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  1. Am I missing something? (with regards to obtaining vassels)

    Getting them feifs needs to be a priority for you. Don't recruit lords unless you are going to have the opportunity to get them a feif pretty quickly
  2. How is the game now?

    TaleWorlds has patched stability issues. That's it. They haven't added any content of value to the game since release
  3. 1.4.1's Broken Diplomacy - and what we can learn from it

    The patch notes mention they improved it for 1.4.1, but I haven't seen anyone mention figuring out how they improved it. I know prior to this patch it was pretty pathetic in how simple it was
  4. More armor and shields, please. A lot more. Hell, let us craft armor while at that.

    Rough furs over chain is my jam. But you can only get it from cheat mode
  5. Sneaking into town - how?

    You lose your entire party. That's the absurd punishment. Your troops just evaporate into thin air
  6. Oh no, just had a hotfix this morning which knobbled all my mods

    Especially since the problem is a misplaced decimal point
  7. Why is negative influence a thing?

    But donating troops isn't really an accessible option. I need troops in my party, so it's full all the time. If I don't have a feif I can't store my troops anywhere, and if I have a feif it's garrison should already be pretty full so again places to put high tier soldiers is limited. Further...
  8. Sneaking into town - how?

    This whole "feature" is a joke. The punishment for failure is so incredibly significant. Why would anyone ever do this without save scumming? How is this idea even supposed to be a fun gameplay conceit with interesting results?
  9. Insane war strategies.

    You use the word "strategy" in your title. That implies that the AI thinks or considers anything at all. You're giving the game way too much credit lol
  10. Why is negative influence a thing?

    Negative influence makes some sense, instead of people owing you favors you owe them favors. But in gameplay it's real dumb. I understand that influence inflation needed to be addressed, really badly. However TW's reaction was to go and gut two major sources of influence. Leaving the player in...
  11. What's the Point of Siege Defense?

    I think the problem you've identified is due to the way territory often changes hands back and forth, over and over. Or it trades between multiple settlements. So a successful siege doesn't get you much. Because your new castle/city starts off with 50 defenders and every ai party on the map...
  12. Does TW really intend a campaign to last multiple generations?

    It seems like TW intends campaigns to last multiple generations. However I really don't see any game systems that support this and I don't see any progress towards actually making this worth doing for the player. As it stands now if you start a campaign from scratch with a new character, by the...