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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Question. I am fighting for Sturgia, the prince died so they made me king. 3 of the cities under his name turned purple and are now under a different faction, his old last name. I am guessing he owned those when he died. I am not sure why they left Sturgia and became their own faction but there are no diplomatic options for them on the diplomacy screen, they are just not there.

    At first I thought this was great and would make a whole new faction but since i can't interact with them it's like wasted cities. Is there anyway to interact with the new faction? How would i wage war on them, just attack one of their clan members? Anyone. else seen this?
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    If 1.6.3. comes out can i just keep playing with my 1.6.2 on 1.6.3 with no issues? Usually i start over. Also, has anyone ever been executed? If so, how do i go about making that happen, chopping a bunch of heads off?
  3. Can't move! Help!

    Take off all your clothes
  4. Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    Yeah, my fault i forgot about it because i never clicked on it because it's f.....cking useless.

    Sorry no offense @fanugi
    None taken. I would like it if this question simply let me ask the possible location of someone instead of having to go through the encyclopedia. I think that is what was done in Warband, oh glorious Warband.
  5. how to make companions real

    These are all great ideas, would love to see them implemented. It would be useful as well when proposing to marry someone, kill or bring me x person and i will allow you to marry my daughter. Lot's of room for improvement here, i hope they consider it.
  6. Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    I am Happy over every new feature in the game even if it's only a "Warband" feature. The problem is it won't change the meaningless of the game. The game doesn't lack at war, fighting, sieging and other stuff. It lacks at important things to give you the immersive feeling of a Lord in this times. There is no real interaction with your family members, no diplomacy, no real friendship with other npcs, no real weddings, nothing to do except fighting, no real conversations. At the time it's just a battlefield simulator with some extras, nothing more.
    I have a question....never mind
  7. Why "Focus Fire" Should be a top priority and implemented immediately.

    I think it would be nice to have commands for each group as archers shoot at infantry or infantry attack archers. Of course them following this command would have to do with your level of leadership or tactics. The five guys chasing one deserter during battle is
    Even though I find e1.6.0 a successful patch and clearly see they changed the approach in a good way... I will mostly agree with the above statements, but... mechanics and AI just should not work stupid or that stupid.

    It just looks very stupid (temporary lack of synonyms) watching archers turning their backs to the enemy when moving back or being distracted by one cavalryman. For the sake of realism, I can see 1-2 units being dragged away but not the whole formation. So I'm also hoping they will not spoil it accidentally and do what you suggest as a side effect.

    P.S. They actually did it with the order's ban when enemy forces are retreating. I cannot see any reason for this. Distance? You still can order units from the extreme edges of the map, but not after the enemy is running away. Leave it up to players whether they want to slaughter those voxels or not. :wink:

    P.S.2. I miss those kick-ass Khuzaits who steamrolled the map with their speed bonus. That was a challenge - to stop them. In principle those little faction inequalities are ok. The same way I find Battania 'realistic' without having archer units as base recruitable... instead we get highly trained and relatively hard to obtain juggernaut of some sort - Fian. That in numbers can grind far larger armies. But you have to learn how to play them...

    annoying. Sometimes i find myself killing deserters just so my men can focus on the real fight.
  8. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Do the characteristics such as honest or valor, etc. have any effect on anything? Does it change dialog options or who you have better relations with? My main guy is honest and merciful, does it matter?
  9. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    1.5.10 was working great after new patch today and now it's really choppy. Is this the memory leak issue?
  10. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    I got a haircut at the barber, wow, what a deal. Immersive.
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    What happens to the regular troop prisoners i put in the castle i own? Do they eventually get recruited by the governor of the castle into the militia or garrison? Should i just sell them instead?
  12. Which Cosmetic Changes Would be Important for You?

    I would like to customize my soldiers armor and equipment based on their level and maybe a allocated point system. That way my army would be my army instead of the generic templates. Or even just select from the ones out there.

    Definitely more colors for banners. Even if you could just rotate the current banner logos that would be nice. Also, can we get some banners on the battlefield please?
  13. Please fix/remove death in battle

    Nah this is fine. (/end sarcasm)

    I've been thinking of making a post like this myself. So this is the state of the Southern Empire, the only Kingdom I've joined, as of 1106 in a current playthrough with no reloads. So I haven't really skewed the results in my favor. Also I have not committed any Executions.

