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    EU Skirmish Open Beast 8 Sign ups

    Y'all having month long vacations?
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    e1.7.2 - Perk, Class and Weapon Changes

    I suggest kinda Apex Legend ranking system. Even If you lose If you played very good as score/kill/assist you should get +MMR. In this system there is no need to play good or bad, if you win +2 if you lose -8 or even higher. You should give reward to players.
    For an example: (Numbers hypothetical)
    Normally you should get only for winning +10
    5 kill adds +2 and even more +1 by each 5 kills
    5 assist adds +2 and even more +1 by each 5 assist
    If you make +2000 score you should get +10, and even more +5 for each 500 score after 2k score

    @Dejan @badbuckle @Callum
    Sounds good
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    Voices from the Community

    Another Draft Tournament would solve concerns about some clans not being able to field enough players. Would also allow attempts with 8v8.

    I think I would prefer another skirmish format until Battle gets its update.

    (Implement rules for replacing players and crashes and it should be good)
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    Varyag is the worst infantry even tho he is supposed to be the best

    They're supposed to based on the norse who never used maces.
    They are kinda meant to be both Warband Nords and Vaegirs, the latter used maces somewhat

    Reading from the wiki: Vaegir Veteran, Vaegir Skirmisher had chance for maces in SP (No idea about the spawn rate). And their archer and infantry unit also have access to those kind of weapons in the multiplayer.

    Edit: Seemed like Nord Veteran could also spawn with maces.
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    why do shooters run slower than other infantrymen ?

    The argument would be morale + arrow count, not that they are that compelling
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    why do shooters run slower than other infantrymen ?

    For example, if I am a skirmisher class and I pick up a bow, I become a very annoying person to deal with in the right circumstance. It works really well if you have a fellow cav with you.

    But again, it is not super OP. If it was, horse archer should be very good then?
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    Custom Servers Beta Test & Battle Mode

    Meh. Bad archers are those players who refuse to move upwards, forgoing map control. Cav and inf as melee classes at least force players to interact directly with enemy
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    Love for MP is on the way!

    There was a modded server a while back in native similar to Hunger Games if you want to now
    Right, think I played that one. Had a jumping puzzle to get a warbow or something. Fun times
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    Love for MP is on the way!

    You guys ever heard of a little game called Fortnite? It was a paid game until they copied pubg, made a battle royale, and went F2P. Maybe Bannerlord needs a battle royale mode. Where we dropping boys?
    I am honestly suprised TW did not attempt a Battle Royale concept for one of the game modes.
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    Love for MP is on the way!

    Well, TW might want to have happy fans when they eventually release new games/DLCs...

    And also, some of the problems have been releated to bad design choices and wrong focus by the manpower MP has had
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    Team Caveman > Team Dino

    Time to finally rid the community of all the dino boomers
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    Who knows, maybe it will give some South Africans decent ping as well
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