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  1. Does anyone get their Bannerlord crash when they click "Saved Games" on menu

    Yes, same problem. I just went back to .10 to continue my save game, it's been stable for me.
  2. Crashing waaay too much.

    What specs? I have 13 hours so far without a crash, tho don't doubt people getting crashes. Just wondering the difference Me; i7 6700 / GTX1080 / 16GB Memory
  3. How many...

    of your best units have you one shotted to the back of the head with a javelin?  It's probably my best skill  :oops:
  4. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Thanks for the detailed reply!  Interesting stuff in there for sure.  I'm a big fan of VC and really appreciate your Balance Mod.  Yea, I'm rolling 0's 100% lol.  I don't have the option to ask in the big towns.. only the villages and castles.  For instance Bebbanburh I talked to mr Mayor for...
  5. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    As a Pagan should I be able to recruit from towns in England  ruled by a pagan lord? I have Recruiting set to  Beginner in options.  when I ask from towns it say No one wa t to join.  Is that just a renown prob? I was able to recruit in Denmark