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    BL Coding [Help Needed] Adding and implementing custom PartyWageModel

    How would one add a custom PartyWageModel implementation and what do I need to patch in order for that implementation to be used by the Campaign System? I would like to add my custom class to the game - So now that I have built it, I would like to substitute it for DefaultPartyWageModel...
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    Creating Elephant Mounts

    Hi, I am the author of Blood **** and Iron, a total troop overhaul which seeks to thread the line between fun gameplay and historical accuracy. I am currently working on a big minor factions overhaul and require some help since I have no experience with modelling tools like the ones available...
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    BL Other Some custom troops randomly spawning without weapons

    Yeah suspected it may have to with having different slots. I'll have to go through my XMLs and make sure its consistent and see if that helps. Thanks
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    [Tool] Arena - Xml Modding Editor for Bannerlord

    Hey perhaps this is already a thing and I am being obtuse but have you thought about implementing a way to tell the app where my "modules" folder is and have it automatically create a database of troops/items/clans/kingdoms/etc... available based on that to make editing existing assets faster...
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    BL Other Some custom troops randomly spawning without weapons

    Hi, my users have been reporting that their troops will sometimes spawn without weapons. I have triple checked my XML files, and my own game to make sure that the weapons appear in the troop's inventory and in cheat mode roster of items to eliminate the possibility of a typo/error on my part...
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    Tutorial XML Editing Pure Xml modding PDF and Videos tutorials with templates .

    FYI, this speeds up the troop creation process a whole lot:
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    [Tool] Arena - Xml Modding Editor for Bannerlord

    Great, thank you!
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    [Tool] Main Hero Inventory XML Print

    So everyone who has worked with Bannerlord's XMLs knows that one of the longest things involved in making new troops is making the various equipment sets for them. I got tired of doing it by hand so I made a tool which will print it nice and tidy to an xml in the correct format, ready to copy...
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    SP Native Medieval Blood, **** and Iron - a total troop overhaul

    I'm just getting familiar with the tools myself and have never used an editing tool like this before so I honestly have no idea right now. Time will tell, but I'm hoping so :)
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    [Tool] Arena - Xml Modding Editor for Bannerlord

    Its seem many of the features have yet to be implemented but this is incredibly promising. Thanks in advance, and I think I speak for every XML modder out there when I say that.
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    [Tool] xLord - xml editor

    How. did. I. Miss. This. Thank you! Any way to expand this to troops/items and other xml types in the future based on the XMLSchemas provided? Would honestly make my life a billion times easier.
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    SP Native Medieval Blood, **** and Iron - a total troop overhaul

    I have thought about it but I won't come back to Sturgia until I finish minor factions among other things. My Sturgian overhaul is in a really good place right now and I'm going to leave it be for the time being. I have however, added some more Rus looking presets to most troops since I posted...
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    BL Scening [Tools] How would one go about loading the campaign map in the Editor with the corresponding height map?

    Hi, I am trying to get familiar with the tools and one thing I have been struggling with is loading the height map for the world map. I like to learn how to edit it, but can't even get the Vanilla map to load with its heightmap for the terrain. How do I do this? Documentation only discusses how...
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    Modding Tools Beta

    @Callum I'm not able to access the editor mode using Left Ctrl + E while in the Main Menu, is there a trick I am missing? Pressing Ctrl + E did nothing while in the launcher either. Do modules need to all be unselected in launcher? Any quick tips to save me some time would be very appreciated...