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    Poll: The unification of North American servers

    I could see wanting to consolidate the players so that we have better server pops, but people basically do that manually now and moving to fewer servers just increases the likelihood that NA won't have any servers online at any given time
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    Is There a Way To Report When A Server Is Down

    They probably have that already
    Maybe, but you'd think it would be trivial to have it spin the servers back up after significant enough downtime is detected, which they definitely don't do lmao
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    Is There a Way To Report When A Server Is Down

    If they made a tool it would instantly be flooded since the servers hate staying online. TW could also easily make a C&C server that detects when servers aren't coming back up without any user action.
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    EU siege servers constantly crashing

    not really. if the code is perfect syntactically there might be unforseen states / unsynced services etc. or simple resource based problems might arise: running out of memory / etc.
    app/service/platform logs mostly make it easy to track these kind of issues down. analyitcs and profiling help with the more complicated crashes (if they collect those anyway :smile: )
    What do you think 'poorly coded' means? You went on to describe bad code, with the one exception being inadequate hardware.
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    All Quiet On The Bannerlord Front

    yall still play this trash?
    I'm going back to NW dammit
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    Agreed, I don't want 'balance' patches or new features until the servers are actually stable.
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    EU siege servers constantly crashing

    Well it had been in somewhat better shape before :smile:. for example i didnt see the eu server come back up for quite a while today, however it restarted after a while earlier.
    as a dev / automation guy I would be glad to put in some free/volunteer work for them if that would mean we could stabilise things a bit. (yeah I know naive even to think about it :sad: )..
    It really seems like some super super poorly coded servers, I imagine fixing it would require a huge refactor. If it were easy I'd hope they would've done it by now, not that it being difficult is a good excuse to just never touch it.
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    Captain Mode needs your help!

    I wrote private servers and mod tools.

    We could get more done by ourselves if the dev's gave us the tools to do it.

    Example: instead of flip flopping balance changes they could instead work on features, new maps or even just bug fixes.

    Quite frankly, it shouldn't take months to do patches. If its going to take months then just let the community do the balancing/updates to their respective modes.
    Yeah but if they give us all the tools everyone will abandon the vanilla game and they won't be able to effectively monetize it with microtransactions!
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    multiplayer base is dying faster than TW can push out updates

    When a big balance patch is considered a "huge multiplayer update" you know its not good. No content being added is what is killing the game. I will take any update I can get but for the casual player base, Chiv 2 has the content you will see in bannerlord in 3 years and it was just released. I understand it is a small group working on multiplayer but is there no possible way to plea for more help on it?
    I'd say the complete lack of server stability is the bigger audience killer than lack of content, no one wants to play when the game crashes 50%+ of the time, even if it had loads of maps and cosmetics.
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    Why are there levels?

    If it ever gets a purpose they better start giving XP from matches on TDM and siege servers, I'm not going back to skirmish and I've sucked at captain forever.
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    Taleworlds, it's time to shut down this multiplayer

    Consoles have the benefit of consistency, so quality standards are possible. Many PC players push the bleeding edge limits of idiocy daily, there is no way any professional developers could ever keep up
    Client hardware has no bearing on the server code issues we're seeing. This isn't someone running a weird engineering sample GPU with half-dead RAM having graphics issues, this is an issue with server software and hardware being unstable and affecting everyone.
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    Taleworlds, it's time to shut down this multiplayer

    You have not played a disaster named EA launch of Bannerlord, or you are just objectevily wrong. It was much less fun clusterf*ck of random perks distributed between classes by a random number generator.

    cant stand a mindset akin "i dont like game therefore pls turn it off for everyone". Yes game has fundamental problems, but a bunch of players still find playing it in a relaxing way pretty fun, i found a better solution to your problem - quit game yourself, so everyone will be happy
    I've been playing since they opened EA, and my comment relates to the actual servers not the chosen mechanics and stats.
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    Taleworlds, it's time to shut down this multiplayer

    I know it might sounds extreme, but just stop and take a moment to think about it. If Taleworlds shuts down the multiplayer, even for a few months, and works on improving it without breaking the game every 2 weeks with hotfixes, then many people will come back when it reopens. And if the game is greatly improved without the endless slew of new bugs and crashes, then those people might even stay.
    The only solution is to just dedicate whatever resources are necessary and to fix it outright. In either the current approach or your approach MP is just going to continue hemorrhaging players, possibly even faster if they shut down the servers completely.

    I mean, either way, it doesn't look like they want to dedicate any resources at all to fixing the issues, MP is in the same (or worse) shape than it was on launch. Really disappointing.
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    Server Stability

    Does TW plan on ever addressing the constant server crashes? The servers are basically at the same level of stability as they were at EA launch (50/50 chance of even getting through the game without a crash, then a nearly guaranteed crash between games) and I haven't seen any patch notes...
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