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    How's your "VISION" working out TW?

    I play this game every day and it doesn't mean I like it... I only have the hope it will become better , but it's hard to feel happy about it, we have very poor communication from the devs, there is no road map, 90% of every update goes to the SP and we can't see any changes to the MP, over 1 year later and we only got like...4-5 new maps? Siege servers still crash for no reason, the faction in captain are super unbalanced, broken weapons and classes.... so it's very hard for us to feel excited and happy again, we're all just here in a limbo, playing this broken buggy unbalanced game hoping for something to change.
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    EU siege servers constantly crashing

    Haven't been able to play siege for months... I would join the games mid round, the game would finish but it crashed during the transition to the new map.
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    Captain Mode needs your help!

    I agree 100% with this @Ling*
    I also feel this way about Captain, I had more fun playing Captain during the beta and the first few months of the game than right now, on top of my head, the best update they did was to Battania , they should have also fixed the Aserai but instead they decided to nerf Empire ( used to be one of my fav faction to play with), also the nerfs they did to some weapons that ruined the entire unit(menav unit for the empire) .
    But the thing that ruined the game for me was all the nerf they did to the archer and skirmish class, I haven't used any of this units for months now because how bad and useless they are, and I loved to used it, they were deadly when used right and shooting a bow or crossbow felt right... now it's not and I hate it
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    I Love This Game

    I love the game but it has long ways to go, right now is very buggy and MP content is non existing
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    This is how my skirmish experience has been this month... and the 3 other months before this

    I thought I was the only one dealing with this type of bugs, I have been noticing recently some of this myself...
    I have the shield up and the guy throws a javeling that bypasses my shield, me blocking a upper attack and the guy swings and kills me anyways, I do a swing that bypasses the enemy player wihout dealing any sort of damage... this needs some serious fixing
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    A Moment Of Silence for 2 Pila Legionnaires

    The good old days, when Empire was good
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    i said bad words tw muted me :'(

    Biggest mistake TW will do is adding voice chat... people are already this toxic in chat imagine if they give the option to use voice, the amount of garbage one can spit instead of typing ..uuff, nightmare fuel
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    Captain Mode urgently needs 1 on 1 Server

    Anyway, that was all just an Intro. My advice is to introduce 1 on 1 captain mode, where each players controls 6 or more or less or whatever units. This will result in a more fun gameplay where you don't have to rely on mentally underdeveloped teammates, experiment with strategies and unit choice, do whatever you want really. Ramboing will also be discouraged as you need to pay more attention when controlling units of different classes. You can still spam shock troops and f1f3, but it will be a lot easier for enemy to counter this with archers, as there is only one captain on the field to deal with.
    Interesting Idea, This would exactly happen the same way if for example there was a
    BannerlordSingleplayer coop element, if you faced an enemy player with similar amount of troops as you, you would have to face him as you would an Enemy A.I lord, try to use terrain advantage, unit placement, flanking manoeuvres ...etc etc
    You would have to be fast on your unit commands, and it would't be about player individual skill but about game mechanic knowledge, knowing how the troops work, what formations should you use in certain situations...
    This 1v1 captain would be very interesting...
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    what mod is going to replace native?

    Persistent World and frontier, full invasion, can't wait for those mods
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    The reason 6v6 skirmish will never be fun

    The reason why this 6v6 games will never be fun is because it doesn't appeal to the majority of the M&b player base... most people began playing this game because of the large scale epic sieges and battles, and for many, this is what Mount&blade is all about.
    Besides a handful of people... the overall community couldn't care less about a ****y 6v6 medieval CSGO wanabe.

    I asked several friends about what they thought about the skirmish mode during the beta/EA and almost everyone told me they don't like it or preferred other game modes like captain/siege over it.

    The thing is... the moment they release private server and people can organize their sieges and battles... this skirmish and captain mode will be dead in the water, only reason we're playing it in the first place is because siege servers crash every 5 minutes and there is no battle or other game modes.
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    Congrats TW - you killed your own game

    Yes I'm being a bit unfair because I know many skirmish players also don't like many of this nerfs and changes.
    I'm not saying the Skirmish players directly asked TW to change this ... but someone ,somewhere must have complained about several things or else TW wouldn't have made some of this changes,

    MLG-CAV player : I can't get enough archer kills because they always defend themselfs with a pike or a spear.
    TW : Say no more fam, I'll remove that perk from them and make them completly defenseless, just pass by them with a glaive and call it a day.

    MLG2H player : I can't fight 1v1 because those godamn archers keep shooting my ass, and those skirmish guy always throwing stuff at me, I hate it!
    TW : Say no more fam, i'll just make them run super slow, nerf the **** of their bow and crossbows, make it super innacurate.. might as well only give them 3 bolts/arrows since that's how many they will shoot before getting caught and killed (...) f*ck it why not... let me just nerf the **** out of the throwables as well so they will be super hard to land a hit.

