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  1. What are your tactics?

    I set my Gunners in to two separate groups, and use a leapfrog rolling retreat where the second groups gives constant covering fire for the closer rank.  It decimates any army that isn't fielding a large amount of cavalry.  When facing cavalry I just make a point to start the engagement from the top of a hill and proceed with my rolling retreats from there.  Sorry churchboys, but your heavy armor won't save you if you never catch me.  Same with you silly pikemen.  Also I like to set the two forces up so that one flanks the shield users, speeds things up and all I need are first level recruits to take out top tier units of theirs.
  2. [B] TEatRC Warband 1.134

    I believe I was playing as a respawned bot at the time so that probbably explains that then. 
  3. [B] TEatRC Warband 1.134

    Also when playing online, picking up a nomad bow from a dead enemy as a soldier from the Halamar Union caused the game to crash... well more accurately picking up the bow, and a quiver of arrows and trying to shoot an arrow caused the game to crash. 
  4. [B] TEatRC Warband 1.134

    Diavolo said:
    Is it possible to "host" a server when sleeping or being at school etc by just staying in game being afk? That way it could be possible that there was a TEARC "server" for people to play on. Its not requred that one has the steam anti cheat thing right? (I dont have the steam version)

    I don't have the steam version either, but since we're both on, would you like to shoot up a server and I'll join you on it, I'm on a laptop so I'm not sure if I would be the best host. 
  5. [B] TEatRC Warband 1.134

    Ok... someone needs to put up a dedicated server for this module...  I played just a little bit with the multiplayer and it was the most fun I've had in warband multiplayer ever.  Unfortunatly I only have the one computer or I'd keep the server up myself. So so so much fun though. 
  6. SP Fantasy [WB] Diablo 2 - Gotta hack'n slash'em all

    If you actually make this happen I'll be so happy.  I've been wanting one of these since I came across mount and blade. 
  7. New Spears for nords in Mulitplayer

    Nords don't use spears to stop charging horsemen, we use heavy throwing axes!
  8. How much would you pay for the original animations?

    Oh I'd also say that as a fencer, fencing techniques are next to useless if you are using any kind of weapon or armor not designed for that style of fighting.  Broadsword and shield will have a different shoulder set, footwork, etc... than epee; not to mention wearing heavy armor.

    Like I said the only change visually I would appreciate would be a change in the one handed no shield lunge and a change in shoulder positioning when wielding a 1 hander and no shield. 
  9. How much would you pay for the original animations?

    Other than the lunge animation most are ok.  The swings are all a bit too wide (fellow fencer) and the footwork of the model is horrible,but aside from these the new animations are as good as one could expect from this style of game.

    If I could change one thing I would have the model turn with their sword arm forward when wielding a 1 handed weapon and no shield, also a change in posture when doing so to reflect that style of fighting, it doesn't make much sense to have one's unarmed hand advanced so much. 

    Then again I don't much mind since this isn't a true fighting sim, it's a game. 
  10. great hope for 1.105.

    The multiplayer servers are updated but the patch isn't uploaded to the download site yet.
  11. Singleplayer Co-op mode?

    The most feasible way to initially do this would be to set up  a system where someone could take over one of the companions for the time of the battle.  Essentially you would play your character and I would mind control Firentus for the course of the battle. 
  12. [PRT] Paladins of the Round Table

    I may just decide to join up with the lot of you.

    I'm adequate at melee sufficient at ranged, and pretty darn good at being at the right place at the right time (i.e. positioning). 

    I have a moderatly busy schedual but I can shift things around.

    Anyway if you are interested send me a Pm. 
  13. Multiplayer Archers: Nothing but annoying?

    All I'm hearing is, "Derp derp, I picked rock, how dare you pick paper!"

    They are in the game for a reason, the game is also about tactics and positioning.  Its like if the cavalry were to begin complaining about infantry equipping pikes.  If you use a two handed weapon you are vulnerable to archers, if you work with a one hander and shield a two  hander tends to have an advantage.   
  14. Bugs, Glitches, and Problems: Reports and Statuses (Updated: 11/11)

    I don't know if anyone else has this issue but I preorderd with D2D today and installed 0.850 and everything was going well.

    Then I patched to 0.860 to try the multiplayer which also worked fine.

    However the problem is that singleplayer is now inaccessible to me the way it was when one was only eligible for the multiplayer beta. 
    Has this been addressed?

    Thank you for your time.
  15. Twohanders overpowered?

    Yoshi Murasaki said:
    olo said:
    heres the dealio, olo does not think they are overpowered, BUT (and this is important) they are too fast, olo agrees with that.

    2handers should all be between 85-91 speed.

    the glaive should be slower still at like 82.

    No. You can swing glaive faster than you could swing a bardiche or that heavy axe for instance. Just because a weapon is longer doesn't mean it's swinging slower. Otherwise you could swing knife 5 times while swinging once with a sword.

    While I do agree that you can swing a glaive faster than an axe, however the damage between the two would also be different.  The glaive has an entirely different leverage system.  More importantly I do wonder how the hit detection works in warband (regarding what part of the weapon hits the opponent).  Hitting someone with the base of the wooden pole isn't going to do much damage in comparison to the blade.  My real complaint of the glaive is the mesh not matching. 
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