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  1. Need More Info Clan role only possible for the first vassal

    Idk if this is a bug regarding companions in towns, but I have found the same issue. The first companion can't recall the other comapnions in towns.
    I found that most of your companions will be in the town tavern instead of the streets. And if you head in there you can call them all out.
  2. Resolved Istiana and Arzagos not in my 1.5.8 game save.

    I noticed other people have this problem but with a 1.5.7 save. I started a fresh 1.5.8 and reached the part where I have to talk to Istiana or Arzagos. I head to their door but can't enter their house. They also don't appear to be in town and have "Never been seen before" in Encyclopedia. I've...
  3. In Progress Player don't have access to settlement's prisoners

    Hello, yes the prisoners are high likely donated by other parties. But, you being unable to transfer those or other prisoners is intentional to prevent exploits.
    I guess that would make sense. It does sound exploitable ... I think?
    I thought it was a bug.
    I just recently won a "Sally out fight" it was my troops and my garrison vs 6 enemy lords. I captured 3 of them but the other 3 are in ym dungeon and I don't have access to them. I assume they were captured by my garrison?
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