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  1. Spears idle stances and switching from 2h to 1h

    Spearmen would look better if, when idle, they would hold their spears upright, just like the loading screens. Also would love to have the ability to swap from two-handed to one-handed when holding a spear with no shield (if the spear is light/short enough). What do you think?
  2. Add a button to switch weapon "slot"

    I've noticed that when you equip more than one item of the same type (e.g. equiping two swords) both are shown equipped on the character (and that's awesome, by the way), but you can't choose where you wan't to place the item on the character. Let's say I want to wear my arrow quiver on the...
  3. Surrendering Mechanic

    I came here to suggest it !

    REASON : instead of chasing down non combative units that did not really run away and get captured, it is a time-saver and cooler (RP) that they just surrender (drop weapon, kneel or arms up). This just saves time at the end of battles against units that no longer fight anyhow and do not really run away.

    The player can decide to kill them anyways (RP choice as not profitable really).
    There could be a relations penalty with the faction/village/clan whose people you kill after they've surrendered.
  4. Surrendering Mechanic

    When a soldier (team A) is running away from the battle, if an enemy soldier (team B) gets within a certain range (for example 5 meters, but balancing that would be a thing), the soldier that was running away will stop running and surrender himself. you (as the player on team B) can still kill...
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