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    SP Fantasy The Old World (Warhammer Mod for Bannerlord)

    Impatient for this one because it looks like it's going to be amazing.
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    In Progress Belly Bug

    Roger that.
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    In Progress Belly Bug

    Summary: You claimed you fixed this bug but it still persists and it makes my characters pretty ugly and unplayable aesthetically. I've never used a single mod so it's definitely a native bug. How to Reproduce: Create a Sandbox game and make a female character at the age of 20, try on different...
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    In Progress Big Belly Glitch

    This still isn't resolved, makes my female characters unplayable. I've never downloaded a mod.
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    Almost two months into EA. Satisfied?

    The class system in multiplayer sucks, no fun customisation to be had with it which makes the character creator feel absolutely pointless. Horses are too OP with not enough bonus spear vs horses.

    The single player simply doesn't have enough content to be enjoyable to me yet. Ruling my own Kingdom sucked the last time I played.

    No big juicy conversation modding in sight yet either.
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    Unresolved Cannot start multiplayer mode: Login Failed

    It's a mod thing I think. Don't worry about it.
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    Unresolved Cannot start multiplayer mode: Login Failed

    I think the servers were down due to the large patch, it's back up for me.
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    Unresolved Login issues

    It's fine now, I got back in. Think it was just because of the patch.
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    What do you think about throwing axes?

    Throwing axes do better damage but have less range to them. Javelins have higher accuracy and range but lower damage.
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    Multiplayer is dying a slow death


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    Unresolved Login issues

    Are the servers down? I'm trying to login but it keeps saying 'Login failed'
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    Patch Notes e1.0.10

    Daily patches spoil us so much!

    Indeed. Thank you devs.
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    Patch Notes e1.0.9

    Yes, some items, such as armours, are still missing. Enabling them might cause some compatibility issues with older saves and we want to try and find a way to enable them without breaking those saves first.

    That's kind, thank you.
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    Bows are WAY too accurate.

    They are only accurate while standing still, which makes you also a target for other archers.

    I think this is a very good point.
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