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    Your Car

    Tibertus said:
    I knew what to look for in my first used car and my first used bike. *shrugs*

    Yep, I mean give it a quick overview...not that hard.
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    The Smokeshack

    Hurrah! I am getting some stuff on Wednesday!
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    Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    Moss said:
    SteamWorkshop really wasn't thought out very well.

    Between the lack of:
    A) Search
    B) Options for alternative installs (Any large scale mod is going to have more than one .esp)
    C) A method to stop people from ticking all the categories, so filtering for "UI Mods" doesn't turn up half a dozen completely unrelated things
    D) Any kind of blurb or information other than "Mod Name, also here's a picture"

    It's a nightmare to navigate. Unless they overhaul the whole thing it's not going to be useful for downloading anything but the top dozen or so rated mods.

    Yep. I stuck to using NMM for this reason. Its much simpler than the workshop because its much easier to install big mods this way.
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    Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    Haha, yeah I thought the mudcrab animations was it and then a ****ing leg does appears out of the water..."Oh...****!!"

    A lot of those things though kinda surprised me how they were not in the game, like the snow footprints. I would not have even noticed that they were not in the game had I not seen that part of the video.
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    Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    I really do not see the point of the Steam Workshop, is it just another alternative to using the Mod Manager...that is what I use and it works great.
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    Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    So this whole Creation Kit thing is really confusing....where do I get it from?
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    USA President?

    Pierce Elliot said:
    Goddamn, the people were campaigning so hard for Ron Paul here in Florida. I mean, as a person, I personally find him to be completely disgusting. As a politicain, I have a healthy enough indifference to him so that I would never care he existed.

    I want to hear your points as  to why you don't like him.

    Just so I hear an opposing view.
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    USA President?

    So....? Its Florida, he wasnt even campaigning there.
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    Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    Wow this is so badass!
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    The Smokeshack

    Gonna be dry for the next week or so until I start saving some money  :sad:
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    The Smokeshack

    **** Yeah! Rebelution is coming to Nashville tomorrow!

    Closer I Get-Rebelution
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    Your Car

    Took a few shots down by a local lake/park area.

    Here is one, I will get others up soon.




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    War Movies

    Feragorn said:
    I'm excited for Red Tails.

    Saw it last night. ****ing awesome movie! I really hope Lucas goes ahead with his plan for a trilogy.
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    Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    Need some help. So I am doing the Thieves Guild storyline now and am at the Nightingale place...already have the armor etc. I need to get past the Pilgrims the **** do you do it? I am confused. I got past like 3 sentinels and then there is this huge room where it saps your do I get past it?
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