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    Help With Late Game, Questions

    That's a problem?
    When you can't get any of the cities because they are clamoring for peace too soon isn't that an issue?
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    Help With Late Game, Questions

    Uh...? The point isn't to make money or friends, the point is to weaken the other faction. Battania specifically because they are uniquely vulnerable to raids.
    The biggest problem here is that Raids have a ridiculously oversizerd influence on warscore and they are more likely to offer great peace terms before you can take the town.
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    Does the AI consider what Fiefs you own when calculating war declaration?

    I do know that sharing a border with them increases the chance of having them declare war and I would assume that owning a fief of their culture would definitely increase their chance to declare a war on you.
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    Breakable pikes/lances!

    I would see a lance breaking much like throwing all the javelins and it would just skip over that slot as though it is empty and you would get the lance back at the start of the next battle.
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    Long Playthrough Mule/Sumpter Horse Populations

    we are already looking at the over abundance of various good especially in later stages in the game. Though the problem probably rises from over production of burden animals as well as herding penalty being too resrictive for caravans to move animals around especially mules sumpters and camel considering their low profit margins
    Low profit margins? You can buy them for 28 Denars and sell them for upwards of 200 a few towns over.
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    Long Playthrough Mule/Sumpter Horse Populations

    Hypothesis :

    Maybe the "breeder" perk on NPC. They moved a lot on the map, gained riding points, 50% chance to get "breeder" perk which affect mules.
    Caravans have lots of mules and armies may have some ? so the production of those would be growing overtime and ends up in the market.

    Where the war horse/horse are consumed (both by the market demand and by upgrade/losses) mules & sumpter horses are just sold. And their demand on market is 7 time lower than war horse/horses.
    I see this, but you would assume that the mule/sumpter horse market would move the animals from a place of high supply to a place woth a low supply. There are markets with 0 pack animals at all. I'm just baffled by it.
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    Long Playthrough Mule/Sumpter Horse Populations

    I was around 11 or 12 years into a playthrough after the 1.64 Beta came out and I started to notice a lot of Mules and relatively few actual "you can use this to upgrade your mounted troops" horses. Hubyar has almost 1200 mules for sale. Iyakis 300 Sumpter Horses, 220 Mules Askar 418...
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    Both in finals...

    So you just admitted to beating your wife in front of a large cadre of witnesses?
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    Attacking an Army Sieging

    When you start the attack, they sally out hoping to take advantage of the largest numbers available to them
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    An idea and poll about Traits.

    As it currently stands, in character creation the most valuable choice in any of the pages is "Treated people well" because it gives you three positive traits right off the bat. It's really weird that none of the other choices give you more than one on that page. That one choice saves you an unthinkable amount of grinding to unlock those traits. I think in all of my playthroughs I have only ever unlocked one trait I didn't start with and that was Daring while solo trading in a game where I kept being attacked by looters.
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    Caravans need serious help in 1.6.3 (Dear Devs)

    I guess, as far as understood, they should give trading xp to both the caravan leading companion and the operator, who is the player.
    That given, I would argue, it's ok to have them kinda expensive as you train you character as well as companions by operating caravans.
    Right now, as the trade xp are not granted, from what I can tell, I would strengthen they are
    far away from being balanced. STILL they already train companions in steward, scouting, leadership, tactics. Add trade xp for the player... I'd be fine with the costs, as I feel it would be kinda in balance.
    Just my personal thoughts :smile:
    They don't do steward. In over 500 hours of gameplay I have never seen a companion gain Steward XP from a caravan.
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    Resolved 1.63 Paid in Promise/Giving Hands

    I've figured out the issue: some of the items specifically hammers and some of the shields lack a donation XP value




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    Resolved 1.63 Paid in Promise/Giving Hands

    Summary: Paid in Promise stops working if you also take Giving Hands How to Reproduce: With both Paid in Promise and Giving Hands selected, defeat and enemy party and leave weapons and armor. The tooltip over the weapons still shows xp value, the armor does not. Have you used cheats and if so...
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    The skill is badly done precisely because it intervenes in a field that is not his own.

    -Should be used for some skill related to silent movement (crouch)
    - should be related to the speed of movement when crouched
    -should be linked to the ability to jump smoothly and without decomposition.
    - it should be related to the ability to climb.
    -should be related to the ability to pick locks
    - it should be linked to the ability to sabotage mechanisms
    - it should be related to the ability to have gangs intervene during a siege, or perhaps to convince them to sabotage the doors.
    - and much more that I'm not writing about.

    All to insert mechanics of:
    - stealth and intrusion
    - murder
    - lock picking
    - sabotage (in first person)
    - ability to control the gangs and make them perform certain actions (sabotage during the siege or intervention during the assault on the walls).

    This is supposed to be roguery, not loot.
    It seems like you are just trying to shoehorn stealth mechanics into an army building and management game. This would end up making there be very few poorly implemented stealth missions that do not improve the game. I don't doubt that you think these would be an improvement but I do not see their usefulness being better than Roguery is right now because it takes the skill completely outside of the main gameplay loop of: fighting, looting, capturing enemies and selling the loot and captured enemies to fund more fighting. At least right now it has some bearing and a small impact on the main gameplay loop. I just want it to level up based on selling your loot, or at least let the loot level up trade at a reduced rate.
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    with 150+ Roguery i usually get less than 7% chance to enter an enemy city (to rescue a prisoner for example) so, don't really know whats the real point on using Roguery in its actual state.
    The point of Roguery us to improve the quality and quantity of the loot you get after battles. But the game does a very poor job of explaining it.
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