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    WRL Stream - Final

    eyy you found it mate
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    Next tournament nation-based?

    honestly people get bored of these very quickly and stop playing. i guess it's only fine if it's just a minor tournament going on at the same time with another major tournament.
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    Next tournament nation-based?

    8v8 team tournament
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    3v3 Groupfighting Tournament (€99 Prize)

    can we continue with teh tournament? xD
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    [WRL] General Discussion

    gang gang driveby ****
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    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    yeah guys i have very bed pc im very sorry i try to fix my pc but it always shut down when i have bed team (???) but i dont dodge on purpose i just try to fix my pc 😡
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    [WRL] Statistics

    thanks for stats xD
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    [WRL] Team Rosters

    rename me to waveuser please
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    [WRL] Division A - Week 1

    offensive name xdddd
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    Shema video thread

    hey just found your channel :) lol. do u have clan in banner lord? i would like to recruit you and what777
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    Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    yes, they promised not to cheat again