Duchess Rosé of Suno

Heyyy Lovely People💕💕
Oakley's or Smith's?
GV Name: Aja_Tarron
If you support CCP in any way don't add me, To many of my Ancestors have been murdered by Communists for me to talk to you if you do.
Ismerian Shield Maiden(Gloria Victis)
Independant Tank Commander Squad/Foxhole
Red Cross(Foxhole)
Bannerlord Name: Katya
2019 Baby Blue Porche GT3 for the win. 240 mph top speed.
Gibe Starbucks
Did JROTC- Cadet 1st Lieutenant
I believe in the greek gods most notably Aphrodite
I'd consider myself a Girly Girl but I do like to have fun and play rough.
Dont get me started on my cars or cars in general lol
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Romani (People), Scottish, German, French and Indian indirectly from the Romani originally coming from there apparently, Russian, Persian, English.
Jul 22, 1999 (Age: 21)
United Arab Emirates
MP nick


Long Live The Empires.
And Liena :fruity:
🇹🇼-(Taiwan is a beautiful Country I recommend Traveling their, The UAE too Dubai specifically)