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  1. Download link and discussion *PF_1.0 download link here*

    A thing on the pricing of native horses, as the natives traded the horses from the europeans shouldn't they cost just as much as for the colonial horses?
  2. Download link and discussion *PF_1.0 download link here*

    Well, I would say it's rather reasonable for the natives to pop some arrows at travellers 'invading' their land.
  3. [NW][M]Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

    He has a very clear and good point here, alright.
  4. Question for the masses civil war movie

    Why don't you ask some reenactors to help you instead? I'm pretty certain you'd find some interested people.
  5. Thursday Siege Event (EU/NA) - Union Army

    Never mind, seems that I've voted now.
  6. Thursday Siege Event (EU/NA) - Union Army

    Whilst trying to vote I receive an error like this
  7. Rome at War: Show your support to ze mod :D

    These banners sure are delicious, but I prefer the one I'm using already.  :D
  8. Dragoons are getting ridiculous.

    I don't quite see how dragoons are op. (By the way, are these halloween profile pictures automated?)
  9. Offical Saturday Linebattle

    Are pubbers allowed?
  10. [NW][M]Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

    Since I had high hopes for BE and I enjoyed playing it, I've long hoped for it's return and this seems to be it. Many a thanks for making my day! :D
  11. MP Other Custom Swedish sound pack

    This smells awesome!  :D
  12. How famous is the person above you?

    Never seen, but then o'course. Can't claim that I'm especially active on the forums these days
  13. [M] Shot and Shell *Outdated thread*

    Sounds neat, I'll try to keep an eye on it :)
  14. The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    Name: Frans Eberhardt Nationality:Austrian Appearance: A large unkept beard and many a scar from various brawls and fights, wearing a torn and tatter old austrian grenadier uniform. (Without the bearskin hat) Description: Born to rich a farmer, he had a relativly good childhood. However, he was...
  15. How famous is the person above you?

    No idea, never seen ya before.