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    How old are you people?

    I'm eighty six-trillion lightyear's old
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    I **** on your tits

    I **** on your tits
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    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    I'm glad this new tool to crush the voices of the pathetic consumer is operating according to the plan. Supremacy is assured.
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    Rate the above forumite's avatar v. V (circular edition)

    Definitely created with construction paper/5

    Hey Delinard check out the knees in my avatar
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    Armenian Genocide (?)

    Hey if the armenian genocide tag I put on the happy thread was deleted why is this still here
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    Say Cheese v2

    edit: wtf this embed sucks ****
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    Stefan Molyneux

    The Roast of Ramjam Dozisnoozovicz 2020
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    Wow this guy has two 'heil Hitler's on his profile page, what the ****

    Wow this guy has two 'heil Hitler's on his profile page, what the ****
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    Love them forum badges 'n stuff... BUT!!

    Can I get a special one for being a loyal customer/forum member for 12 plus years? I'm not asking for much, just a small recognition of my unwavering loyalty to this game, franchise and studio.

    ŞEREFE !
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    popped ur cherry bro

    popped ur cherry bro
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    Religion Thread

    god is gay
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    RIP Kobe Bryant

    Just like Earth
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