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    Patch Notes e1.0.7

    Where these proof
    Guys, they are working on a way bigger update, big changes will come then with 1.1.0 , daily updates will keep fixing small bugs and balancing simple things.

    Thank you Taleworlds for the hard work
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    Banners in the in-game files

    I hope soon
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    Western empire

    Everytime I become a vassal for the western empire they are always at war with vlandia and battania at the same time and they get ganged up on they deserve a buff probably the hardest faction to play
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    Suggestions for Stopping the Snowball Effect

    Yes 100% I hate starting a new game knowing its gonna be over in 100 days
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    Gonna take a break why?

    I have about 70 hours in bannerlord already and the faction snowballing is dreadful factions get wiped out way to quick and they declare multiple wars knowing they cant win them there is no peace time at all! They overextend and factions start at war on day 1 really it's just constant war and...
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    Unit banners?

    I hope they get added soon
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    Battles are to fast

    The battles are way to fast and easy or way to hard there is no in between
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    Troop trees

    Did any of the troop trees change since 2019?
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    Need more blood

    Game needs more blood for a melee medieval game
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    Hopefully there are cheats in EA cause that will be a good way to get back to where you were with your last character if you have to make a new one
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    That's not going to happen...
    I hope
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    I wish save games where 100% saved during updates hate starting over but we'll see
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    Release time

    Hopefully one of the devs gives us a answer
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