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    Camel market on Duel server

    Looks like camel trade roleplaying is actually more fun than dueling itself. Let the man be.
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    What's with the jerky movement and camera?

    Might be due to lag, but also GPU or CPU bottlenecks? What is your pc rig? are you sure it's not your secondary gpu runnig it accidentally?
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    Bannerlord online more toxic than chernobyl

    Exactly that, skirmish isn't a clan playground per se. Any regular dude has the same right as any clan member to use a spot on any given match/server. Blame TW for this too, not giving us proper tools to avoid this. Also, thing is, you can always try to talk and adapt to the situation.
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    Customisation System Reset

    Can you give me a 3k present for the disturbances? My steam nickname is "Loyal"
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    What's with the jerky movement and camera?

    Could you share a video? (ignore the 2 posts above, despite those fantastic profile pics)
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    Open petition to remove couchlance from the game completely

    On the video above you can see inconsistencies on hitting, lance going through the head of the horse when switching from left to right at hitting, or inconsistencies at 1v1 like in 2:38. In Warband/NW you could at least block with with any weapon.

    It's not simply that playing against cav usually degrades the engagement and quality of the session, it's also that playing like cav feels like cheating, as if purposedly breaking the game balance. For casuals like me this becomes a truly awful experience in specific matchups/scenarios. You've always to be looking around to be aware, but you'll easily get stunned and stabbed on-air.
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    Fix this now

    Are servers down for real?
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    Battle Joy perk is broken and needs to be removed.

    I see this percentages more of an offline mercenary management game, where you balance out pros and cons of perks and develop a specific build of fighters. Percentages on swing, damage etc, feel out of place to me, as they should come already implied in the classes you choose, yet not so acute.
    Archers have to be less adaptative and more archer-scum at the moment due to the notorius disadvantage they have in melee, making it more frustrating for both archers and infantry: the first can't hold sudden melee situations as easily as before and they camp and run away to keep harrasing the latter from the distance.
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    lancing needs to not work when the lance is physically going through your own horse

    This combined with the horse bump stun is a big part of the frustration of playing against cav. And it feels like cheating when you're doing cav in pubs.
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    For those who still think, that the skins wouldn't be monetized

    The addition of paid skins could somehow mean a specific limitation to modders and custom server hosters. If these are an ingame attraction why would TW let modders have more popular or crowded servers bypass that. I'm afraid this will result in a cut in the freedom for the server hosters, as they'll be competing with microtransactions. Unless TW themselves do what modders would do if custom servers were already out, people will play their mp model seldom and we all will go to the modded tweaked ones.
    In other words: why would somebody pay to play with a skin on an official server with messy, unappealing and imbalanced mechanics if you can go to play on a custom server with a more preferable game balance based on experienced players feedback. I'm starting to think TW might want to cut that.
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    At last somebody understands that "massive grass!" has always been a properly offensive comment.
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    Weird gaming habits, post your rituals

    what is a demonstration?
    I meant this, we gathered like half of the server and made a peaceful walk asking TW to fix their game.
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    Weird gaming habits, post your rituals

    I spend most of my first lives in a fresh TDM match by just walking around unarmed with the lowest perk till somebody decides to kill me. I've gathered a few demostrations with that.
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    Please enable friendly fire back on TDM and Siege servers

    AVRC did state they'll add it back again for siege, not sure with TDM
    Ah, hope that's a thing soon. With it the fights resemble a bit more to the previous games in a good way.
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    Please enable friendly fire back on TDM and Siege servers

    Free team hitting is simply a mechanic now, on a 1v2 and above you can try to dance or block, but the swarm of swings at no cost adds to the frustration the gameplay itself generates.
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