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  1. Resolved When sorting by type inventory, it is not sorted properly anymore

    Thanks, that was game-breaking for me :smile:.
  2. Resolved When sorting by type inventory, it is not sorted properly anymore

    I confirm. Tested without any mod to be sure.
    It seems that there was before a general "sort by price" rule that was active even when we were sorting items by type : that way, expensive items (higher tier) were below each type of item when they were sorted "by type".
    Now the "sort by type" show items in no logical order (except their type), making useful research of the best armor part available somewhere very difficult.
  3. Rise of Nations?

    I tried to found my own kingdom by capturing a town, and I can confirm that the colour of the "personal kingdom" is red (on a game started with alpha 1, and patched to alpha 1.1). I Didn't find much problems but one, that compromize your kingdom existence : the player hasn't the "King" status. He rules, yes, but has a "relationship" to his own kingdom -I was asked if I wanted to help some of my villagers'party against ennemies, and got bonus to my relationship to my kingdom after that- , and has no bonus to the party size, nor morale. Those two (I was playing as a mercenary before, with renown and no ranks) prevent me to try this again at that time.

    I haven't tried to found a kingdom with the diplomacy mod since a long time, so I don't know if those issues are from "vanilla diplomacy mod" or an error (like if we are getting the creation of a "kingdom of friends" and not founding our own one as expected).
  4. Bug Reports - E1200 Warband (solution to crashes in first post)

    Thanks for your attention. In my case, the village is Vannes (near Rennes, in France). I think the village was being looted when I got this quest, or was freshly looted (still in flames), cause I had to wait several days before entering in it. There are some ruins, stairs, etc., but I've looked for the contact everywhere, by night and day, just after the quest and a second time 100 days later.
  5. Bug Reports - E1200 Warband (solution to crashes in first post)

    MihailoSRB said:
    orome said:
    I already earlier done quest 'Reveal assassination plot' but now after this http://www.dodaj.rs/f/3/1M/3v44QGqh/mb4.jpg when I click left mouse button nothing happens, I tried several times.
    I personally never had troubles with Assasin-quest, but it seems to be often unstable.
    I had trouble myself with this quest. The village my contact was supposed to be in was recently looted. And I can't find him, even after long times searching him in it (by night and day, looking behind each tree and house).

    By the way, if anyone konws how to reset this quest in a current game... :oops:

    (same problem here : http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,183018.0.html)
  6. Bug Reports - E1200 Warband (solution to crashes in first post)

    Yourself said:
    The upgrade system for companions seems a bit buggy. My companions only upgrade their torso armor and those companions I equipped with crossbows throw their bolts away everytime I tell them to choose equipment from the item pool (each is set to equip bolts in the slot they have them in).
    For the "bolt" bug, it seems to only appear when there are "-1 damage value" bolts in the item pool. Place them in your inventory before letting your companiopns auto-upgrade and they will correctly upgrade their bolts.
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