    Meanwhile on the captain scene, archers/crossbow become useless, slow and innacurate, can't defend themselfs and it created the rambo cav problem.
    Skirmish unit was useless because the A.I was dumb in the first place, with the nerfed throwing, now they're just ****
    This us vs them mentality has to stop, we all want to have an enjoyable multiplayer, regardless of the game mode.
    Inevertible this happens because it seems TW devs are giving more attention to the Skirmish scene and Captain players always end up getting screwed over with this changes. It has been a lost after lost to the captain mode with every update in this past year, every update ruins a feature that was working and it seems skirmish players seem to be ok with this nerfs and changes.

    I'm saying this out of frustration, because captain is the only mode right now that gives me the sense of being on a large battle, since we don't have battle mode and we can't keep a siege server alive without crashing 5 times in 10 minutes, many of us players are playing this skirmish and captain because we don't have better and it sucks to see it get worse with every update
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    Congrats TW - you killed your own game

    Can't agree more, for someone that's been playing this game since the beta, I feel captain mode was murdered, the faction balancing , the weapon nerfing, the complete destruction of the bow, crossbow and throwables enjoyment overall, removed perks that just create more problems ( removal of the spear and pike from archer/crossbow units facilitated rambo cav ).

    All because the TW leadership is on their quest to make Bannerlord a medieval esports CS.GO and they think the Skimish scene should be on a golden pedestal, they bend the knee to skirmish players demands without testing it properly, if they tested it correctly they would have seen how game breaking some of this updates and nerfing would be.

    The nerfing of the crossbow and bows made this units more slow, inaccurate and irresponsive, same goes for the skirmish units.
    I used to love play archer class but I haven't been able to use them for months, since it only takes 1 rambo cav player and 1 guy with a shield to break my entire unit.

    * Aserai still a joke, underpowered, defenseless , unprotected and outmatched in almost every aspect, The point of the Aserai faction was the ability to be fast and use their skimish units for their advantage, but since the throwing weapons got so badly nerfed the innaccuracy is unreal and the Bot A.I is not the best.

    * Empire was nerfed so badly that they're now a meme, destroyed by every faction , menavs and their legios used to rival vlandia and sturgia infantry, not anymore. Menav got so nerfed that if you put 1 unit of peasants in front of menavs, the peasants will destroy the menavs, not because they're a better unit, but because for the time it takes for the bot to lift his menav and make a full swing the entire unit was wiped out.

    * Battania was the only faction overall that improved but they still got their maces and hammers nerfed like crap, so it made oaths and savages with those perks slow af (Battania cav still a joke).

    * Sturgia feels like the only faction that didn't get affected by all this nerfing but they used to be more powerful and deadly.

    * Vlandia still good but... the peasants and the crossbows are useless now, the sergeants got nerfed and they suck compared to the khuzait spear inf (they have almost the same stats as khuzait spear but they underperform ), the volgiers and the knights are the only real threat.

    * And the finally the power house, Khuzait, the most OP faction right now, and not for the reason you think... (no one is using those horse archers, they suck), they use lancers instead, one rambo lancer with glaive can wipe out 1-2 units of archers/skirmish by himself, can also destroy the entire enemy cav and if his good enough he can wipe out the infantry too.
    Spear infantry and rabble are so good compared all the other factions underperforming infantrys (pls don't nerf them, they're great as they are, fix the other factions to somehow match khuzait).

    I had more fun playing the game during the beta and the first 2 months after release than right now.
    I used to love how shooting the bow and the crossbow felt, it was responsive, fun and easy to use ... the throwing weapons used to feel accurate compared to Warband. People that didn't really use this weapons on Warband started using them since they're easy to use and there was not much skill necessary, right now you have to be legolas to land a shot , and making everything unnecessarily hard, slow and unresponsive will only drive people away.

    And after all this nerfing to the weapons and to the factions, what's really killing the mode is the lack of fixes to the existing problems, also the players are getting bored of playing the same maps over and over.
    But I do believe all this problems will be fixed when the players have their private servers, since they can make their own fixes/nerfing and create new maps.
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    Glitched spot on Xuana and port - Player punishment needed

    The player TerribleRave should also get perma banned from the game, he only joins the game to glitch and waste everyone time.
    His been doing this for months on end, he must have been reported hundreds of times by now, every game he plays the team his on ends up losing since people are fed up with him and just leave the game after reporting him.
    But it seems he never been punished severely, since he always comes back to do it again.

    His steam I.D
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    Banners ever coming?

    For a game called Bannerlord, it sure lacks banners... It's weird because if you went to the SP - Custom Battle , There was one character to choose from that had a banner.
    I don't remember the name, but I think he was from the Aserai culture, if I'm not mistaken, and the character had a sword and a banner , but with this last few updates,that character disappeared for some unknown reason. :???:
    I was under the impression they would eventually add the banners, and that character was just for testing.

    I took a screenshot of this character before it disappeared :
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