MMR system?

    Yes, limiting groups is an easy fix, it kinda worked before, it can work now. Pretty sure that feature has been implemented (since it was there in the beta), turn that sucker on and you're good to go.
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    Is there an MMR system?

    Well, the leveling is clearly a placeholder. Since there's no ranked, theres no real need for MMR at the moment, it's best to work on other issues before that comes around. If leveling provided some sort of benefit, then sure, an MMR system right now could work, but at the moment leveling is...
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    Is there an MMR system?

    I'm sure there will be MMR and a ranked system in the future, but there's more pressing issues and features that should have priority, regardless of how simple MMR implementation is.
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    Dedicated Server Software?

    Not as of yet, at a later date though.
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    I am repulsively disappointed in MP, Taleworlds.

    MP is being developed on, even if it's at a slower rate but hopefully they can flesh out SP so then the development for MP can be speedy.
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    I am repulsively disappointed in MP, Taleworlds.

    On the other hand, a lot of the negative reviews are due to crashes and bugs, there's proof of that as on release BL had around 89% positive reviews and dropped to 82% after a couple of days, now after quick crash and bug fixes, the reviews have stabilised at around 83%. Having 83% for an EA...
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    Unsolved Multiplayer. Hackers already use aimbot in skirmish.

    Locking Thread, thanks for the report, please be sure to not advertise the hacks, report it directly to a moderator.
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    Unsolved Big Bug & Typo list (Will keep up to date)

    We appreciate the support by collating a list of bugs and typos (we really do), however, it's much better for the technical team to suit individual needs as some bugs may need a lot more attention (so talking to people individually to get information is a must). The technical team would...
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    Fancy Troops (FT)

    How am I still a rejected trialist :(
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    Dev Blog 21/11/19

    Be sure to include an English translation. To answer your question, early access I believe will not be coming to console, though there may be plans to bring Bannerlord to console in the future.
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    Unsolved [World Map] There is no Compass on the world map.

    Let's keep the thread about technical support only and suggesting ways to help solve the issue. Don't get angry at people who're genuinely trying to help provide temporary solutions.