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    Which leveling system do you prefer Warband or Bannerlord?

    I preferred Warband system by a mile, of course, but with some work this system may work as well. Remove cap to skill from focus and use it just to determine what perks you can learn; make all perks available and leave the number of perk points as the only limit; balance the speed at which you learn skills so that there are no longer skills too easy to learn and skills that take forever to level.

    These are only a couple of ideas that IMO could already improve things a lot
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    Very interesting, thank you for this info. But actually I'm not risking anything in the way of data corruption due to edited files because I haven't bought the game :p

    Right now there's just too much stuff that doesn't sit particularly well with me or that I even downright hate, so I'll just keep watching and then decide once the EA smoke clears out a bit
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    117 kills in a single battle, can anyone top this?

    That's photoshopped, confess!! ;D

    No, seriously that's impressive :O
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    For all those who, like me, have been put off, at least for the moment, from buying Bannerlord, there's already hope. I knew modders would be able to do miracles, of course, but I wasn't expecting them to be able to do so in such a short time and without even having received modding tools. As...
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    Let's stop trying to Silence Criticism/Feedback.

    Absolutely 100% agree. In any case nobody is going to stop anybody from whining if they feel like it, just like nobody is going to stop anybody from insulting and namecalling (well moderators if it goes overboard, but yeah...) taking advantage of the fact that they don't have to take responsibility for what they say, hiding behind the internet.
    In a perfect world everybody would have the ability to understand that a videogame will likely never perfectly fit their taste as well as the common sense to recognize that they need to respect others and their opinions and all would strive to understand each other, but we hardly live in a perfect world, do we? lol
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    To many whining kids

    I remember giving a resonable response to your question in that topic

    I did answer his question too as I had understood it by the way he phrased it, but he just decided do go ape on me for no reason calling me names and insulting me, only to then delete his last post probably realizing he had made a fool out of himself. Apparently he's still salty about it though since now he moans about it in another thread... bah I suggest you not to waste your time with people like that, not worth it
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    POLL: Should players be able to disable the aging mechanic?

    Why would we care if something is fair to NPCs? They don't have lives, they aren't scared of dying of old age. And if they were... should we die of old age just to satisfy them!? I just had to comment on that idea, as it was amazingly stupid.

    Fairness only matters in terms of challenge for the player.

    You might need to change more than one variable, in that case. The only issue I can see is if clans keep having more children, you'd need to turn that off too.

    Probably you can just turn it off for the player. But we lack access to the code for that.

    Gotcha. All we can do is wait till we have the tools to truly start doing something meaningful, in any case.
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    POLL: Should players be able to disable the aging mechanic?

    That said...I don't know about you all, but I like to play mainly historical/fantasy mods, where there's a storyline and the specific characters of that time in history/fantasy lore. I find very enjoyable to play in a world populated with all those characters I am familiar with; but not much with the following generations, as they're all random and not part of the lore. It will be amazing to play a LOTR mod and battle side by Faramir, Gimli and others, but if they are all dead, I see no point to carry on. Ironically, I don't care if my character would eventually die, because I am the player, more like an observant who is not originally part of lore - even if I will be the character who will most actively shape the world.
    I will definitely try the aging/heir/death system during my vanilla play as soon as I can. A lot of effort is being put into creating a solid lore into Bannerlord, but we're not quite there yet, so I don't really care much about the characters.

    I agree with everything you have said and that last one in particular is an excellent point. It's going to take away so much from some of the best mods we all loved so much in WB, particularly those like LOTR and Warsword Conquest, for example, which all have very distinctive and iconic characrters who are going to end up lost pretty rapidly unless modders find a way around this horrible (IMO of course) mechanic :sad:
    Moreover can you imagine Noldor and Vampires dying of old age? o_O
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    POLL: Should players be able to disable the aging mechanic?

    Yeah, it'd be easy to turn off aging. I see no reason to not have the option somewhere.

    I hope you are right and it is indeed easy, but I'm afraid it is a core mechanic built in the game. You see, every single AI character in the campaign is subject to dying and being replaced, if I understood correctly, so probably "turning it off" is not as simple as one could think.
    What could be simpler, however, is deactivating the feature for the single PC via a sort of a "cheat" line inserted somewhere in the script (I don't really know it's mere speculation), which could be invisible in game or even a modded in trait the player can acquire
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    POLL: Should players be able to disable the aging mechanic?

    If the heir/dynasty system is done right, even the die-hard warband fans will prefer it. If TW is just going to half-ass it, might as well just revert back to the immortal warband days which was functional and something they knew worked.

    Your heir will have a much easier time than you initially did if you are a king and items/money/fiefs and some skills are inherited.

    That is true but only for the same campaign. If you start a new game or a new module (I'm thinking about future mods here) you'll have to go from scratch again and I find this extremely frustrating, when in Warband you had the option to import your old character.
    I know there are people that like it that way and that's fine, what I'm saying is one should at least have the option.
    Besides there is also the fact that I personally enjoy to keep playing the character I have invested time into and a random character assigned to me by the AI is not going to cut it for me
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    Character Face ID

    Isn't there an "edit mode" in startup options? that may be it.
    I'm sorry I don't know, I haven't bought the game, but that's an interesting question and I also would like to know the answer
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    POLL: Should players be able to disable the aging mechanic?

    The trouble with an aging mechanic is that leveling up skills takes a ton of time... A huge investment.. And to to know that the game will take that away eventually is just really disheartening... That's the idea of it.. Personally I have more pressing issues with my game than that particular problem right now.. Seeing as there's just one faction left.

    My thoughts exactly. One of the things I enjoyed the most about WB was seeing all of my efforts rewarded when I could import a leveled character in new modules and see the result of my hard work in a stronger character who had an easier time in the game from the start as a direct consequence. If that is taken away the game kinda lose its appeal to me.

    I wouldn't worry too much about balance issues though; I think those will be addressed properly during the course of early access :wink:
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    POLL: Should players be able to disable the aging mechanic?

    No, I asked what is controversial about aging, and the reason I directed the question towards you was to hear your opinion as you stated that it was one of two reasons that led you to not purchase the game. If I were not curious about your opinion I would not have quoted you. I thought all of this was pretty axiomatic and didn't need to be written in crayon for you, but it was my fault for thinking that I could get a genuine response from someone in a thread which I can now see is filled with children who probably can't even spell their own name backwards.

    When I want to hear somebody's opinion I formulate a question like: "what do you think of..." I have answered your question as I have understood it, you see when you talk to people you should care about what they get from what you say not about what you think should be "axiomatic" in your opinion.
    I'm sorry but I'm not interested in discussing my personal view with somebody who prefers to call others "children" rather than trying to reach mutual understanding.
    Have a nice day
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    POLL: Should players be able to disable the aging mechanic?

    You stated

    So I asked for your opinion about how the feature is controversial just so I can better understand your point of view. And your response is "because people in this thread are complaining"? Yikes, talk about bandwagon.

    No you asked what made this feature controversial, not for my personal opinion. What makes this feature controversial is EXACTLY the number of people who don't like it, this has nothing to do with my personal opinion.
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    Reus' Rants & Critiques

    Not gonna tell you how to spend your money, but I could probably make a list twice as long about warband... despite it being one of my favourite games of all time :smile:

    You can? Really? are you REALLY sure? ;D

    Well to each their own I guess lol. I personally can't think of a single reason NOT to buy Warband right now (yes I am THAT much of a sucker for it :p)
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