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    Observations from an old hand

    Some mods in warband found a way to get the best of two worlds, a reason to visit and enjoy the scenes they've created but also not having to run through the same scenes again and again later in the game. The way they've done it is that you could only talk to traders and get to the keep after...
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    WHY is the class system staying?

    just food for thought- i dont want to throw myself in this fruitless discussion but generally speaking people only get vocal about things when they see a reason to complain. A lot of people are motivated to voice their frustrations about the class system because it annoys them, but nobody who...
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    this a great point I hope gets brought up to the team. I think slight inbalanced to the map and factions are fine as long as they are not overwhelming- if it were somehow possible to implement the players switching factions and spawns that would be great
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    This 2 major AI combat path-finding/tracking glitches/issues are ruining SP for me. Combat Instant-Win(1v1)

    I dont need to judge wether your critisim is valid or not- the devs do. Honestly the work you put into it is commendable and the contents of it are helpful bug reports and suggestions. But the way we as humans work, you, me, the devs, anyone, is that when someone tells them they did something...
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    This 2 major AI combat path-finding/tracking glitches/issues are ruining SP for me. Combat Instant-Win(1v1)

    While feeling annoyed or being salty is valid, it invalidates what you say by a fair bit. The reason behind constructive critisism being extremly important is that we as humans dont take critisism well if its bound to expressions of anger, annoyance or disregard for work being done. I dont mean...
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    Custom Titles

    I'd love for mine to be readded too;u=168274
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    HEy guys im new to facxebook :))))))

    HEy guys im new to facxebook :))))))
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    [MP Discussion] Bannerlord Release Date - March 2020

    I have confidence that the people that made warband, a game that in many ways shaped my teens, are going to make a good game. And id rather have early access than an unfinished project.  :party: :party:
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    you need to join a WBMM server in warband once so they get your ID. Can be any afaik, just look for a WBMM_EU/NA_ server, join it once and it should work.
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    I think it would be good to implement automatic server messages for new players that are wondering why they cant join and play. I'd also suggest adding the information on how to register to play in the "Show game rules" info-box. Maybe there is also a way to add Links to tutorials and equipment...
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    [WIS] Free Agents

    You can remove me  :idea:
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    [WIS] Free Agents

    Name: Fabio Nationality: German Preferred Class: Cav/Archer Past Teams: swadia, german nc team, ccc Taleworlds: faebio Steam: faebio
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    [WNL7] Division C - Week 8 | Deadline: 29/04

    Night 0 - 12 CCC took place on GER 5 gg and thanks for playing on the weekend
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    [WNL7] Division C - Week 8 | Deadline: 29/04

    Match has been rescheduled to Saturday 4th 20:30 bst