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  1. The World Without US - The U.S.A. in self isolation

    Well TBH I'd still see NATO being the dominant force in the world, with or without America. And we've seen NATO intervening in other countries before, such as the whole Libya fiasco.
  2. High School & Friends

    Honestly just try to be a little bit less cynical towards other people (As hard as that may sound.) and make some new friends. You'd be surprised that some people are a lot less ****ty than you think when you get to know them a bit more.

    I mean it's worth a shot right?
  3. Drunk rape justified?

    If the drunk girl can't remember if she gave consent or not, then it is safe to assume she did.
  4. The Most Interesting Player in NW

    I kill horses with my fists
  5. Swords or Bayonets?

    I'd rather have a bayonet over a sword anyday
  6. What to do with prisoners?

    It'd be cool seeing a team surrender when they faced certain defeat tbh.
  7. Dragoons are getting ridiculous.

    People need to stop QQ'ing about dragoons they have 1 shot in the chamber and have to take 30 seconds to reload, if you're smart you'll just catch them off guard during their reload time.
  8. What Grinds your gears: Napoleonic Wars

    TheAwesomeAce said:
    Fair warning, I'm in a bad mood, so my list is long.

    -Bayonets being OP. (Probably gonna start an argument.)
    -Personal issues with cavalry, especially in CB.
    -The killing of innocent musicians and flag bearers.
    -A part of the community that is basically mindless and sees the enemy as just kills.
    -Did I mention bayonets being OP?

    Please explain more on why this grinds your gears.
  9. North & South: Suggestions

    Not really a suggestion but why are servers so laggy in North and South?
  10. Legend of the Partizani Peasant Charge.

    You should write AAR's
  11. To kill or not to kill Musicians

    So the answer to the OP is to only kill them sometimes? That's what I am gathering.

    And if that is the case - Who decides when and why a musician should be killed?
  12. To kill or not to kill Musicians

    Hello community, You all probably don't know me. My IG name is Gustavson. The reason why I'm writing this thread today is because I am genuinely curious about something that stumps me every time I think about it. Why are people so bent on not killing musicians? I've heard the arguments. They...
  13. Commander battle: Fire volley vs firing at will

    I usually use volleys because it conserves ammo and I have more control over my men and what targets will be shot. However, fire at will has it's advantages. Usually when I'm outnumbered and I don't want my men to die before they can at least pull off a shot.

    A fine tactic I've been using is a Fire and Advance doctrine, where I let off a volley or two and make my men advance 10 paces.
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