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    One Year Anniversary Recap

    Yes, there are lots of new stuff that have been delivered for the last year but the core combat still sucks as it was a year ago. Unresponsive, inconsistent, bla-bla you hear this since closed multiplayer beta.

    During summer, you had closed test sessions with your competitive players who provided feedback regarding combat. Why you stopped doing this?
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    In Progress [1.5.4] Brother is not displayed in the inventory screen

    After the rescue your family quest (Family matters or something) you get adult brother and two infants brother and sister. You may take your adult brother to the party but he is not displayed for selection in the inventory screen. When in Tavern the brother has a yellow exclamation mark (same...
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    Spear review and spear mechanic proposal/suggestion

    There's no difference between 2H and 1h+shield modes. Weapon stats of these 2 modes is a lie since closed beta

    In Warband in 2H mode you get side swing, which can reliably hit or stun in very close distance
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    e.1.4.2. striking while bending down does not work (bug?)

    Thanks for the info! @Kripaz

    @NIN3 It was a nice trick which I learned from you during CBT. It was rarely effective except against cav but was fun to do (regardless higher risk to get hit in the head :smile:).
    Hopefully you could return it back in a bugless way
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    e.1.4.2. striking while bending down does not work (bug?)

    It is not possible anymore to sit down before stike animation is finished. It was not the case before the last update (or previous to the last one). It was a nice move to decrease chance of being hit while trading hits with cavalry for example, but not any more. Was it intentionally removed?
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Ok so, I talked to the team and here is how it is gonna go.

    We are going to release another post soon, similar to the original post of this thread, detailing plans for this month and what is being worked on. We will be making those posts probably once every month, no promises but that is the intention.
    I will be in the threads to discuss and answer questions.

    How does that sound?

    Sounds good, but board with roadmap is more clear and easier to follow then posts.
    Just an example:
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    thanks for the communication
    it would be cool to have some kind of a trello board with brief description of each feature.
    For example a dev board from other game:
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    Everything wrong with kicking

    How many weapons have 90 spd?

    Lots of them. 1h swords, maces, axes, spears, javs have 85+ speed
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    Everything wrong with kicking

    kick has enough stun time currently to land a hit with 85-90 speed weapon, no need to increase further kick stun and make it OP.
    Just practice and learn timing
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    Everything wrong with kicking

    Honestly I dont see a point of kicking in bannerlord. In warband it was a move than when executed properly would most of the times grant you a hit but if you missed it you could be hit easily.

    kick+hit in BL works a bit differently but also "when executed properly would most of the times grant you a hit".
    In addition, BL kick is much quicker and is easier to land. Also, after BL kick you recover much faster, so it is far less risky than in Warband.

    Just take any weapon with speed around 90 and practice timing. You may also practice it in the single player arena. Timing skill is more forgiving there but the technique to learn it is the same.
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    Open letter to the developers

    @Callum @armagan

    Please don't punishing quiting from skirmish now!
    You will make life of both clans and long wolfs even harder.

    You may implement punishing for quiting only after giving us possibility to run private servers(to organize competitive matches) and splitting premades from sole players in quick-play matchmaking.
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    Bannerlord's camera system needs major improvements


    I like Warband camera view much more
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    e.1.0.x cavalry vs spearman

    There are quite a number of posts about cavalry vs infantry balance already and zero feedback from devs on this matter. I just remind that this issue appeared with 0.8.x beta patches At least, increase mount...
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    new multiplayer modes

    Just duel, battle modes and private servers first pretty please
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    Unresolved Mount&Blade II: How to add a multiplayer profile for NVidia GPU´s for maximum performance (temporary FIX)

    My rig is i7-7700k, gtx1080, RAM16 (2.4k) and I play on almost everything minimum full HD and during sieges I have 95 fps average (60 min, 130 max)
    Both GPU and CPU load up to 65-70 max. No bottleneck here

    My friend can run sieges with constant 145 fps at very high full HD settings with similar rig except that his CPU 4790k is older.
    How is that?

    Looks like poor optimization issue. The game does not load CPU and GPU at their maximum
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