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    Shema video thread

    lol. whats your sens for group fight? 🤷‍♀️
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    Shema video thread

    Do you play TG_Arena?
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    Nations Cup or Fantasy League?

    I dont get why everybody feels the need to talk **** about this
    As long as somebody is willing to organize tournaments for this quite ungrateful community, people should be fine with whatever they get...
    And if you really want one special type of tournament, go ahead and organize it!
    you may not realize it but this is a feedback thread and people are giving their feedback.
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    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    Your nickname: Noelly
    Server & Time (if possible): I don't know
    A short description of the situation: Allegations of cheating have about me, But I've been proven not to be, I ate ban in Mercenaries mode.I've proven my innocence, my ban has opened up
    For how long were you banned?: Permanently.
    Who banned you?: I've no idea.
    What rules did you break?: Most likely, the event I mentioned.
    Why should we unban you?:I'm playing to spend time with my Clan friends, and I'd appreciate it if my ban opened up.
    you ATE a ban?
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    Nations Cup or Fantasy League?

    Honestly this poll was just confusing. Out of the 105 voters, 47 voted for a clan tournament, be it 8v8 or 6v6, WNL, WSC or NPL. At the same time 29 people voted for a fantasy league and 27 people voted for a nations cup, be it 8v8 or 6v6. To me it looks like the majority is still more interested in playing regular clan tournaments, however for some reason someone thought it was a good idea to have options like WNL 8v8, WSC 8v8 and NPL 8v8 in the same poll, when in reality they are all just clan tournaments.

    Feels like if you want to have a lame tournament with 2 good teams and a big chunk of the community not playing, you should go for NC, if you want a tournament which will most likely not finish, you should go for Fantasy league, and if you want a tournament which most of the community is interested in then you should go for a regular clan tournament.
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    [WRC] Congratulations and Thank Yous

    ty for tourney, grats to all the winners 👏
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    [WRC] Final & Third Place Match - Champions

    deserved win boys, sick match
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    [WRC] Knockouts - Champions (Semi Finals II)

    They still have a 2nd semifinal XD
    Oh with malta XD i wonder who's gonna win this one XD
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    [WRC] Knockouts - Champions (Semi Finals II)

    Anyone streaming finals between oida and gorgonites? Its next week
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    [WRC] Statistics

    thanks for great stats yami and thanks for great icons sota
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    [WRC] Division A - Week 5

    OIDA 12-2 carnage gaming
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    i can't believe he was cheating all this time
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