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    SP B Hybrid Blocking

    This is great, thanks Terco. Very cool.
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    Calradic Campaign

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    So, when are we returning to the pre-release map?

    Let's be honest, the new map isn't all that great. While it certainly looks pretty, weird reshuffling of city names, nonsensical geography, and poor game balance (especially for little old sturgia) all keep it from being truly good. On the other hand, this old map we had was pretty damn good in...
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    More skills concept for fun

    Got bored and made this. Explanations: Unarmed combat is a staple of RPG's, and will be a fantastic fit for tavern brawl and prison escape situations, should they be added in. Also affects kicks and bashes. Slings are very powerful weapons, and using them requires a wholly different skillset...
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    There were mentions a few months ago of Spear AI which anihilated charging cavalry. Please, bring this back

    TW has mentioned that the AI for spearmen was too competent when fighting against charging cavalry, and so they were "dumbed down". The EA has shown that currently, spears are simply terrible in the hands of AI. At least let them do one thing right, and bring back their old AI. You have...
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    I miss some of the armours from warband which haven't been given equivalents in bannerlord

    I literally said in the post itself that the armours mentioned would fit snugly within the tech level of the game, and they wouldn't even be the most technologically advanced compared to some of the armour already in the game. Please read the post before replying.
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    I miss some of the armours from warband which haven't been given equivalents in bannerlord

    I miss some of the armours from warband which haven't been given proper equivalents in bannerlord yet. Like my beautiful vaegir/khergit lamellar vest (I am aware of armours kinda similar to it, but none actually look much like it Or this boiled leather over mail Or this banded armour And...
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    Map of calradia bannerlord

    Made by me with help from Turnaround
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    Map of Calradia 1084 (January 2021)

    here's the newest map for use in this, official too:

    here's a comparison map for Revverie:
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    Modding Bannerlord - Questions

    Well, I'd like to ask some questions about how multiplayer modding will work.

    Can we make custom gamemodes, factions and units, with people being able to join servers with these mods without having to install them, so long as we only use vanilla assets? In other words, are there in-game tools for creating these sorts of mods? Can those tools, if they exist, also be used for creating new systems such as recreating the warband equipment system?

    If not, have you considered doing auto-download, as most games with multiplayer modding communities do?
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    What else remains to be explained?

    I think there were several times when TW wrote 'that's a story for another time' in their devblogs, would be nice for all of those to actually get conclusions...

    A blog about modding possibilites especially regarding MP would put a lot of my questions (and significant worries) to rest, so I cast my vote towards that, for what it's worth.
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    General Battles?

    Captain Obvious said:
    I like this idea, a bit like a multiplayer way of setting up SP custom battles for warband.

    that's word for word what I said, but I do appreciate the support!  :grin:
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