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    Suggestion: Please make Import/Export Characters

    It would be nice (simply to have an import/export of a character for a starting point instead of starting over for each feature update (which is why I am now simply waiting for the development to progress further, as the restarts can become tiresome especially with the slow grind with certain skills, and especially considering how smithing is being fixed (no more huge research/skill boosts from certain types of weapons....somewhat regrettably).

    I am not sure how easy/practical/possible it would be to accomplish however, regarding the compatibility across update versions. I don't believe it would be, not unless it only carries over certain basic aspects such as money, skill points spent (then to be reallocated), player level.

    Yes, it would be nice to have, and I'm sure something will eventually be developed once the game system/mechanics have been ironed out.

    I doubt its possible, or if it is possible, it would be very complicated, to have the player's clan and clan members import/export as well (can easily seen issues of duplicate characters happening).
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    [ Conquered people are recruited as 'Auxilia' ]

    So, this idea just popped into my mind. You know how inevitably a faction will mostly conquer another? Well, what if territories that are conquered by a different culture, have converted troops to that culture. Example: Vlandia takes over a bunch of Battanian villages, and troops then...
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    Quick Question about new game Options - Enable Birth/Death

    So does this mean that factions will lose lords overtime (death in battle or executed), but are never replaced (faction/clan depletion)? I guess I'm just unsure about the grind cycle and still want the 'theoretical' infinite campaign.
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    Please restore / implement "One Step Ahead" (Tactics ability)

    Awesome. Us clumsy humans aren't as efficient nor as cohesive as the AI. It'll be good for this to be equal in this regard.
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    Any update on Children?

    Indeed. But I hadn't the hotfix at the time.
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    Any update on Children?

    They cannot currently lead parties or caravans.

    They can only be governors or join the player's party (after setting them as governor so as to wrangle them from the cold abyss).
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    Children bug

    Your sons and daughters still can't lead parties/caravans, despite coming of age. They can be assigned as governors and taken into your party, but thats all.

    I think the education system so far is give them level 23 and let the player assign everything. Instead of starting at level 1 - 10.
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    Neutral Mercenary & Merchant settlements?

    What Warband mod is Zenadar from?
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    Neutral Mercenary & Merchant settlements?

    I think that there should maybe be one place sort of affiliated with each of the merc factions (one 'mercenary' settlement, an exclave). Perhaps with the chance to recruit some of their unique troops while also providing a bit more variety. It might be nice though if there were a little...
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    More Factions

    I think that there should maybe be one place sort of affiliated with each of the merc factions (one 'mercenary' settlement, an exclave). Perhaps with the chance to recruit some of their unique troops while also providing a bit more variety. I don't really care one way or another if more blacks are added to the game. But it might be nice though if there were a little variety within one of the regions of some factions .... and I think this might accomplish that. Asia IS indeed already represented along with the hafted blades as I mentioned.

    There are:
    - snow people
    - steppe people
    - sand people
    - forest people
    - default people (empire, I can only ever see them as the 'default' faction)
    - crossbows & crusaders
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    More Factions

    I don't know.... a lot of unga-bunga people wouldn't be able to stand up equipment wise to all the others currently in game. Far east? Fine (as long as they 'play' differently from the khuzait, and aren't just hafted-blade infantry spam).

    Korea maybe.

    Ps. re: Africa ah I was thinking of Sid Mieyers Civ. Well, if the African nations are somewhat like Carthage, and its neighbors at the time (don't remember the names of the others of the top of my head). I mean, the Jawal are somewhat close to subsarahans, and look black (war camels). Variety will come, whether through game devs or through mods.

    Personally, I'm anticipating the Lord of the Rings mod (which will be great with the bannerlord battle mechanics).

    Elves and orcs are a guarantee through some mod in the future though.

    Before anyone gets pissy, 'unga-bunga' was a time period referring to the level of technology at the time of the locals.
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    Starting Clans imbalanced between Kingdoms (# of clans and # of members), need rebalancing

    'Balance' of clans isn't a good idea. Differences make things more interesting. However, more mechanics and elements are needed to enable INFINITE CAMPAIGN MODE ( clans aren't depleted as easily, children/marriage-arrangements/inheritance, faction resurgence/civil-war, and some sort of 'Fall of Rome' territory mechanic where if a faction's territory is far too scattered or extends too far away, it will cause some problems (over-extension)).
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    Barter (give) fiefs to original factions ?

    The problem is for most player this is not the way they want to use this feature, instead we want to use it as a tool for diplomacy (e.g. invite clan in exchange for fief) or restore a faction through force for RP or relations points. Which, like most Clan/Kingdom management features, shouldn't require any skill at all, but maybe a given clan rank.

    That is literally why I want it. I have plenty of money. Even without exploiting the smithed items, selling the loot from battles will get you most of your income, certainly the most important for the the first 30K alongside selling prisoners.

    For this skill will help aid my attempts of the INFINITE CAMPAIGN (which I hope TW will add more mechanics for this to become feasible).
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    The AI clans should hire companions too

    Perhaps some mechanic where after a period of time ingame, a clan member after reaching elgible age and doesn't marry, a new character could generate (elevated from a merchant's family, or a relative of a garrison commander). It should have some sort of time constraints so that it still is possible for clans to deplete, but to revive themselves also.

    But I do think there needs to be more elements and mechanics for lords/noteables/clans/factions to allow for 'INFINITE CAMPAIGN', sort of like a suggestion I made previously Faction Resurgence/Civil War .

    I mean, if you're investing so much time each playthrough, you don't necessarily want to start a new game whenever clans have depleted, or most factions have become extinct (1 - 2 uber factions left).
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    Give faction parties better variety.

    I disagree with OP regarding the bucellariis and crossbows. They will always have at least a few crossbowmen with each party. Also vlandia tends to have decent numbers of cavalry. Obviously nowhere near khuzait levels.
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