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    Rambo-Cav in captain mode

    A tether range for your A.I. units. Move too far away and they automatically set to charge or follow.
    Yes I agree with this one, I heard people say remove the f1+f1 command for cav units, but this one makes more sense.

    Multiplayer mods can't be made until 2022 unless we find an alternative

    The reason Warband lasted until today was because of the amazing modding community, truth be told, delaying mod support and custom server only harms the player base

    Tired of getting banned reacting to teamkillers

    If I recall this right.. this is not the first time you get banned, I remember there was a thread made by you few months ago and the TW admin said you did team kill people according to the ingame logs.

    P.O.G.A.A.H propositions and suggestions list to improve infantry ✂

    I didn't read but i'll give a +1 just because of Ryuuko

    why earrape again...

    By now I lost complete hearing form my left hear

    Basic plains and rolling hills map for Captain mode

    Let me add to this. Larger maps with either more players on each side or larger army sizes. Preferably more players. Thinking like NW commander battles.
    I wish for larger maps with the option of 10 v 10 (or more players) , that would be wonderful

    Bannerlord Online mod

    The most Impressive thing so far besides the coop element, is the fact that the server has over 500+ people on it without any problems and yet you try to have 120 people on a siege server and it crashes.
    Idk how they are doing it but it has my attention, imagine a mod like persistent world with over 500+ people... How epic would it be?

    Bannerlord Online mod

    I downloaded it from modDB, is it secure? My windows defender is blocking the exe :neutral:

    Bannerlord Online mod

    Game devs : Co-op is not possible with the current engine
    Mods: Hold my butter :ROFLMAO:

    I hope this gets well developed and shows the devs with possible, Coop has been a dream of this community for years.
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    Need More Info Game crashes to desktop

    Were you crashed while loading a map? We have some issues with the crash uploader that are being investigated at the moment.
    Yes it looks like it crashes when we are loading into joining the map
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    Need More Info Game crashes to desktop

    Summary: Game has been crashing to desktop with this last update, I have no way to reproduce this, but I know for a fact that everyone that was on my party got their game crashed and sent to their desktop, game just disappears, if you turn the game on again, a pop up with "enable safe mode" will...
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    Vlandian sergeant troop needs some love

    I agree with you, sergeant could do a little more damage, also maces with varyags should also have their damage increased
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    why earrape again...

    Embrace the sound...

    ...Become the sound!
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    Disable Bell sound options

    Change it to some heavy bass drop by Skrillex
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    Ear damage

    Thougths and prayers 🙏
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