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    What do you want from the 1.1 patch?

    more towns and castles scene variety
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    LSP Scenes The Ultimate Scene Pack (5 new Scenes!)

    Great work. Thank you.
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    🗂️ Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    This shouldn't to be misunderstood, Al Mansur has great talent in 3d modelling but they don't fit Vlandia universe. If taleworlds starts to convert castles into motte & baileys or shell keeps then it would be okay for me. The current castle design and 11th century soldier aesthetic are not in...
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    🗂️ Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    I am not a fan of the current knight design nor your early norman helmet design as well. While there are some better alternatives like enclosed helmets(primitive great helms). Those helmets predecessor of great helm, used in the late 12th century among nobility. While there are other...
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    🗂️ Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    You said this, when I presented absence of pot helm without faceplate. I am still against the early Norman look to being a honest. 12th-13th century appeals more people than early Norman design.
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    Modding Inspiration Thread (Brainstorm with me)

    Religion mod in Calradia
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    🗂️ Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    While having 13th century castle architecture(round keeps, bastions, etc.) I considered again, simple kettle hats makes less confusing for people. As you know Carolingian brimmed helmet looks much similar to the 17th century morion. It seems kettle hat could be the best option for sharpshooter...
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    🗂️ Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    Very consistent work for Vlandia @Al_Mansur great job. Can't wait to see the complete redesign.
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    What is your favourite faction and why ?

    Vlandia= Castles and troop architecture Empire= Politics and city architecture Aserai= Camels and bedouins
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    If new cultures were added into Bannerlord, what would you want their strengths/weaknesses to be?

    Something like inquisition or religious fanatics that invade and influence calradia.
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    The new castle is fantastic

    They should use those multiplayer scenes in both singleplayer to save resources.
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    MP Armor replacement mod by [Apolon]

    Good work. Everything seems cool but I suggest long hemp tunic would be better choice for arbelist due to their armor values
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    🗂️ Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    I agree with you, Arbelists due to their armor values (3) and of course you said it was rare in that period, they shouldn't use kettle hat while I'm not against using it on sharpshooter since they are elite unit. Arming cap which I presented above on arbalest will be more appropriate head gear...
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    🗂️ Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    But the game takes place in 11th century, when the castles and feudalism are at their beginning. During Carolingian era, the castles were not exist though. If Carolingian era would be implemented to whole Vlandia, that creates inconsistency in the game. In addition, the current armors of...