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  1. How to add retextures?

    Ah ok then, for that you don't use the TPac tool. You use the Bannerlord modding tools (you can download them via Steam).

    After launching the Bannerlord modding tools, go to file -> Create New Model and name it something. Then restart the modding tools (no need to save anything) and make sure only your mod is selected. Then open the resource browser (this button), go to your mod folder there, then assets and right-click and choose "Import new access". Then import the file you want to put into the game. If the name is the same as the vanilla one it should overwrite as long as your mod comes later in the loading order.

    If you have any trouble using the tools to create the module/using asset browser, check this tutorial at minute 5:50. It covers it pretty well.
  2. TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    Whenever I try to export a vanilla texture in the TTPac I get a "Cannot preview nor export this texture because its data are stored in the external TileSets file" message and I cannot export it.

    Is this supposed to happen, and if so is there any other way I can export the texture?
  3. How to add retextures?


    Im wanting to add some retextures for things in bannerlord (just simple stuff like change underwear colour, add different patterns for tunics, etc).

    Im able to open and view the textures and export them and then edit them in gimp. But i cant figure out how to replace the texture in the tpac file... Iv seen alot of retexture mods so im sure someone will know how to do it :smile:
    I'm not 100% sure but if it's not accepting a replacement you can always save it with the same name as the vanilla asset on your own module and it should override.
  4. SP Fantasy The Old World (Warhammer Mod for Bannerlord)

    Looks amazing so far. Didn't know anything like this was in development already.

    One thing that puzzles me, how did you get custom models like dwarves/grave guards to work with animations? Right now if you import a model with animation into the mod tools the animation is gone.
  5. BL 2D Art Importing and using own textures

    Noob question here, can you import and use your own textures with the modding tools in the same way that you can do with models? And if so, does that also work for normal maps?
  6. BL Coding XML Error - adding custom items

    You're welcome. I've done my fair share of coding and learned the hard way that sometimes it's the small details.
  7. BL 3D Art Animation gone after exporting model

    I'm working on a buttering ram mod since I really like Swadian siege weaponry and everything was going buttery smooth until the point where it actually started ramming things. The animation is gone as you can see in the video here. When I exported the model as .dae and opened in Maya there...
  8. BL Coding XML Error - adding custom items

    I'm not an expert so this might not be it, but from what I see it could be that your code has <Pieces id instead of <Piece id

    <Pieces> and </Pieces> are used to define the list of crafting pieces used on the item, but for individual ones it has to be <Piece id= not <Pieces id=
  9. Unable to use Simulation Meshes for the Modding Kit

    Normally you get this error when you're trying to overwrite something from the vanilla game. Shouldn't be the same for already existing mods but either way try exporting the model, create a new module and import it there. Then see if it lets you save over it.
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