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    Rittenhouse - Wardens of the Last Dragon [NA]

    Not kel otherwise he’d have seol hyun with him :shifty:
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    [NABB] Team Power Rankings | Post yours!

    rittenhouse numba wan
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    Banter Thread

    TFW the other tournament is going to have less teams than the one day warband tournaments.

    I wonder how the majority of VK players feel about being forced to play in a micro tournament when this one is shaping up to be extremely competitive and fun.
    Not surprised when you default finals!!!
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    Roaming Cavalry Company [RCC] [NA] (Camel gang)

    Discord is for zoomers *spits*

    TS will always be superior because it can handle more than 6 people at a time without becoming earrape.
    ok boomer
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    I love BannerLord.

    I love bannerlord too! The people who say they hate this game are elitists from warband that are POed that their warband skill doesn't transfer to this game entirely this game isnt bad it just isnt warband. We shouldn't ever expect this game to turn into warband because it wont. This game offers a lot of improvements on warband as well especially in the cav department. The game needs some work and its only going to get better and im excited for some updates and changes but in its current state its extremely playable.
    Not even competitive warband players dislike Bannerlord, read the rest of the forums, how even is the game in a playable state lol?
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    Do the developers even care? MP is about to be empty for good.

    Then lets just repeat ourselves? Positively, calmly and with good manners. If it is ignored - then we did our best with dignity; no one will look back and say the community was a failure. If it gets picked up then we win. Either of those outcomes is better then us fighting each other for the rest of time.
    The community isn’t a failure, it’s the game itself that is lol
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    Roaming Cavalry Company [RCC] [NA] (Camel gang)

    marquis a literal boomer
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    SODT #2 June 13, 2020

    Name: Cow
    Main Class: Cav
    Region: NA
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    WODT #1 May 30, 2020 Completed

    Rittenhouse 10 - 5 Yalen University



    forgot 3rd set, was 3-0 for us

    GGs Yalen University.
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    WODT #1 May 30, 2020 Completed

    Rittenhouse 9 - 6 RCC




    Rittenhouse forfeits last set, so 3-0 for RCC, GGs
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    [HB] - Honour Bound

    Glad to see you guys back, good luck!
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