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  1. How much time do you think Bannerlord will be in EA?

    I think it will be around a year, but I don't think the full release will even be close to what people were hoping for.
  2. I simply don't want to play the game and that's sad.

    I haven't played since mid April because the game felt very empty and repetitive. I still check the forums for news every now and then but so far I've been mostly disappointed with the development progress.
  3. Has anyone completed the main quest?

    how do you form a kingdom without completing this main quest ? like why im forced again? to complete it so i can have a kingdom? make it optional this quest line is complete boring clownfiesta.
    Kingdom creation is part of the main quest. After forming your kingdom (or joining one of the others), the next quest is to defeat every faction in the game (they surrender when they have lost a certain amount of land). After that you are done with the main quest.
  4. Has anyone completed the main quest?

    You get a pop-up saying you won and then it continues like nothing happened. If you talk to the quest giver for the quest they tell you "You're not supposed to see this" or something like that (can't remember exactly).
  5. Did You Know that the Main Quest Can 'Time Out'? I think this should be changed.

    IIRC only the initial quest has a timer now, after that you're free to do as you wish.
    I think the timer stops when you choose a side to support. Problem with that is that the conspiracy timer starts ticking and when that finishes, all empire or non-empire factions become allies and declare war on your faction. So there is still a time limit sort of. Correct me if I'm wrong though since I haven't played the main quest since the change.
  6. Should Recruits be Buffed?

    I just think the recruits look incredibly silly with their colored shirts and swords. I would like them to have spears and a crappy shield or something like that.
  7. TaleWorlds - Need Ironman mode

    At the moment the game is a little too unstable for me to play ironman, but the option existed in Warband so I see no reason not to add it.
  8. (Vote included) New update and the caravan remains 30. And it was claimed it get supported

    There should be no cap, atleast it should be able to handle the party cap of the companion in charge. Adding units to the caravan should make it slower and more expensive, this should be enough of a drawback.
  9. The dev is beating around the bush

    Hopefully they have people working on the major features alongside the other patches.
  10. AI on challenging and he sucks

    It's better then in the Warband.
    For me the AI is currently way worse than Warband. They barely block at all and there are more ways to cheese them compared to Warband.
  11. Patch Notes e1.1.1 & Beta Hotfix

    Combat AI is improved slightly but still very bad, even on challenging difficulty. Some units block when they have a shield but it's very rare, even for top-tier infantry, to block with a weapon.
  12. What happened to the competent ai they showed off in this video from a dev blog about the ai melee combat overhaul?

    Well they said they are working on it so all we can do is wait for whatever fix they come up with and see if it is sufficient. Difficulty options don't seem to do anything right now but hopefully the "challenging" option is supposed to be similar to that old video after they fix it.
  13. Main quest epilogue

    I think they mean the small pop-up saying "Victory" after you complete the quest. I don't think there is anything more to it. I talked to the quest giver after uniting the empire and all she said was "You aren't supposed to see this" or something like that.
  14. Patch Notes e1.1.0

    No fix for the broken combat AI?
  15. The armours are way too weak

    I agree. Even the best armor feels very weak.
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