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    [ECS4] European Championship Series Signups - Signup Deadline 04/10/2020

    Right, I'm appalled, that a respected PILLAR of the community that hasn't played in tournaments for the past two years ISN'T getting picked up by the notorious top teams; especially when half of these teams contain some right stains - I am open to offers from the 'Division B' community, or...
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    Could a dev please interact with us

    I'm unsure what you're trying to achieve with this thread, but I'll make one thing clear; creating a thread which is essentially a rhetorical thread as there's no real 'question' or feedback to reply to is odd - the most interesting part is, you already know you would not see a reply on this...
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    [WRL] Congratulations and Thank Yous

    @Roudrac, sick job on those awards my dude.
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    I mean it works, but niche games usually die out overtime if there's no real competitive aspect; mordhau is an example where it has fun casual play but lacks in the competitive aspect because it's extremely boring to watch. Mordhau has a much smaller playerbase than it used to, because its MP...
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    Im think done after Scramble League

    It's really hard for someone who doesn't know either of you to look at Canton's comment and see past the 'flame', obviously I both know you well enough to know Canton was being sarcastic based on people's previous responses to game hate. It's hard to tell if people don't know you well (I didn't...
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    Necesitamos servidores latinos

    When posting on the English forum, please provide an English translation, ive moved it to the Spanish section of the forum but will move it back if an English translation is provided.
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    feature discussion: drink beer

    If this is an actual suggestion, I'll move it to the relevant section - if it's not then I'll just lock it, pick your poison.
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    3v3 Groupfighting Tournament (€99 Prize)

    Watly's team vs Gibby's team is happening on Tuesday 9pm BST! Tune in to this EPIC showdown of egotistical titans!
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    We need alliances

    Firstly, the thread has been rather constructive and has received replies from developers, good job! On the other hand, there are too many people who have an obvious emotional connection to their opinion, which is fine, however, let's just calm down please. Calm with the bickering.
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    I need an experienced MP player to explain this to me

    Because of the collision blocking system, as long as your block collides with their blade somehow, it'll block the attack, but it's pretty hard to do.
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    3v3 Groupfighting Tournament (€99 Prize)

    Wow now I'm angry...
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    Argentinian Cup Finals Stream (30/08)

    This thread hasn't been active for 3 weeks then someone decided to continue the argument which quite frankly I really really don't care about, play wherever you like regardless of how cringe it is.
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    3v3 Groupfighting Tournament (€99 Prize)

    Watly your team would get clapped so...
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    [ECS4] European Championship Series Signups - Signup Deadline 04/10/2020

    Free agent (I will play for more than 1 week) Name: Fietta Class: Inf Steam : Preferred Division: A+