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    [Beast#4] Division B Weekly Match Results

    Divitiarum Ordo 4 (12) - (2) 0 High Five



    GG WP
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    [Beast#4] Division B Weekly Match Results

    Divitiarum 4(12) - (4)0 Vineyard Workers





    We had server crash during second set. Both team agreed to continue second set with score from crashed match. We informed administration about this situation. I posted two screenshots of second set, score is summing up to 3-2.
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    [Beast#4] Division B Weekly Match Results

    Divitiarum Ordo [Div] 4(12) - 0(3) Defensores Fidei [DoF]



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    BEAST Predictions - Entries Closed

    Div A Winners: Risen Manifest
    Div A Relegation: Men of Borr
    Div A Most Kills: DragonKing

    Div B Winners: Divitiarum Ordo
    Div B Relegation: Wicked Tavern Fanatics
    Div B Most Kills: StalkeR

    Div C Winners: Deutschritter Luxuria
    Div C Relegation: Black Team
    Div C Most Kills: Angustia

    Div D Winners: Apis Europae
    Div D Relegation: Gods of War
    Div D Most Kills: dopey
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    [BEAST#4] Suggestions

    To make the tournament successful I want to warn the administration from predicting the performance of new teams. Good players don't make a good team right away, but good teamplay and good communication. You are trying to predict the level of performance of new teams, but are you able to predict whether such new teams will disband after one or two weeks? (Just remind yourself Unity - one of the best Warband clans playing Bannerlord worse than avarage clan from div C) And then we have an obvious problem during the tournament when a team falls apart. I'm not talking about current situation because SGM is definetly very good team but this might come as a future problem.
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    Beast #4 class restriction vote

    Clan/Team: Divitiarum Ordo
    Do you want to impose a class restriction? No
    If a class restriction is imposed, which restriction do you prefer? 3

    Clan/Team: Divitiarum Chao
    Do you want to impose a class restriction? No
    If a class restriction is imposed, which restriction do you prefer? 3
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    EU Skirmish In-progress Beast #4 Sign up thread.

    Team Name: Divitiarum Ordo
    Team Tag: [Div]
    Contact 1:
    Enter (
    Taleworlds & Steam)
    Contact 2: DonNeto (
    Taleworlds & Steam)
    Contact 3: Longinus (

    Team Name: Divitiarum Chao
    Team Tag: [Div][Chao]
    Contact 1:
    DonNeto (Taleworlds &
    Contact 2: Blackkit (
    Contact 3: Twiniu (
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    [SGM] Simia Gentem

    Another clan with latin name. I like it. Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur - Everything said in Latin, seems deep.
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    Disccusion about the current position of Infantry

    I will tell you how most of heavy infantry vs heavy archer duels looks like. 3 of 5 heavy archers (only sturgia doesn't have heavy archers) have two handed weapons. When archer is skillful he can easily make perfect block and create situation where slow infantry player have to block hits because he got stun and he can't repeat attack. Slow movement of infantry, especially during blocking with shield, is giving oportunity to archer to make kickslah or to spam with attacks inf player. Two handed wepons are giving chance to kill heavy infantry in 2 hits. And here we go. This is why archers are better than infantry. While in Warband archers didn't have acces to good melee weapons and they were getting items from drops from infantry now in Bannerlord archers have best melee weapons, same movement speed as infantry and obviously ranged weapon. Infantry is bad in everything. It's because other units have same statistics and same or even better melee weapons. Previously heavy infantry had throwing weapons which other units didn't have. Now infantry have slow movement speed so they can't catch archers and useless spears against cavalry.
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    [BEAST#3] Streams and VoDs

    Here is some nice footage from match Divitiarum vs VW. On the video you can see perspective of DonNeto - main cavalry of Divitiarum. I hope you will enjoy.

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    [BEAST#3] Suggestions

    our training match against Div wasn't hard
    The results of a training match do not represent the strength of two teams, and you cannot use it to argue your place in divisions. Also we gave chance to play our players from second squad.
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    [BEAST#3] Divison B Weekly Match Results

    Divitiarum 2 (9) - 2 (6) VW




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    [BEAST#3] Divison B Weekly Match Results

    Divitiarum vs VW 09.01.2021 at 20 CET (19 GMT)
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    [BEAST#3] Divison B Weekly Match Results

    Divitiarum 4 (12) - 0 (0) Royaume de Cintra (Default)

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    [BEAST#3] Divison B Weekly Match Results

    Divitiarum 4 (12) - (1) 0 Hawkband




    In the first round of first spawn one of HAWK player crashed or lost connection. We offered reset, but HAWK rejected. Player "War Disciple" joined HAWK's team and played one round in that match. In the third round of last spawn one of HAWK players crashed or lost connection.

    GG WP
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