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  1. Elements.

    Yes, please dont let the enemy be able to see and shoot me before I can even see them on my screen when it is foggy or raining, thats just not fair.
  2. Geart post from Reddit with awesome ideas

    Win! All of these are Win!
  3. My Ultimate Bannerlord Wishlist

    I agree with everything you listed aside from one. Larger Scale battles... while it is more realistic, could you imagine how hard your computer would have to work to screen a couple hundred soldiers at once, or if you keep the actual battles the same size and just increase the troop limit to...
  4. A Couple Of Suggestions

    1. Yeah, maybe I just suck, but I can rarely seem to hit anything with a weapon off horseback. But I dont know if thats what you want to improve on. 2. I think that should be an option to turn on and off during character creation. I also think that while exploring town the time should continue...
  5. Killable Lords, Children and Heirs, Large time advancements

    I think this is a very good idea. It gives a more realistic feel to a game of this setting. I think the Game of Thrones shows us what life during those times was really like. Sure wars and taking castles was a big thing, but most of it was political disputes, something that seems lacking in M&B...