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  1. In Progress Two handed polearm couching bug BETA 1.6.1

    hay so i would like to make a fallow up post to this one that fallows the same lines, the problem i encountered above persists to 1.6.2 beta and ive done some testing of my own. i used cheats to see the full inventory of the game and looked and noticed that no a single generic two handed polearm had the couched lance property, meaning ether it was |two handed| no couch or |one handed| |two handed| |couch lance|. meaning with generic items given in the game the problem i ran into would never happen. the only way to do this was through crafting, some shafts would give it the |one handed| |two handed| Couched lance| properties, and some heads require two hands, thus removing the |one handed| property (such heads as the Warrazor head does this). what this does it it makes a exclusively |two handed| weapon with the |couched lance| ability, a combination that doesn't exist in the game normally. i think that due to this being the only way to get those two properties together and alone, it interferes with the way couched lance was programed to work and the game gets confused. i will be sending in a new save file (i suspect i sent in the wrong one) alone with this post. hopefully this helps.
  2. Need More Info unable to load save (Beta 1.6.1)

    i no longer have access to the save file that was crashing, foolish me played a different campaign save i had and the auto save that was crashing was overwritten. sorry for the trouble i did send in a few crash reports when it happened but i dont have the crash id or anything so im not much help.
  3. Need More Info unable to load save (Beta 1.6.1)

    Summary: so basically i cant load my save. whenever i hit continue campaign or load the last save (auto save cuz it crashed last time i played) it crashes after going to the loading screen. every time i try it crashes. might have something to do with where it auto saved an it cant load something...
  4. easier clan parties

    ive run into some mild annoyance trying to get my family members off their butt and campaigning. when you go to the clan page and parties you can start a new party but the choices for family members who are just sitting in towns is always "the hero is busy". Generally this means they are...
  5. In Progress Two handed polearm couching bug BETA 1.6.1

    Summary: I crafted a two handed polearm with the two handed and couch abilities and when i load into a battle and try to couch with it it forces me to swap to only my shield when i press X. if i swap to my sword and shield and put my shield away it works fine, so if i have a shield active the...
  6. Need More Info Misc issues (1.6 BETA)

    ait how and where would you like the save file?
  7. Need More Info Misc issues (1.6 BETA)

    Ive got a few bugs and things id like to report. a few things to keep in mind, this is a save that was loaded from 1.5 to the beta, and i made a faction through the bannerlord quest, but got board so i left it as soon as i loaded it into 1.6 1) Summary: i dont know if this is actually affecting...
  8. Resolved In e1.5.8 Beta, Inventory, trade and party menu buttons images keep loading forever.

    yall probably already know this, but i have noticed that the bug only happens after you hit trade at a town, so if you load in and hit party/inv they load fine, but once you hit trade any menu loses its images
  9. Need More Info 1.5.8 Glitches

    Edit: along side report 2 i have since noticed that some troops are going into battle with their hands open, and i have more vidoes of more troops having things disappear at some distance. also various horse archer troops that were holding bows/arrows when battle ends and they begin cheering still hold the arrows and it looks funny

    how to recrate: enter into a battle and look at the troops the way the videos do


    1) troops with open hands:

    2) shields dissappearing:

    3) archers with arrows while cheering:
  10. Need More Info 1.5.8 Glitches

    yes i made a save right in front of a village.

    overall quality is set to low but i removed the corpses (so it was 1 and is 0)
    i also turned forced vsync in menus off
  11. Need More Info 1.5.8 Glitches

    i have run across 2 glitches while playing that i havent seen anyone else report. the first is a major glitch with raiding, the second is a visual glitch. 1) while trying to raid a village for the first time in 1.5.8 it would sometimes say that we were no longer enemies, implying that we have...
  12. Failed raid and other issues (1.5.8)

    thanks, the main reason i wanted to post here first was to get feedback on what had been reported. when i can put footage ill do a report
    Great observations, the first 3 are major issues I've run into as well.

    The raid issue is something I havent experienced, you may want to create a more detailed bug report for that one on the tech forum here (the others have been reported I believe)
  13. Failed raid and other issues (1.5.8)

    so ive sunk a embarrassing amount of hours into this game and have found my fair share of exploits and glitches most of which i dont know if they are general or specific to leading the Kuzaits. i dont exactly have the time to find and read every post on here so if i list some that are known...
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