    *Note I got one Khuzait Clan to join SE as well as a former Rebel Faction. Also Ira apparently gave her Mom the middle finger and married into the Western Empire (so much for inheritance LOL). A few characters from SE have died of old age, but majority are battlefield deaths.

    Southern Empire (excluding my Clan):







    Now here's Vlandia, a kingdom I've had 0 war interaction with basically. Only deaths are from old age.











    And while yes I do inflict a fair amount of character causalities on neighboring Kingdoms, if the game eventually comes down Vlandia vs. Southern Empire - Vlandia is going to have a huge advantage being able to field way more parties. While I may be able to defeat my neighbors by grinding them down here, in the end, by participating in battles I've effectively handicapped my Kingdom being the Grim Reaper.

    I realize the current battle death rate is going to be knocked down to something like half of what it currently is, but it needs to happen sooner rather then later. Anyone playing now with it enabled is going to have a very skewed save file - which is not helpful for any future testing.

    It is absolutely imperative that deaths be enabled in A.I. battles, otherwise as OP stated, you're going to create real snowballing problems late game - if not outright make the game unplayable.

    Granted the rate should be fairly low - but it's a really bad move to punish the player for actively playing the game. Sure the player enjoys some advantages, but the A.I. has its share of cheats too.

    In all honesty I believe this is so horribly skewed that I should stop playing altogether as none of these saves will be viable for much.

    Nevermind the fact that all Clans will eventually become Tier 6 as is too. There really should be some Renown loss implemented for losing battles. Having every Clan/Character being able to field huge Parties is also going to damage the Late Game experience in its own ways. I realize balancing food production, etc. is difficult but Characters/Clans should be relatively straight-forward. There's no excuse for its current inception, especially when it's been months here already.
    I found the same thing happening in my current play through and usually i quit by now but i want to see how this all works out as far as army power goes. I broke off from the Western Empire to start and I have recruited some nobles to my side and I am actually doing really well in this play through but I need to recruit more nobles all the time. How did you recruit the rebel noble? I can't figure out how to do that and they just run around my map attacking looters. Is there a dialog option i am missing? Then i thought i would attack the towns that are rebelling but it doesnt come up as an option when i get to their town. I go to the diplomacy screen and there is no option to wage war. What am I missing?
  14. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Another solution would be to generate more quest based on the situation on the world map so they alway make sense. Some examples:

    - village has been raided: gather wood, grain, etc to help the villagers rebuild.
    - a village has been raided: get quest to capture the perpetrator, kill the perpetrator, demand retribution or raid 2 of his villages
    - an army is besieging a town: bring grain, fish, etc to the commander
    - an army is besieging a town: get quest to bring a force to the defence of the town
    - a lord has been captured: break him out of prison, pay for his release or capture a relative of the capturer for a prisoner swap
    - a kingdom is at war with a far richer kingdom: get missions to destroy as many caravans as possible
    - a kingdom has lost territory, but is in no position to declare war on the current owner: get mission to a incite rebellion
    - a lord is boosting about his tournament wins: get a quest from a rival to make sure he doesn’t win the next tournament.

    I am not sure if the hideout missions, protect caravan missions and the forced labour missions are generated this way, but that would fit well.
    Nice! This is a solid list of quest ideas. Hoping someone from TW takes note. I like it because it brings what is happening in your particular playthrough into the quests. I was playing the other night and I kept running into the same lord and beating him but our interaction was really no different before battle. I thought that was one thing that made the game Shadow of War cool, I just can't remember the feature name (Rival?).
  15. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Even their forums are broken. I've been playing since release of EA and see recent New Recruit postings of simple suggestions i saw from the start of this with no implementation except by some modders and no comment from TW at all. It's really too bad. The hopeful optimist in me says TW is going to launch a huge, massive immersion filled patch at launch which will blow our minds. I think of the Steve Miller song Take the Money and run when i think of TW.

    This is the 3rd Early Access game I have participated in, DayZ and Solasta are the other 2. TW is somewhere in the middle of those two just lost and floating along with a sack full of money.
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